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Section E

The Sphinx/The Djinn/The Manitou Editions
Fortnight of Fear Editions
Flights of Fear Editions
Faces of Fear Editions
Feelings of Fear Editions
Festival of Fear Editions
Manitou Man Editions
Grease Monkey Editions
Rook/Tooth and Claw Editions
Snowman/The Terror Editions
Burial/Black Angel Editions
Ritual/Walkers Editions
The Hymn/Night Plague Editions
Tengu/The Devils of D-Day/Mirror/Charnel House Editions
Corroboree/Empress Editions
Rich/Solitaire Editions
Manitou Trilogy (aka Manitou: L'Integrale De La Trilogie) Editions
Masterton Short Stories: Face To Face With The Writer (aka Masterton Opowiadania: Twarza W Twarz Z Pisarzem) Editions
Figures of Fear Editions
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