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From Graham: 'I am pleased to say that this year's Graham Masterton Written In Prison Contest - the fourth - was very successful in spite of the pandemic. We had 94 entries and the standard was excellent. The best story was submitted by a previous runner-up Anna Cader (pictured below) and she was given a commemorative plaque. All 11 winners were awarded certificates and DVD players with headphones.

'I was unable to go to Wolow Prison in Poland to present the prizes as I usually do but hopefully I will be able to attend next year (vaccines permitting!).

'My sincere thanks to everybody in Poland who assists in making this contest possible.'

Anna's story can be read here.

WIP plaque 2020Anna and Graham

The House Of A Hundred Whispers is currently available on Kindle UK for 99p.

The House of A Hundred Whispers

From Graham: 'I have just received copies of the latest edition of Stories From The Strix, a Bulgarian horror magazine. It includes the short story "Cutting The Mustard" by Dawn G Harris and myself.'

Strix 1Strix 2

From Graham: 'Here is a cover reveal of The Children God Forgot from Ginger Nuts of Horror.'

Cover reveal, Giner Nuts of Horror

From Graham: 'Because of the pandemic, I am unable to go to Wolow Prison in Poland to present the prizes of this year's Graham Masterton Written In Prison Contest.

'Since two of the winners come from Wolow Prison, there will be a small presentation there and I have sent this video to be shown there.'


Just for today (October 29th) The Devil In Gray is available as an ebook to USA and Canadian readers for only $1.99.

The Devils of D-Day ebook

From Graham: 'This is Zamek Gorka, in Sobotka in Lower Silesia. I was given a private tour and during that tour I laid my hand against one of the stone walls and heard Augustinian monks faintly singing from the time when part of this castle was a monastery in the 13th century. It was this experience that led to The House Of A Hundred Whispers.'.

Zamek Gorka

From Graham: 'Charnel House is available on Amazon Kindle for USA and Canada readers today only (October 22) for $1.99. (A new hardback is available for $920.99!)'.

Charnel House ebook cover

From Graham: 'My story "Resonant Evil" appears in Stephen Jones' anthology Best New Horror #30.

'My story "Hurry Monster" has appeared in the latest edition of the Russian horror magazine Darker'.

Best New Horror

A couple of promotions are coming up.

From Graham: 'The Manitou will be available to US and Canada readers on Kindle on October 21 for $1.99.

The House Of A Hundred Whispers will be available on Kobo from October 20 - October 31 for only 99p.

Ghost VirusHouse of a Hundred Whispers

From Graham: 'This is Hubert Pstragowski, to whom a dedication appears in the front of The House Of A Hundred Whispers. He is the son of my friend Marysia, whose help was invaluable with my writing. Unfortunately House is not yet published in Polish and I am not sure how well Hubert can read ... he will be three next week!'

Hubert & House

A good review from Guardian Books of Graham's new novel, The House Of A Hundred Whispers:

Guardian review

From Graham: 'This week has seen the publication of Midnight In The Pentagram, a horror anthology which includes my story "The Red Butcher Of Wroclaw". Available on Amazon as Kindle or paperback.'

Midnight In The Pentagram

From Graham: 'An interview about The House Of A Hundred Whispers with Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross for their Haunted Nights Live broadcast in California.

'The sound is occasionally wobbly but that's Zoom for you!'

The House of A Hundred Whispers

The Children God Forgot is now available for pre-order.

The Children God Forgot

A short reading from The House Of A Hundred Whispers from Dawn Harris.

Also, US readers can enter all this month for a free copy of The House Of A Hundred Whispers on Goodreads - the horror novel that Stephen King said was top of his current to-read list.

The House of A Hundred Whispers

From Graham: 'My short story "Half-Sick of Shadows", one of the three that was inspired by Tennyson's poem The Lady of Shalott, will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra on Sunday October 18 at 18:00 and repeated on Monday October 19 at midnight 0:00.'

Lady of Shalott

Stephen King tweets today that The House Of A Hundred Whispers "Goes to the top of my want-to-read list. @StephenKing".

The House of A Hundred Whispers

The Horror Zine Book of Ghost Stories from Hellbound Press is out now as a paperback, ebook and audio book.


A review of The House Of A Hundred Whispers from Ginger Nuts of Horror.

The House of A Hundred Whispers

Ghost Virus is a Kindle Monthly Deal through the whole of October.

The Last Drop of Blood is a Kindle Monthly Deal through the whole of October in Australia and New Zealand.

Also, The Last Drop of Blood is published today in paperback.

Ghost VirusThe Last Drop of Blood

Below is one of the promotional ads for Graham's forthcoming The House of A Hundred Whispers.

And here's a short clip of Graham reading from the novel.

The House of A Hundred Whispers promo

Just for today (August 30th) The Devils of D-Day is available as an ebook to USA and Canada readers for only $1.99. On Amazon and Kobo.

The Devils of D-Day ebook

A collection of Christmas horror stories will be published by Muza on October 14, including Graham's story 'The Red Butcher of Wroclaw'. The title Upiorne Swieta means Spooky Holidays.

Upiorne Swieta

From Graham: 'I have made my selection of the winning stories submitted for this year's Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award in Poland. There were 94 entrants altogether from prisons all across Poland, and I have to say that the standard of writing improves year on year. The contest is now in its fourth year and is supported by the Polish Prison Service and the Wroclaw Agglomeration (an organisation devoted to culture and sport) as well as both of my Polish and Rebis and many others.

'This year I have been greatly assisted by the author Joanna Opiat-Bojarska who has helped to pick the best stories.

'I will be announcing the winners when the official prizegiving is arranged. All I can tell you in advance is that the number one winner is female. Sadly I will not be able to hand out the prizes and award certificates in person this year, so it may have to be done remotely!'

Written In Prison logo

From Graham: 'Dawn G Harris and I made a video together in the hope that readers might find strength in the way that our characters deal with terrifying threats!

'More to follow!'


Just for today (August 30th) Charnel House is available as an ebook to USA and Canada readers for only $1.99. On Amazon and Kobo.

Charnel House ebook

From Graham: 'The award winners for Le Prix Graham Masterton for the best horror fiction in the French language were announced on Saturday, August 29. This is the 20th anniversary of this prize. Congratulations to the winners and special thanks to Marc Bailly who does all the organisation work!'

Le Prix Masterton 2020 award winners

From Graham: 'Dawn G Harris and I were very pleased to receive our editions of Okolica Strachu, the Polish horror magazine with our short story "Cutting The Mustard" in it. Thanks to Sebastian Sokolowski for a very handsome magazine!'

mag covermag pagesGM and Dawn

Just for today (August 18) the Graham Masterton Collection Volume One is on special offer on Kobo in the USA and Canada at only $3.99.

The GM Collection Vol 1

Only two months to go before The House Of A Hundred Whispers is published. Good discounts on preorders!

The House of a Hundred Whispers

From Graham: 'Since I haven't been able to visit Poland this year to present the prizes for the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Contest, I have recorded an interview with my lovely interpreter and brilliant translator Katarzyna Janusik which I will shortly be able to post online. This year we have had almost 100 entries from prisons and penal institutions all around Poland.'

Katy Wroclawskie

From Graham: 'I am sorry to say that my author friend Jaroslaw Rybski passed away on Sunday, July 19. This is the last time I saw him when we spent the evening in a bar in Wroclaw to promote his new book. He was always good-humoured and enthusiastic and I shall miss his company.'

Jaroslaw Rybski

From Graham: 'My short horror story "Bridal Suite" has appeared in this month's edition of the Russian online horror magazine Darker. (It is also available as an episode of The Hunger TV series.)'


The Devil In Gray Kindle edition will be on sale to USA and Canada readers today, July 21st July for only $1.99

The Devil In Gray

The Manitou is on special offer on Amazon Kindle for USA and Canada readers today, July 17. Only $1.86.

The Manitou ebook

Some up-and-coming Polish horror from Rebis publishers.

Festival Strachu (Festival of Fear) 21/07
Dzieci Zapomniane Prez Boga (The Children God Forgot) 28/07
Dzinn (The Djinn) 18/08

There is also a video trailer for the Polish version of The Children God Forgot.

Festival of Fear - Polish coverThe Children God Forgot - Polish coverThe Djinn - Polish cover

All of the first 10 Kate Maguire thrillers will be available on July 12 in an Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day for only 99p (all except The Last Drop of Blood).

Also, the German publisher Festa Verlag have just acquired German-language rights to Flesh & Blood and The House That Jack Built for limited hardcover editions of 1,000 copies each.

All Katie M PBs

This is the final cover of The Horror Zine Book of Ghost Stories, plus quotes from a variety of horror authors.

'This collection of ghost stories is fresh, varied, and entertaining. Perfect company for a long winter’s night.' – Owen King, co-author of Sleeping Beauties

'An incredibly creepy collection of stories of the recently and not so recently dead, written by some of the finest writers in horror. I suggest that when reading, do so in the daylight, because reading these at night will only make you more aware of your own, unempty house.' – Susie Moloney, author of The Dwelling and The Thirteen

'Gruesome, eerie, horrific, sometimes uplifting; this is a terrific selection of ghost stories that satisfy the soul—they chill the blood, too.' – Simon Clark, author of Whitby Vampyrrhic

'Looking for a perfect evening? Spend the night hunkered down in your favorite chair with only a reading light on, and dive into The Horror Zine’s Book of Ghost Stories. Forget sleep, these tales will keep you enthralled till daybreak.' – Tony Tremblay, author of The Moore House

'Nobody keeps the supernatural alive like The Horror Zine.' – Scott Nicholson, author of The Red Church

Horror Zine Book of Ghost Stories cover

Charnel House is on special offer today for US and Canadian readers at $1.99.

Charnel House ebook cover

From Graham: 'I am helping to raise money for the Hope Hospice for Children in Torun, in Poland, by auctioning the notice I drew at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, to be personally autographed for whoever bids the most for it. Along with it will come a scary keyring! Check this link for all the details of my Polish website (don't worry ... it can be translated into English!).

'The auction ends on July 15 at 9:00 pm.'

Torun notice drawing

From Graham: 'I have just given an interview to the Original Van Gogh's Ear Anthology, which is an irregular online anthology of progressive writing and poetry.'


From Graham: 'There is a contest on my Polish website organised by Piotr Pocztarek and my publishers Albatros to win one of 5 free copies of the new Polish edition of the Katie Maguire thriller Begging To Die.

'Entry is open until July 12.' Click here.

Begging To Die - Albatros edn.

From Graham: 'The other day I wrote a poem about the imaginary worlds that Dawn and I create when we are writing both together and separately.'

Read "Secret Worlds" here.


From Graham: 'Jeani Rector who runs the Horror Zine online horror magazine has just announced that her anthology The Horror Zine Book of Ghost Stories will be coming out soon from Hellbound Books.

'It has 28 stories, including "Cutting The Mustard" by myself and Dawn G Harris, and it will also be available as an audio book.'

Horror Zine anthology

From Graham: 'My copies of Les Anges Oublies (The Children God Forgot) arrived today from Livr'S publishers in Belgium. Beautiful edition with a beautiful new-book smell!'

Polish site logo

Plague is being released as an e-book on July 9.

Polish site logo

From Graham: 'Piotr Pocztarek, who runs my Polish website, has come up with a new logo. I think it's very striking, especially since it reminds me of how I felt the morning after drinking Polish Spirytus Rektyfikowany (rectified spirit) not realising it is 95% proof and should never be drunk neat.'

Polish site logo

For info, Graham's Twitter account is @GrahamMasterto1. This is because his original account was hacked.

From Graham: 'Stephen Jones the horror editor posted a query on Facebook. It came from a baffled Graham Thornton who couldn't interpret the affectionate messages in his copy of Dark Voices which was autographed at a get-together of horror authors at the Cafe Munchen in London on April 7, 1990.

'I had no idea these messages had been preserved, but they are evidence of a prank I played on Jim Herbert. I was sitting at the signing table between him and Clive Barker and it was me who signed the book "For Jim with love from Clive". The message is in my handwriting.

'Jim thought that Clive had written it so he retaliated by writing "For Clive with love from Jim" and passed it back along the line. Clive spent the rest of the event giving Jim some very funny looks!

'The group picture taken at that event shows:

Standing : Clive Barker, Steven Barnes, Dave Carson, Graham Masterton, Dave McKean, Stephen Jones, Chris Claremont
Seated: Larry Niven, Josh Kirby, James Herbert, Basil Copper.'

Dark Voices sig pageFamineDark Voices signing 1990

From Graham: 'The second short story that I wrote with Dawn G Harris, "Cutting The Mustard", has been published in the Bulgarian horror magazine Stories from the Strix.

'Always interesting to see your story billed as » „Не се измъкна, Колман“ – Даун Дж. Харис и Греъм Мастертън.'

Strix - Bulgarian cover

Here is Graham's famous/notorious recipe for Malaccan Devil Curry, which was once featured in The Sunday Times. As Graham says, 'It's a great meal for anybody with an asbestos tongue!'


From Graham: 'Phantasmagoria magazine have just released the cover of their summer issue. It features an excerpt from The House of a Hundred Whispers and a 30-page interview with me - mostly about Mirror.'

Phantasmgoria mag cover

For the whole of June, Australian readers can pick up the Kindle version of Scarlet Widow for only AUS$ 2.99.


From Graham: 'I wrote this in 1985, about an unscrupulous US politician who exploits a pandemic to further his own career ... I think it's time to bring it out again, and I am negotiating with my agent to have it re-released!

'You only have to read the cover line to know why!'

Condor cover

From Graham: 'This is a sneaky preview of the proposed cover for the English-language edition of The Children God Forgot, due out on February 1, 2021.'

The Children God Forgot cover

From Graham: 'My new horror novel The Children God Forgot (Dzieci Zapomniane Przez Boga) will be published by Rebis in Poland on July 28. This is the cover.'

A young woman who works as a manager for a London drainage company discovers that the sewers underneath the city are infested with something far more frightening than rats...

The English-language version will be published by Head of Zeus on February 1, 2021.

The Children God Forgot - Polish edn.

Click here for a video interview with Empik, the Polish booksellers.


Begging To Die, the Katie Maguire thriller about the homeless being murdered in the streets of Cork City, will be published in July in Polish by Albatros.

Begging To Die - Polish edn.

From Graham: 'A new interview has appeared in a Greek online magazine, for those who can read Greek (which regrettably doesn't include me!).'

NB: If you scroll down the Greek interview you will find it in English.

Greek GM interview

From Graham: 'This year marks the 20th anniversary of Le Prix Graham Masterton for the best horror published in French. It is organised by my friend Marc Bailly.

'The award is a statuette of a demon which weighs about a ton-and-a-half!'

Prix Masterton 2020 prize
The last Katie Maguire thriller The Last Drop of Blood (Katie Maguire Book 11) is a Kindle Monthly Deal all through May. It is also a Bookbub deal for today and will be going out with their newsletter.

The following four thrillers are now available on Kindle: Famine, Ikon, The Sweetman Curve and Sacrifice.

Click on an image below to purchase.

The Last Drop of BloodFamineIkonThe Sweetman CurveSacrifice

Graham's short horror story collection Figures Of Fear appears in The Line-Up today.

Figures Of Fear feature

As an addendum to the site bibliography here is a useful GM series guide (courtesy of the Book Series in Order website)


The Last Drop of Blood (Katie Maguire Book 11) is available on Amazon Kindle for £1.00 as part of its Monthly Deals here.

The Last Drop of Blood

New Message From The Author letter posted to the site.


From Graham: 'The June issue of Phantasmagoria magazine (due out at the end of May) features an interview with me by Marc Lawler. It is in anticipation of my new horror novel The House Of A Hundred Whispers, due out on October 1 but available for pre-order on Amazon.'

The House of 100 Whispers cover

From Graham: 'This is the cover of the forthcoming French edition of The Children God Forgot ... Les Anges Oublies, published by Livr'S.

'It features the same characters as Ghost Virus ... Det Sgt Jamila Patel and DC Jerry Pardoe.'

Molotov cover

From Graham: 'If it hadn't been for you-know-what, I would have been sitting on this bench now in the sunshine in Planty, the park in the centre of Krakow, talking to my Polish friends. All I can offer them at the moment is this empty bench (although they can use QR to listen to me reading from my novel Basilisk which was partly set in Krakow).'

GM Polish bench

From Graham: 'My friend Lefteris in Greece is sending me definitive covers of all my Greek horror novels. The latest are Tengu and Black Angel.

'Greek readers love horror, and I have an enormous number of enthusiastic followers there.'

Tengu - Greek edn.Black Angel - Greek edn.
From Graham: 'I bought a heap of Easter sweets for the children at the orphanage that I support in Strzelin. They have sent me some pictures. I just hope they don't blame me for becoming obese and losing all their teeth!'
Orphanage picOrphanage picOrphanage picOrphanage pic

April 11 sees the launch of the new Italian horror magazine Molotov. It features Graham's story 'The Secret Shih-Tan', a Bram Stoker Award Finalist.

Molotov cover

Telos Books are currently offering a bundle of four of Graham's books on Kindle for a bargain price.


Both Black Angel and Walkers are on special promotion from Amazon Kindle during the month of April.

Black Angel ebookWalkers ebook

From Graham: 'My story "The Red Butcher of Wroclaw" will be appearing in the Midnight In The Pentagram anthology.'


Legendary horror author and HWA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Graham Masterton, has officially become a member of the Silver Shamrock family!

Graham is the author of such iconic horror classics as The Manitou, The House That Jack Built, Charnel House, Mirror, Walkers, The Pariah, and the Katie Maquire series. We’re honored and humbled to include his original horror tale, “The Red Butcher of Wroclaw,” that he penned exclusively for MIDNIGHT IN THE PENTAGRAM.

Graham also becomes the 13th signing for the anthology. Coincidence? We’ll let you decide.

The GM Collection Vol 1
From Graham: 'I am trusting that all of my readers are taking care of themselves! To make the lockdown a little more bearable I am suggesting they might like to go back and read some of the Golden Oldies that Head of Zeus have brought out as ebooks, available on Amazon' (click on each cover to purchase)
Revenge of the Manitou HOZManitou Blood HOZUnspeakable HOZWalkers HOZTengu HOZDeath Trance HOZ

From Graham: 'The Polish audio version of Mirror comes out today from Audioteka (March 23). It is a full dramatic production with multiple voices.

'Audioteka have already brought out Chaos Theory and next on their list is Famine (*click on image below for more info).'

Mirror - Polish audio

Just for today (March 19) the Graham Masterton Collection Volume One is on special offer on Kobo in the USA and Canada at only $2.99.

The GM Collection Vol 1

From Graham: 'This is a YouTube video for The Last Drop of Blood done by an American friend.'

The Last Drop of Blood

From Graham: 'I think now is an appropriate time to call back Harry Erskine, the hero of the Manitou series, to deal with The Plague of the Manitou'.

Here's an excerpt one of the Amazon reviews:

Anna Grey is having one disastrous day after another as dead bodies talk to her, begging her to get it out of them.She is an epidemiologist, and while dealing with a disease among young children a whole new disease pops up. A real doozy, patients vomiting up all their blood, convulsions that nothing stops, panic and fear of something they can't fight, something they want out of them, something no one knows what they are talking about. And then Anna gets a visit from the same things haunting Harry Erskine.

The great thing about reading about Harry is the way his problems snowball so fast, encompassing more and more horrifying events, and dragging in more and more well meaning people. If I ever meet a Harry Erskine, I'm going to keep on walking, maybe I will even run. Naturally Harry and Anna eventually meet as they are both trying desperately to resolve this nightmare of a plague that is dropping people in their tracks and giving them a gruesome death by the thousands.

The House of 100 Whispers cover

From Graham: 'Regretfully we are postponing my planned trip to Warsaw and Wroclaw later in March. We are going to reschedule for May or June depending on the Covid-19 outbreak.'


From Graham: 'The fourth Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award was launched today (March 4) and this poster has been put up in all the prisons in Poland.

'I am hoping for a record entry this year.'

WIP 2020 posterWritten In Prison logo

From Graham: 'My new haunted house story The House of 100 Whispers will be published in time for Hallowe'en.'

The House of 100 Whispers cover

From Graham: 'My Polish webmaster Piotr Pocztarek has just held a contest for five copies of the latest Katie Maguire thriller Dead Men Whistling to be published in Poland. The entrants had to produce a tribute to my books. Two of the winning entries were poems and three were photographs. One entrant said that she was not much of a writer but produced this picture to illustrate Wirus (GHOST VIRUS).

Ghost Virus (Polish)

The Polish audio company Audioteka will be producing audio versions of Chaos Theory, Famine and Mirror.

The first will be Chaos Theory, which opens with the discovery of how General Sikorski was killed in an airplane crash in World War Two.

Chaos Theoryt - Polish audio book

From Graham: 'My Polish webmaster Piotr Pocztarek recently ran a contest for copies of the latest Katie Maguire thriller. One of the entries was a poem about Katie written in English by Krystian Pawlowski':

About Katie M

Running down the alleys
And the streets of Cork
Chasing the crime
All the days of work
She loves her homeland land
She has the upper hand
She never quits until night
Welcomes her in bed midnightpentagramcllectio

She fell in love with John
He was all she had dreamed
But the crime was growing up
As far as eye could see
The end was drawing close
She couldn't stop the storm
And then his life was ended
She was all alone

She found relief at work
And in friends around
Though crime whispered in her ears
Like an ever-growing bound
It's no use to live a life
That all the hope kills
Better flying like a bird
Over Ireland's greenest hills

She's trying do her duty
So that no one can afraid
Crossing all the boundaries
In a world she never made
Don't give up on love
Get a hold of helping hand
Takes only one man to change your life
You'll see it in the end.


From Graham: 'I was expecting to appear at the book festival in Pont-Audemer on April 19. Because of the coronavirus epidemic, however, the organisers have decided to postpone the festival until at least this autumn. I will keep you posted. I have also regretfully had to withdraw from this year's Salon du Livres de l'Imaginaire in Toulouse in April.'


A review from The Bookwormery blog for The Last Drop of Blood:

#11 in the DS Katie Maguire series. It can be read as a stand-alone but you are missing out on a little background and a great series.
Detective Superintendent Katie Maguire is travelling home from Conor’s funeral. When she gets a call. A car has been found alight and there’s a body inside. So she arrives and recognises the victim, due to a unique ring he is wearing, as Judge Quinn. He was the judge about to pass sentence in the murder trial of Donal Hagerty.
Meanwhile, gang leader, Thomas O’Flynn and his henchmen are feuding with the Riordan family, a feud that’s been ongoing for years…..
There’s also the case of the Lee Pusher, a man who pushes people into the river and who has just caused the death of a young woman.
Katie also has to deal with the recent founder of her beloved Conor, the reprehensible Brendan at work and also her relationship with Kyna. All adding to the feeling of stress and tension.
This is a dark and violent tale of the criminal underworld of Ireland, with drugs, shootings, murder and domestic violence ... It’s fast paced, gritting and gripping from start to finish. If you like a dark police procedural, then you’ll love this.

The Last Drop of Blood

From Graham: 'I am travelling to Wroclaw in March to discuss this year's Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award. I am delighted that the famous Polish crime writer Joanna Opiat-Bojarska will be going to Wolow Prison during the summer to give writing classes to the prisoners there to improve their chances of winning. Joanna has written several best-selling crime series with contemporary themes such as organ trafficking, featuring detectives Burzynski and Majewski, investigative reporter Anka Rogozinska and the internal police bureau Crystal. I will be going again to Wroclaw in September to present the prizes. When I am in Wroclaw in March I will be making a promotional film about the city and its history, for which I have already written the script.'

Joanna Opiat-BojarskaWritten In Prison logo

Just a reminder that the latest Katie Maguire novel, The Last Drop of Blood is out in HB and as an eBook on February 6.

The Last Drop of Blood ad

From Graham: 'I am honoured that Death Trance has been awarded a diploma as International Hit of the Year by the National Fantasy & Horror Club "The Citadel" in Bulgaria. Also pleased to hear that the magazine publisher Petyo Rusinov has been awarded a diploma for publishing "Stranglehold" co-authored by myself and Dawn G Harris in his Stories from the Strix anthology.'

Death Trance - Bulgarian diploma

From Graham: 'My publishers Head of Zeus have set up a blog tour for Katie Maguire's last thriller The Last Drop of Blood when it is published on February 6.

'These are the details.'

The Last Drop of Blood blog tour schedule

From Graham: 'Audioteka in Poland have acquired the rights in Chaos Theory, Famine and Mirror and will be bringing out audio versions in Polish.

'They have started casting already. Chaos Theory will be read by Mariusz Bonaszewski.

'Mirror will have a full cast.

'They are both scheduled to be released at the end of March.'

Book schedule

From Graham: 'My advance copies of The Last Drop of Blood have just been delivered, and it's a very handsome edition. Not long to wait, though ... it's published on February 6.'

The Last Drop of Blood - HB

From Graham: 'This is the cover of the March issue of the Polish horror magazine Okolica Strachu. The horror story that Dawn G Harris and I have contributed is called "Cutting The Mustard" and tells of a paedophile librarian who gets his come-uppance in the weirdest of ways!

'The story will appear in English in The Horror Zine Book of Ghost Stories to be published later this year in the United States.'

Okolica Strachu mag cover
From Graham: 'Just looking back on some of my visits to Poland in 2019 ... with prisoners in Katy Wroclawskie, looking a bit squashed! With the great pub owners in Czestochowa for another evening of craic. Meeting a reader in Dlugoleka. Having lunch with Deputy Governor Chonin of Wolow Prison. And meeting the lovely Sukkub in Czestochowa. I will be back in Poland in March and September. I love it there!'
Poland 2019Poland 2019
Poland 2019Poland 2019
Poland 2019

From Graham: 'The Last Drop of Blood, the 11th and last Katie Maguire thriller (for now, anyway!) will be published on February 6.

'For those who need to catch up with the first 10 thrillers in the series, here they are!'

Katie Maguire books 1-10

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