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Welcome to the news section of the site. I aim to update this page as often as possible as soon as relevant information becomes available to me. So, please send your snippets of Masterton-related news this way. I will also consider using reviews of the author's books written by the fans, as well as photographs that you think Graham's fans might wish to see. These might include photos taken with the man himself, pictures of your bookshelves, articles you've written or any other miscellaneous items you think this site might benefit from displaying. Please contact me with your proposals. I look forward to your contributions.

From Graham: 'The Greek anthology of short stories which features "Stranglehold" co-authored by me and Dawn G Harris will be launched this Saturday March 6 at the Polis Art Cafe in Athens at 6:00 pm (if you feel like going!) and it will be promoted at various venues around Greece before a major launch at the Fantasmagoria horror and sci-fi festival on April 6-7 in Thessaloniki.

'The book is called Stranglehold in Greek (actually "noose"). (I had thought it was called "Rock" but blame that on Google Translate).'

Greek Stranglehold cover
From Graham: 'Thanks to Inge and Frank Festa at Festa Verlag my books have been selling very well in Germany and I am hoping to have new German-language editions out soon.

'I visited Leipzig to "meet and greet" with German readers and also to say hello to Johann Sebastian Bach.

'Here is a link to a German-language review of my work.'

GM in Germany
From Graham: 'A new Greek horror anthology has just been published with the creepy tale I wrote with Dawn G Harris "Stranglehold" as its lead story. The title of the book translates as Rock, although I'm not sure if this means "rock" as in "Gibraltar" or "rock" as in "'n'roll".'
Greek book cover
From Graham: 'My friend Dr Sabina Brennan, a famous neuroscientist from Trinity College Dublin, has had her first book published today (March 7). 100 Days To A Younger Brain tells you how to sharpen your thinking and defer possible dementia.

'The book came about after both Sabina and I were appearing last year on the RTE afternoon TV show in Cork - The Today Show With Maura and Daithi (I was talking about my Katie Maguire thrillers.) After I heard her speak about brain health I asked her if she had ever considered writing a book on the subject. She never had, so I asked her to write me some sample chapters and a synopsis, and I found her an agent in London.

'She sent me the book chapter by chapter to approve, and when it was finished it was picked up by Orion Spring, the health and welfare division of Orion publishers. It has been featured with a double-page spread in the Daily Mail and there will be an interview in The Times.

'Along with Dawn G Harris, the author of Diviner, Sabina and I are now developing a series of books to help parents cope with children's mental challenges, such as depression, self-harm, bullying and brain injury. Sabina describes how her book came to be written in a very gracious acknowledgement in the beginning.'

GM and SabinaYounger Berain cover
This is where Graham will be visiting in May:
Imaginales Festival, May 2019
Two of Graham's books are available in this month's Amazon (UK) Kindle monthly deals, Living Death (£1.99) and Ghost Virus (£0.99).
This story (re: Graham's book, How To Drive Your Man Crazy In Bed being outlawed in Ireland in 1985) appeared in the Irish Sun this morning.
Advance publicity for Graham's appearance at the Strzelin Book Festival in Lower Silesia in September:
Strzelin Book Fair, Sept 2019
From Graham: 'An insight into the workings of animation ... a clip from Death and the Comedian from Mighty Pie Studio.

'I am the voice of Death and the voice of the Comedian is that of my son, Dan Masterton who did the animation.'

From Graham: 'Dawn G Harris (the author of Diviner) gave me a present tonight that I will treasure always ... a 1927 copy of Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Mystery & Imagination ... the book that inspired me when I was only 10 years old to write my first horror stories.'
Dawn Harris and book
From Graham: 'I have just received my copies of Infekcja, the Polish edition of Plague of the Manitou. This is the latest struggle between Harry Erskine and Native American demons, and will enable Polish readers to complete their collection of Manitou madness!'
Infekcja cover
From Graham: 'A lunch yesterday at Rules, London's oldest restaurant, to thrash out ideas for a new co-authored book with Dawn G. Harris, Camilla Shestopal (our agent), Dr Sabina Brennan and me. And some oysters!'
GM at Rules restaurant, Feb 2019
From Graham: 'I had a great time meeting French readers and friends at Noeux-les-Mines fantasy and horror book festival on Sunday 10th Feb. I don't know how many copies of the French-language edition of Ghost Virus I signed, but it was a lot! The young Belgian publishing company who have brought it out, Livr'S, are incredbly enthusiastic and they are doing everything they can to build up my sales in France again after a long hiatus during which horror did not sell at all well. A new generation is emerging who have been brought up on fantasy and horror games and they are extremely keen on anything supernatural and scary!'
Begging To Die UK release
Today is publication date for the latest Katie Maguire novel, Begging To Die.
Begging To Die UK release
Just in from Graham: Ghost Virus by Graham Masterton is nominated for The 2018 Best Book Award in the Horror category.

Vote between 1-28 February 2018 here.

Lubimyczytac.pl The Best Book Award was first launched in 2016. A simple idea – all book fans can pick a book of the year by voting – was met with great enthusiasm, thus making it the biggest book competition in Poland.

Ghost Virus book award - Polish
A news item from Ginger Nuts of Horror:
HWA award - Ginger Nuts of Horror
This is the media release from the Horror Writers' Association about Graham's award, which is fantastic news. Well done Graham!
This is the French version of the Ghost Virus video. Graham will be going to Noeux-les-Mines in northern France on Sunday, February 10, for the Salon du Polar festival and signing copies of the Livr'S edition.
French fest 2019
Here's a promotional video for Ghost Virus. It comes out in paperback on February 7.
From Graham: 'My Malaccan Devil's Curry has won an Honorable Mention in the 2018 Cookbook Contest run by the Horror Writers Association.'
GM's Malaccan Curry
From Graham: 'I have entered a creepy short story called "National Balance" for this year's Sunday Times Short Story Contest. Considering the first prize is £30,000 it's worth a shot! The story is based on this 1856 painting of Derby Day by William Powell Frith which was painted only about two minutes away from where I live!'
Derby Day painting
The first three Katie Maguire crime thrillers are now available in German from Festa Verlag. More to follow!
Katie Maguire - German ad
The French edition of Ghost Virus published by Livr'S has just gone to the printers and will be on sale on February 11 the day after Graham has visited Noeux-les-Mines in France to promote it.
Ghost Virus - French cover
Just in from Graham: The third Katie Maguire thriller, Red Light (Racheengel, translated as Angel of Revenge) will be published in German by Festa Verlag on February 27.

Meanwhile I don't think there's any doubt where I shall be on Sunday, February 10 ... at a crime book festival in Noeux-les-Mines in northern France.'

French fest 2019Blood Sisters - German
The Manitou will be released on Blu-ray on April 16 via Scream Factory. Extras will be announced on a later date, but the company has confirmed that it will feature a reversible cover with alternative art.

The 1978 horror film is based on Graham Masterton’s 1976 best-selling novel of the same name, itself inspired by the Manitou spiritual concept of Native American mythology.

The Manitou is the final movie directed by William Girdler (Grizzly, Day of the Animals), who died in a helicopter accident prior to its release. Tony Curtis, Michael Ansara, Susan Strasberg, Stella Stevens, Jon Cedar, Ann Sothern, and Burgess Meredith star.

What surgeons thought to be a tumor growing on the neck of patient Karen Tandy (Susan Strasberg) is actually a fetus growing at an abnormally accelerated rate. But when Karen reaches out to former lover and phony psychic Harry Erskine (Tony Curtis), she discovers that she is possessed by the reincarnation of a 400-year-old Native American demon. Now with the help of a modern-day medicine man (Michael Ansara), Erskine must survive this ancient evil’s rampage of shocking violence and forever destroy the enraged beast known as The Manitou.

The Manitou - blu ray
The tenth Katie Maguire thriller, Begging To Die was available on Kindle from December 10, so now be read as an ebook.

Rough sleepers are being found dead in the streets of Cork, and Detective Superintendent Katie Maguire has an almost impossible task tracking down their killer.

Begging To Die
From Graham: 'The horror podcast This Is Horror are seeking nominations for the best horror novel of 2018.

'If any website readers would like to nominate Ghost Virus then their support will be much appreciated!'

'The Line-Up' has listed eleven horror novels which they think would make good movies. Among them is The Devil In Gray.

By Graham Masterton

In a town still plagued by ghosts of the Civil War, there is a serial killer on the loose. Recently, there have been a series of particularly grotesque and seemingly random mutilation murders, all of which took place in locked rooms. The only tip authorities have received comes from a young girl with Down syndrome who supposedly witnessed the killer in action. The Devil in Gray is a dramatic and suspenseful story, dotted with elements of the supernatural—making it a great fit for the big screen.

The Devil In Gray cover
A brief New Year's message from Graham:

'A happy and healthy and highly successful New Year to all of my friends (and that means everybody who reads my books!). From me, and my grand-daughter Felicity!'

GM and granddaughter
A pleasing review for Ghost Virus in Betty Taylor's 'Betty's Books.':

'This is one of the most bizarre books I have ever read. Extremely violent and very graphic. But I could not put it down.' - Betty Taylor in Betty's Books.

Ghost Virus is already available online and as a hardback. Paperback coming out on February 7.

Ghost Virus cover
Tony Jones has chosen Ghost Virus as one of Horror Talk's top 10 horror novels of 2018.
The final Manitou novel Plague of the Manitou will be published by Albatros in January to complete their collection of all the Manitou books in Polish.
Polish Plague of the Manitou
Just in from Graham: 'I was interviewed today to promote The Manitou coming out on Blu-Ray.

'I included Dawn G Harris in the interview because she and I are working closely together now to write a series of short horror stories which will have highly unusual themes. We are looking to resonate with the enthusiasm of younger readers now for horror and fantasy, and want to give them something wildly different from zombies and vampires and werewolves.

'Our first collaboration "Stranglehold" was picked up for publication within 48 hours of submission by Cemetery Dance, the leading US horror magazine, Okolica Strachu the top Polish horror magazine, and it has also been sold in Greece and France.

'During the coming year (in between novels!) we will be producing more supernatural short stories for magazines and anthologies.'

Manitou blu ray interview
From Graham: 'I have been invited to a third French-speaking festival of fantastic literature ... Les Imaginales, which will take place between May 24-27 2019 in Epinal in France. I will be promoting the French-language edition of Ghost Virus, published by Livr'S.'
Here's an interview which Graham did in Poland in July.
Graham will be visiting at least two French-speaking festivals in 2019 ... Trolls at Legendes in Mons in Belgium in April and Les Geants du Polar in Douai, France, in June.
French fest 1French fest 2
The Katie Maguire thriller Blood Sisters and the two Beatrice Scarlet thrillers Scarlet Widow and The Coven have been selected for the ANZ Kobo 'Buy More Save More' promotion (3 for $10) running from December 7 - 10.
In Graham's words: 'As an author you have to make friends with all kinds of people. My new friend is a Turkish belly dancer. We even had a dance together.'
Belly dance
Click here to read a seasonal, end-of-year message from Graham.
Dead Men Whistling, the 9th Katie Maguire thriller, has been selected for the Amazon 'Countdown to Christmas' promotion in ANZ, running from December 1 to December 25.
The Line-Up website have rather helpfully listed 8 of Graham's scariest books.
Hot off the designer's computer ... the covers for Begging To Die (Katie Maguire series) and the paperback of Ghost Virus.
Begging To Die coverGhost Virus PB cover
In Graham's words: 'Fred Caruso (the producer of The Godfather and many more movies) has written a stunning script for Ghost Virus. It really is screaming out to be brought to the screen!' (hint: make screen bigger to read script segment)
Ghost Virus script sample
In Graham's words: 'A small Christmas treat for anybody who likes horror ... The Wassailers by Em Dehaney, a spooky seasonal poem with illustrations by Krzysztof Wronski and some additional stories by the publisher of Burdizzo Books, Matty-Bob Cash. With an introduction by me.'
Wassailers cover
In Graham's words: 'This is the cover for Ghost Virus, coming out very soon from my new French publishers Livr'S.

'They are going to keep the English title for the French-language edition because a French translation would be too clumsy and everybody in France understands English anyway, even if the waiters in their restaurants pretend that they don't!'

Ghost Virus - French cover
From Graham: 'Many thanks to Marios Dimitriadis and George Damtsios for sending me the English-language edition of their groundbreaking horror anthology which combines heavy metal with horror. Every one of the ten scary stories in the book was the inspiration for a song by one of Greek's greatest metal bands, and you get a CD along with the book so that you can play them as you read. Here is all the background to their project, as well as details of how you can order your own copy.'
The Metal Chapters
'Stranglehold' will be appearing in the next issue of Poland's leading horror magazine Okolica Strachu.
Okolica cover
From Graham: 'The short horror story that Dawn G Harris and I wrote together, "Stranglehold", will now appear in Cemetery Dance magazine in the United States, in Okolica Strachu horror magazine in Poland, and in a new horror anthology in Greece published by Likofos Publishing in March next year, and which will actually be named after our story.

'We are also hoping that it will be feature in magazines and anthologies in France and the Czech Republic.'

Stranglehold - Dawn and Graham
Ghost Virus is one of the thirteen best horror novels for Halloween selected by Ginger Nuts of Horror.
Graham will be attending the Trolls et Legendes fantasy festival in Mons, Belgium, between April 19-21 2019 to promote and sign copies of the French-language edition of Ghost Virus published by Livr'S:
Trolls festival
From Graham: 'I am very pleased to have collaborated on a new short horror story 'Stranglehold' with Dawn G Harris, the author of the supernatural thriller Diviner which was published earlier this year. It is based on Dawn's experiences as the manager of charity shops. News on its publication as soon as a deal is done! We are already discussing writing more horror stories together.

'A critical book about my work Graham Masterton, Le Faiseur D'Historie which was published some time ago by L'Harmattan, one of the biggest French publishers, has been given a new cover. It was written by Christophe Roussellier, who also enlightened me that yet another book about my work Graham Masterton: Son Oeuvres Et Son Univers was published in 2004. I had never heard about it but have now ordered a copy!'

Dawn G HarrisDiviner coverRoussellier book coverGM Univers cover
From Graham: 'Over the weekend I attended the Lire En Poche paperback fair in Gradignan near Bordeaux, France. It is a massive event with thousands of people turning up to meet paperback authors from all over the world. The evening before I gave a talk at Le Zone bookshop in Bordeaux to a small crowd of enthusiastic readers and sampled some excellent red wine, which tends to happen in Bordeaux!

'I signed books in the main theatre on Saturday and Sunday. My main promotion was for the new paperback version of Katie Maguire (the French edition of White Bones). Further Katie Maguire novels will be translated into French in due course. I made friends at the fair with Anna Starobinets (picture below), the bestselling Russian writer of horror, fantasy and dystopian novels. She lives in Moscow and is known as Russia's "Queen of Horror". She is a good giggler too.

'On Saturday evening a banquet was held in a nearby chateau to celebrate the fair, with ongratulatory speech by the mayor of Gradignan. A great deal of very good local wine was sampled, along with roast duck legs. There were 300 guests at the banquet so 150 French ducks ended up legless, just like the guests at the dinner.

'Ghost Virus will soon be published in France by Livr'S. More news later.'

Katie Maguire - French coverAnna Starobinets
Graham's ghost story 'Neighbors From Hell' is included in this new anthology of spooky tales from Smart Rhino Press:
Plague of Shadows antholog
From Graham: 'This is a project that I was working on with two great Greek authors. An anthology of horror stories each with a matching heavy metal song by a Greek band. You get a CD along with the book.

'At last they have managed to publish it in English.'

Metal Chapters cover
A blogger called Carl Alves has posted a review of Descendant:

'Descendant is a decidedly old school type of vampire novel. Whereas these days, the type of vampire that dominates fiction is either the sparkly type or the dashing bad boy type, the strigoi in this novel are clearly more of the monster variety. The concept of this novel is really neat. The nazis in World War II have reached a deal with the Romanian government to not take over their country in exchange for enlisting strigoi to their cause. An American, Captain James Falcon, is recruited by the Allies to hunt down the strigoi, including Dorin Duca, the head vampire. Years later, Dorin, thought to be dead, is killing people all across England, and James is brought back to the UK, where he will once again go toe to toe with Duca.

'This is a terrific novel, one of the three or four best vampire novels I have ever read, and I consider myself a bit of an expert since I have written a vampire novel myself. The writing is masterful. The plot is tight. There is very little wasted space, which makes it stand out in comparison to some of the bloated novels I’ve read recently. The characterization is strong, both on the protagonist and antagonist side. And just when I thought the novel was over, there was more to it, and the ending proved to be rewarding. This is a must read novel.'

Descendant cover
Here's a link to the Line-Up, which markets Graham's e-books, with some suggestions for those who are not familiar with his horror novels.
From Graham: 'My best-selling sex guide How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed has been banned in the Republic of Ireland since 1985. It is one of only 8 books that are banned in perpetuity and don't come under the rule which allows books to be reconsidered after 12 years. The Department of Justice says that it falls foul of section 17 (a) and (b) which prohibit indecent material and the incitement to abortion and/or contraception. Now that the people of Ireland have voted in favour of legal abortion, a bill goes before the Cabinet today and will be presented to the Dail next week. If it's passed I am going to appeal against the ban. Think how many Irish fellows need to be driven wild in bed, and not by nagging either!'
Red Light, the third Katie Maguire thriller, is on sale from Amazon UK until October 1:
Red Light promo
Today Dead Men Whistling (Katie Maguire Book 9) is published in paperback.

It is also available from Kobo UK for only £1.99 as one of their September Sizzlers - the offer lasts from 01-09 to 12/09.

There has been some unavoidable delay in bringing out an audio version of Dead Men Whistling. However it should be released in January, 2019.

Dead Men Whistling PB cover
Red Light (Katie Maguire Book 3) is available as part of Amazon's Kindle Monthly Deals for the month of September.
Red Light (Kindle) cover
The Graham Masterton Collection Volume Two (The Devils of D-Day and The Devil In Gray) is available from all US ebook retailers today August 31 for only $2.99.
GM Collection vol 2 cover
From Graham: 'This is the short story that won first prize at the Fantasmagoria Festival in Thessaloniki in Greece in April.

'This is me presenting the award to the author Dimitrios Delaroudis.

'I had said in an interview that I would have Wiescka back even if the price was that I had never written a word in my life, and the contest was based on that quote.'

Dimitrios Delaroudis and Graham
Just in from Graham: 'I finished Begging To Die, the 10th Katie Maguire thriller yesterday, after 150,000 words! It's always a wrench to say goodbye to Katie and to Cork, even if I've only been living there in my imagination for the past three months.

'Begging To Die will be published in hardback on February 4, 2019.'

Begging To Die cover
Graham will appear in September's Horror Zine.
From Graham: 'Katie Maguire (White Bones) is being published by Bragelonne in French in October. It will be promoted at the Lire En Poche Festival in Bordeaux on October 11, along with my French backlist. I shall be attending the festival myself where the sampling of fine wine is apparently compulsory!'
French Katie Maguire cover

From Graham. 'I have just been sent the TVP3 report of my presentation of the prizes for the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award in Wolow Prison, with interviews with my publisher and two of the winning inmates.'

Written In Prison logo
From Graham: 'I have just been sent some pictures from my talk and signing at the Art Hotel in Wroclaw last month.

'Also, a thank you message made out of all the books that I have had published in Poland (although the reader did say that he had about 10 left over!).' (NB: Click on image to make full size).

Thanks in Polish GM books
White Bones, the first Katie Maguire thriller is available in Kobo's Fierce Female Sale from 09/08/2018 - 15/08/2018.
White Bones cover
The following Katie Maguire books are available at special promotional prices during the month of August so make sure you grab yours now! Appropriately for crime thrillers, they're a steal!

Taken For Dead - Amazon UK Great Savings Deal from 01/08/2018 - 01/09/2018

Buried - Amazon Kindle Monthly Deal from 01/08/2018 - 01/09/2018

Blood Sisters; Broken Angels; Buried; Dead Girls Dancing; Living Death; Red Light; and White Bones - Head of Zeus Crime and Thriller Promotion on Kobo US from 08/08/18 - 15/08/18.

From Graham: 'My friends Ola and Adam work for Centrum Dzwoni which is an employment agency for people in Poland with intellectual disabilities. Now there is a new move to find work for such people in the normal labour market - "Normally Working". I am giving it my full support.

'This is its Facebook page.'

Dzoni - Graham
The paperback edition of Dead Men Whistling (Katie Maguire #9) is available for preorder on Amazon at £7.99.
Dead Men Whistling PB cover
A short video of Graham's visit to Czernica last month. 'I had an unbelievably warm welcome!' says Graham.
This interview appears in this month's newsletter of the Horror Writers Association.
From Graham: 'This is my meeting at the children's home in Strzelin in Poland. The children were great and welcomed me with a song about smiling no matter what life throws at you. As well as cake! I told them a scary story about Baba Yagar the Polish witch who lives in a house that has legs like a chicken and sharp teeth in the keyhole.

'And here are some pictures from their day out rafting which was paid for by the generous donation for the print-out of Ghost Virus. The children will be able to have another outing soon from the donation made for the portrait of me done by a Polish prison inmate.'

RaftingRaftingStrzelin MeetingRaftingRafting
Here is the winning story for the 2018 Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award. The winner is Mateusz Szura with his story 'A Return To Normal'.
Some more pics from Graham's recent Polish visit:

'Picture 1: A visit to Czernica, welcomed by the mayor. One reader had driven all the way from the Netherlands.'

Picture 2: 'After I had visited the orphanage in Strzelin I was entertained for a really delicious lunch by the mayor, Dorota Pawnuk.'

'Picture 3: 'Among other great gifts I was given a cake which was iced with a picture of Stzrelin on it. Dorota is a sweetheart!'

Czernica visitIn Strzelin with major
From Graham:'On Thursday morning July 19 in Wolow Prison in Poland I presented the plaque to the winner of the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award 2018, as well as certificates and prizes to the 10 runners-up.

'The winner received a TV set and all the ten runners-up received DVD players and headphones. Forty Polish prisons took part in the contest but logistical and staffing problems meant that only two winners could actually come to Wolow to collect their certificates and prizes.

'Next year, though, we are hoping that we can arrange for more. Every one of the 105 entrants received a personal letter of thanks from me and a souvenir pen.

'My thanks to the Warden Robert Kuchera for his enthusiasm and support, and to Marcin Dymalskiof the Wrovlaw Agglomeration for his untiring efforts in organising the award, and certainly not forgetting my lovely translator Kasia Janusik who not only translates all the stories for me but accompanies me to all the meetings at the prison and at surrounding libraries to translate my endless talks about writing as well as my terrible Irish jokes.

'I haven't yet had any luck in persuading her to talk Polish in a Cork accent ... we always collapse in uncontrollable laughter ... but wait till next year!

'This is the plaque that was awarded to the winner and a report on the prizegiving from Radio Wroclaw.'

Winners plaque

More publicity in this page from Poland's most popular book blog. The text is the same as the newspaper article in Gazeta Wyborcza.

From Graham: 'A convict in a Polish prison has done this drawing of me so that I can auction it on behalf of the children in the orphanage which I support in Strzelin. It measures 35x50cm and is framed. I will personally sign it for the highest bidder.

'If readers are interested in this highly unusual souvenir please send their offers to manitouman1@yahoo.com. I will keep them continuously updated on the bids.

'Bids can be in any currency. The starting bid is £20 = US $26 = €22 = 97 PLN.'

Masterton prison portait
White Bones, the first Katie Maguire thriller has been selected for the US Kobo 'Summer Thrills' promotion between July 12-16.
White Bones ebook
From Graham: 'The Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award is getting a lot of media attention when I go to Wolow Prison next week to present the prizes. The Polish prison authorities are so pleased with the contest that they are going to be awarding a TV set to the winner.

'The 10 runners-up will all get DVD players, plus certificates.

'This is a feature from this week's Gazeta Wyborcza which is the most influential newspaper in Poland. I'm afraid you have to subscribe to read the whole article but I will be able to post it later when I get a copy of the paper!'

Written In Prison logo
From Graham: 'Ghost Virus will be published in French by Livr'S later this year. They are a young and very energetic publishing company and I am delighted that they are bringing out my first new horror novel in France and Belgium for almost a decade.

'My horror backlist in France is still published by Bragelonne, who will also be publishing the Katie Maguire series of crime thrillers this year.'

Graham has just been sent the new cover for Infekcja (Plague of the Manitou) which completes the new series of Manitou books published by Albatros in Poland:
Plague of the Manitou - PolishManitou series - Albatros
The third Katie Maguire thriller, Red Light is featured in the ANZ Amazon Winter Sale promotion, running from 05/07/2018 to 01/09/2018.
Red Light
The tenth Katie Maguire thriller, Begging To Die will be out from Head of Zeus on February 4, 2019. It can be pre-ordered now from Amazon.

Rough sleepers are being found dead in the streets of Cork, and Detective Superintendent Katie Maguire has an almost impossible task tracking down their killer.

Begging To Die
From Graham: 'The Polish website Ship of Fools is running a contest for their followers to submit questions for mem to answer. The three best (or possibly the nuttiest) questions will receive a signed book.'
Graham will giving a writing class at Wroclaw University on July 20, and asking the students to submit a short story with a modest prize for the winner.
Wroclaw Writing Class
From Graham: 'To coincide with the World Cup in Russia (or perhaps to take attention away from it) the Russian horror magazine Darker has just published my erotic horror story "Sex Object".'
A website exclusive from Graham: 'With a new generation of Masterton horror novels on the way, starting with Ghost Virus, I have rejoined the Horror Writers Association after a lapse of some years.

'This will help me to promote and publicise my new horror novels. After Ghost Virus, I am already working on a new adventure for Detective Constable Jerry Pardoe and Detective Sergeant Jamila Patel. I don't have a title yet, but it will be very up-to-date and will be designed to make you lose your lunch while hiding in a cupboard.'

Albatros in Poland are working towards bringing out matching editions of all the Manitou books. This is the fifth: Armagedon (Blind Panic) which will be published on July 11.
Armagedon (Blind Panic) - Polish cover
From Graham: 'I have just been sent the times and locations of my visit to Wroclaw in July. There will also be some promotional Facebook links with more details later.':

July 17, 7:00 p.m. - WROCŁAW, Art Hotel, ul. Kiełbaśnicza 20
July 18, 5:00 p.m. - MIĘDZYBÓRZ, Biblioteka Publiczna Miasta i Gminy, ul. Wrocławska 8
July 19, 5:30 p.m. - WOŁÓW, Miejska i Gminna Biblioteka Publiczna, ul. Gen. Wł. Sikorskiego 8
July 20, 7:00 p.m. - CZERNICA, Gminna Biblioteka Publiczna, ul. Wojska Polskiego 9

From Graham: 'I have now read all the stories entered for the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award 2018. It is going to be very difficult to select the 10 winners because they are all extremely unusual and moving. Some of them are enough to give you an emotional lump in the throat because they are so obviously based on real and harrowing experience. The presentation of prizes and certificates will be in Wolow in July.'
Written In Prison logo
Graham's novel, Railroad is currently on offer for 99p in Amazon's Kindle Monthly Deals.

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