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Welcome to the news section of the site. I aim to update this page as often as possible as soon as relevant information becomes available to me. So, please send your snippets of Masterton-related news this way. I will also consider using reviews of the author's books written by the fans, as well as photographs that you think Graham's fans might wish to see. These might include photos taken with the man himself, pictures of your bookshelves, articles you've written or any other miscellaneous items you think this site might benefit from displaying. Please contact me with your proposals. I look forward to your contributions.


From Graham: 'The first short horror story that Dawn G Harris and I wrote together "Stranglehold" has just been published in the great Czech online horror magazine Howard. To see the whole contents of the magazine click on "zde" at the end of the line "Třiatřicáté číslo ke stažení zde." which appears under the name of the magazine Howard 33. Our story (plus illustration and pictures) is on page 108.'

Howard mag
From Graham: 'A few pictures from my visit on November 30 to the Salon De Livre in Loos in France. I signed loads of copies of Ghost Virus and had some wonderful food at Felicie restaurant and met some very pretty women. Berengere Rousseau was my very pleasant companion and interpreter all day and even translated some Irish jokes for me.'
Loos 2019Loos 2019Loos 2019
With Christmas looming, this is just a reminder that you can buy two collections of Graham's earlier horror novels as e-books. They are available from Amazon, Kobo and most other online booksellers.
The Graham Masterton Collection - Vol 1The Graham Masterton Collection - Vol 2


From Graham: 'The latest short horror story that Dawn G Harris and I have written together "Cutting The Mustard" has been published in the Russian online horror magazine Darker. It will be published in English next year in The Horror Zine Book of Ghost Stories.'


An enthusiastic Masterton reader, Adam Paluch, has created a tribute illustration for The Manitou (*Click on image below to enlarge).

Manitou tribute 2

The Polish edition of Dead Men Whistling, the ninth Katie Maguire thriller, will be published by Albatros on January 29.

Dead Men Whistling - Polish cover

Graham will be in Loos, France, on Saturday November 30 for their book festival:

Loos, France 2019

From Graham: 'Several readers have asked if the chair in The Heirloom was a real chair. It was, and I still have it! I wrote the novel after two friends died shortly after having sat in it.'

Actual picture below:

The Herloom chair

From Graham: 'My Bram Stoker Award from the Horror Writers Association has arrived after some delay! It's a wee house which was presented to me as Lifetime Achievement Award, although I am hoping there is plenty more life in me yet and plenty more horror stories to come!'

GM Stker award

Just for today (October 20) Charnel House will be available from BookBub in the USA, Canada and Australia/New Zealand for only $1.99.

The Last Drop of Blood cover

From Graham: 'Dawn G Harris and I recently completed a new short horror story. It's hot stuff. It's already sold in the United States and Poland more sales are imminent. More news about it soon!

'Dawn and I have made a short promotional video for Halloween. Our new horror story 'Cutting The Mustard' will be published in a new anthology from Jeani Rector who runs the very popular monthly online blog The Horror Zine.'

Cutting the mustard

From Graham: 'Finding some inspiration from a relaxing day in the grounds of Wojanow Castle in the mountains near the Czech border. It's surprising how a few days away from my desk can give rise to so many ideas!'

Wojanow sculpture
From Graham: 'A few pictures from my recent visit to Poland. With my adorable interpreter Kasia (who also translates all the prison stories for me). Signing books in Dlugoleka. And meeting the mayor of Dlugoleka, Wojciech Blonski, a former basketball champion ... he was probably able to shove the ball in the net without even jumping up!'
InterpreterSigning booksMayor of Dlugoleka, Wojciech Blonski
From Graham: 'I had a very successful five-day trip to Poland ... principally to give out the awards for this year's Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award at Wolow Prison ... but also to visit several different towns around Wroclaw to meet readers and give talks about writing.

'This is the plaque that was presented to the winner, but all 10 winners received DVD players and a certificate and all 89 entrants from prisons around Poland received a personal letter from me and a souvenir pen.'

Written In Prison AwardWIP Plaque 2019

From Graham: 'I shall be visiting the Strzelin Book Fair in Poland on September 21.

This is the 10th anniversary of Death and the Comedian, a short animation by The Mighty Pie Creative Studio for which Graham performs some of the voice-overs.


From Graham: 'I shall be visiting the Strzelin Book Fair in Poland on September 21.

'This is a promotional video filmed by the Mighty Pie Studio.'


Any reader who wants to get more information about Graham's books from Open Road Media can simply click here.


A selection of Graham's horror novels from The Line-Up ... a few scary entertainments to see his readers through the end of summer and into the encroaching darkness of winter...

From Graham: 'Although it is only a small festival, Medalikon in Czestochowa in Poland was one of the friendliest and most entertaining that I have ever visited. It is arranged by Alex 'Hunter' Czichos in the oldest school building in the city and involves signings, discussions, cosplay and games, as well as after-festival parties every night that go on until the small hours of the morning.

'Czestochowa is dominated by the monastery of Jasna Gora which is home to the sacred religious painting of the Black Madonna, and in August tens of thousands of pilgrims come to the city to worship it. As you sit in an open-air cafe by the side of the main street, pilgrims come streaming past singing everything from "Alleluia" to "Hey Jude" on portable loudspeakers.

'I did several signings while I was there, as well as giving a talk and a question-and-answer session with a very large and appreciative audience. I also met other writers like Monika Fudali who is in the early stages of her career and was looking for guidance on how to get published. I joined a Roman Legion of historical reconstructors, the Legio XX1 Rapax; and spent some great evenings in a great local pub talking writing and horror and everything else under the sun with new friends like Hieronim who is kind of the godfather of Czestochowa and Sukkub (just a nickname) who was lovely (and very tall!).

'My thanks to everybody at Medalikon for a wonderful five days. I shall be back in Poland from September 18 - 22 for more visits and to present the prizes for this year's Graham Masterton Written In Prison short story awards. I will also be signing books at the Strzelin Book Fair.'

Medalikon posterSukkub and GM
BlLack MadonnaHieronim
JasnagoraMedalion organisers
Pub ownersRoman Legion

This is the poster for Graham's visit to Wroclaw and surrounding towns in September, including the presentation of prizes for this year's Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award at Wolow Prison.

Written In Prison poster

A home-made promotional video that Dawn G Harris and Graham did for fun!


This is a promotional video for Graham's visit next week to Medalikon Festival in Czestochowa.

Medalikon poster

From Graham: The paperback edition of Begging To Die, the 10th Katie Maguire thriller, will be published on September 5.

Begging To Die PB cover
From Graham: 'Not long now ... I am looking forward to my first visit back to Poland this year when I go to the Medalikon Fantasy festival in Czestochowa.

'Then I'll be back again in on September 18 to present the prizes for the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award 2019 (see below item).
'This is a full schedule of what I will be doing:

I will be arriving in Wroclaw on September 18.
19.00 - meeting with readers in Wroclaw

Thursday, September 19
12.00 - official award ceremony at Wolow Prison
- meeting with readers in Dlugoleka

Friday, September 20
17.30 - meeting with readers in Katy Wroclawskie
20.00 - meeting with readers in Sroda Slaska

Saturday, September 21
16.00 - visit to the orphanage that I support at Stzrelin
19.00 - meeting at Strzelin Book Festival

Sunday, September 22
12.00 - meeting with readers in Bukowiec.'

Medalikon poster
From Graham: 'There were 88 entrants for this year's Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award in Poland, now in its third year. The writing was exceptional and the stories are inventive, moving, revealing and in some cases very disturbing.

'I am having a very hard time choosing the best story and the nine runners-up, all of whom will receive DVD players as prizes. It is obvious that this contest is immensely rewarding for every inmate who contributes a story. They clearly feel that they now have a way of communicating their feelings and their imagination to the outside world, which they could never do before.

'I will be presenting the prizes at Wolow Prison outside Wroclaw on September 19.

'Very special thanks to Katarzyna Janusik who translates the stories for me so brilliantly, to Iwona Bawolska, to Marcin Dymalski of the Wroclaw Agglomeration, and to Robert Kuchera the Warden of Wolow - without all of whom this important and rehabilitating contest could never have achieved such success. More news later!'

Written In Prison Award

From Graham: 'All of the Katie Maguire thrillers are available as audio books if your eyelids are beginning to droop!

'The latest is Dead Men Whistling, beautifully read by Aoife McMahon. Begging To Die will follow shortly.'


From Graham: 'The Last Drop of Blood was finished today, and Dawn G Harris (the author of Diviner) bought me a bottle of champagne to celebrate! Life doesn't get much better!'

Graham and Dawn G Harris celebrate The Last Drop of Blood being finished

Coming on February 1, 2020 ... Katie Maguire has to face not only criminal gangs but betrayal from her own fellow officers...

The Last Drop of Blood cover

From Graham: 'Amongst other horrific goodies, my short story "National Balance" is featured in the August edition of Jeani Rector's Horror Zine (and of course is also featured in the Fiction section of this website).'


From Graham: 'After "Stranglehold", the short horror story co-authored by me and Dawn G Harris, which sold in seven countries including the USA and Russia, we are working on a new story. Dawn says, "Watch this space! It will soon be finished!"'

Dawn G Harris
From Graham: 'I am looking forward to the Strzelin Literary Festival in Poland on September 21. This is early publicity for it.'
The Manitou is among recommended vacation reading from The Lineup.

'An ancient vengeful spirit attempts to return through the body of a terrified young woman in this horror classic by an award-winning "master of the genre" (Rocky Mountain News).

'Phony psychic and conman Harry Erskine never really believed in the occult until Karen Tandy approached him with a rapidly growing tumor on her neck, complaining of dark and disturbing dreams. When the mass is revealed by doctors to contain something living, the stakes skyrocket—not only for Karen and Harry but for all humanity.

'Something terrible is returning from the shadows to which it has been confined for centuries—a Native American monstrosity determined to destroy every vestige of the white race that oppressed and preyed upon America’s Indians. And unless a motley group of ill-prepared defenders can harness an ancient native magic, there will be no stopping the malevolent shaman’s terrible rebirth—and no escaping the wholesale carnage it will engender.

'The Manitou introduced the great Graham Masterton to the canon of horror, instantly placing him among the genre’s elite. A longtime favorite for its bold originality, unrelenting creepiness, supernatural shocks, and otherworldly surprises that would have made H. P. Lovecraft proud, Masterton’s classic continues to stand tall alongside Stephen King’s Carrie, Peter Straub’s Ghost Story, and other unforgettable literary horror debuts.'

The Manitou cover
From Graham: 'A number of letters were discovered in a desk that used to belong to the late William Burroughs, author of The Naked Lunch among many other avant-garde novels. They included a letter that I wrote him in 1964 about Rules of the Duel among other things. They were auctioned at Bonhams in New York recently for £4,500.'.

*Click on each image below to enlarge.

Burroughs Letter
Charnel House is recommended among 17 must-read horror novels this month on The Lineup website.
The paperback edition of Begging To Die will be published on September 5 and this is a sneak preview of the cover.
Begging To Die PB cover
From Graham: 'My mischievous French friend Jeremy Leclercq has been at it again, and this time he envisages me and Dawn as the Bonnie & Clyde of horror fiction.'
Graham and Dawn, Bonnie and Clyde
From Graham: 'Dawn G Harris took a selfie as we sped along in my Mustang to discuss a new short horror story to follow "Stranglehold". Summer at last!'
Graham and Dawn, June 2019
From Graham: 'The short story I entered for The Sunday Times short story competition (first prize £30,000!) has not made the long list, so I would like my readers to enjoy for free.' Click here to read it.
Written In Prison logo

From Graham: 'I have just been sent the schedule for my visit to Wroclaw in September to present the prizes for the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award, and other meetings in towns around Lower Silesi'a.

'During the day there will be other activities like visiting high school to talk to the students. No rest for the wicked!'

Wednesday, September 18
19.00 – meeting in Wrocław

Thursday, September 19
12.00 – official Awarding Ceremony in Wołów Prison
17.30 – meeting in Długołęka

Friday, September 20
17.30 – Kąty Wrocławskie

Saturday, September 21
16.00 – visit at the orphanage in Strzelin
19.00 – meeting at the Strzelin Book Festival

Sunday, September 22
12.00 – meeting in Bukowiec

From Graham: 'I had a great time in Douai in northern France on Saturday, June 15, for the book festival Les Geants du Polar. I signed scores of books and made lots of new friends, too, including Marie-Aude Suduk (pictured). I was also presented with a special prize ... a glass dome containing a model of Cthulthu, lit up with fairy lights, handmade by the festival's organiser Benedicte Degrugillier. Douai is a very attractive city and after the festival I took a walk by the river to a local restaurant, where I was very well fed on scallops and veal. '
Douai Visit 1Douai Visit 2Douai Visit 1
From Graham: 'I shall be in Douai in France on Saturday June 15 for Les Geants du Polar festival. This is a news report about it, and the lovely women who will be selling my books for me!'.

*Click on each image below to enlarge.

Douai, FranceDouai, France
Graham's Polish publishers Rebis have brought out a shiny new edition of Rytual.
Polish ritual cover
From Graham: 'Once again the Katie Maguire novels prove to be eerily predictive. In Begging TO Die homeless beggars are found inexplicably dead in Cork city doorways ... This death occurred only yards from the third death in the book.'
From Graham: 'I will be visiting Wroclaw in the week of September 18 to give the prizes for this year's Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award at Wolow Prison. Also to visit several towns around Wroclaw such as Dlugoleka, Katy Wrodlawskie and Bukowiec. Then to visit the orphanage in Strzelin and see the children, and also to attend the Strzelin Book Festival. This is a provisional schedule and I will update it with exact dates and times later.'
From Graham: 'For any Masterton enthusiast who speaks passable French and has an hour with nothing better to do, this website features my appearance on a panel about "Fear" at the Imaginales Festival in Epinal and also an interview at the Trolls et Legendes Festival in Mons. I am actually speaking English myself because my French is as rusty as a 1969 Renault.'
Graham's Polish website has been revamped. Check it out here.
From Graham: 'The follow-up to Ghost Virus featuring Det Sgt Jamila Patel and Det Jerry Pardoe A Nest of Angels will be published in French by Livr'S Editions.

This is me at Epinal with Emilie Ansciaux the publisher on the left and her publicist, Sophie.

Livr personnel
Graham's short story, Beholder has been added to the Fiction section. Polish translation (by Emilian Wojnowski) here.
From Graham: 'I shall be in Douai in northern France on June 15 for Les Geants du Polar book fair. The bookshops in Douai are already advertising the event with this display of the French editons of Ghost Virus and Ritual.
2019 Polar Book Fair
From Graham: '"Stranglehold", the short horror story co-authored by Dawn G Harris and me has now been published in Darker Magazine, the most widely-read online horror magazine in Russia.'
GM and Dawn
From Graham: 'The horror story "Stranglehold" which I co-wrote with Dawn G Harris has been published in a Bulgarian anthology Stories of the Strix.'
Stories of the Strix
Living Death, the seventh Katie Maguire crime thriller, has just been published in the Czech Republic by Host. Translated by Radka Klimickova.
Living Death - Czech cover
From Graham: 'This is John Little accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Horror Writers' Association on my behalf at the 2019 StokerCon at Grand Rapids, Michigan. Very sorry that I couldn't be there in person to accept it, but my thanks to John for doing the job for me and to the HWA for giving me the award. The only point I made is that I hope it's a Half-Lifetime Achievement Award since there are plenty more horror novels to come!'
Stoker Con Award 2019
From Graham: 'I am delighted to confirm my appearance at Les Geants du Polar in Douai, France, on June 15.

'Also to announce my appearance at Medalikon Horror Show in Czestochowa in southern Poland on August 23 - 25.'

ILes Geans Du PolarMedalikon 2019GM Medalikon
The Manitou is listed by The Line-Up as one of the 51 scariest books of the past 200 years.
From Graham: 'Dawn G Harris and I at the Irish Embassy in London for a launch party for my friend Dr Sabina Brennan's book 100 Days To A Younger Brain. Excellent Guinness and Clonakilty sausages and black pudding were served up! I had a chat with the Irish Ambassador Andrew O'Neill about Katie Maguire and Dawn told him all about Diviner. Sabina gave a first-class talk about keeping your brain young by sleeping well and living a positive life. Her book has my favourite dedication of all time. In the group picture, l-r, Dawn G Harris, Dr Sabina Brennan, Me, and my agent Camilla Shestopal. A most instructive and hospitable evening. I am trying to wangle us another invitation if only for the Guinness!'
Dawn and GMDawn and GM etc.
Younder Brain book100 Days Dedication
From Graham: 'I shall be attending the Imaginales festival in Epinal from May 23-26. Anybody who wants to have their copies of Ghost Virus or Rituel De Chair autographed can buy them now and bring them along or buy them at the festival.'
Imaginales FestivalGhost Virus - French coverRitual - French cover
Graham's novel, The Hell Candidate is part of this month's Amazon Ebook Monthly Deals for 99p.
From Graham: 'The Curse of Katie strikes again...

'In Dead Girls Dancing a fire on the north bank of the River Lee was followed only two months after publication by an eerily similar fire in the same location ... so eerie that it was even mentioned on the Today TV show with Maura and Daithi.

'Earlier this year, Begging To Die was published with a storyline centred around homeless men being found inexplicably dead on the streets of Cork city...

'This is today's news from the Irish Examiner.'

The movie of The Manitou was released at the end of April, 1978. This is a new Tweet about it, including a hilarious review from John's Horror Corner.

The new blu ray (region A ONLY) can be purchased here.

From Graham: 'I thought if I can't beat Game of Thrones, I might as well join them! (A montage by my mischievous friend Jeremy Leclercq).'
GM Dracula
Graham's sacrificial horror thriller The Hymn is on offer from Open Road Media's Line-Up.
From Graham: 'My friend Jeremy Leclercq insists on creating visions of me in various horrific guises! This is the latest!'
GM Dracula
From Graham: 'I spent the Easter weekend in Mons, Belgium, at the Trolls et Legendes fantasy and horror festival. I was mainly signing books but also mingling with the incredible cosplay characters who were roaming around the exhibition hall. I signed over 300 books and met with many old friends from Belgian and French publishing. The crowds were vast but everybody was friendly and cheerful. I was mainly there to promote my revival in French horror publishing after a 10-year lull when it was almost impossible to sell horror in France or Belgium. Now, however, there is a new generation who love fantasy and horror video games and horror movies and my books are selling like hot croissants again!'
Trolls 2019Trolls 2019
Trolls 2019Trolls 2019
Trolls 2019Trolls 2019
From Graham: 'I paid for the orphans from Dom Dziecka in Strzelin to visit Radio Wroclaw and see how radio programmes were made. They were told to keep quiet during recording and apparently they almost asphyxiated from holding their breath!'
Radio ChildrenRadio Station
Review of the region A blu ray of the Shout! Factory release of The Manitou (1978) here.
This is the official media release for this year's Written In Prison Award. Click here to read the WIP press release.
WIP Table
From Graham: 'I don't know what to think about this portrait of me by my French friend Jeremy Leclercq as Gitche Manitou the Great Native American Spirit...!!'
GM Manitou portrait
From Graham: 'I will be at the Trolls et Legendes festival in Mons, Belgium, over the Easter weekend. I will be signing all of my books published in French, including Ghost Virus and Katie Maguire, as well as the new horror anthology The Dark Gates of Madness.'
Ghost Virus - French coverRitual - French coverTrolls festivalDark Gtes of Madness
Written In Prison logo

Here are the third Written In Prison contest objectives:


Organisers of the competition:
Warden of the Wołów Prison
Wrocław Agglomeration
REBIS Publishing House
ALBATROS Publishing House
Municipal and District Public Library in Wołów

Objectives of the competition

The main objective of the competition is social rehabilitation of prisoners by communing with art and creative contact with the environment. Its important aspect is also popularisation of the creativity of persons detained in prisons and detention centres, and:

• activating of the detained into creative activities and taking on challenges,
• developing various interests of persons deprived of liberty,
• promoting socially acceptable forms of leisure as an alternative to the previously undertaken, unacceptable ways, <
• fighting apathy, alienation and lack of conviction about the influence on reality.

Competition rules

1. The competition is open to persons detained in prisons and detention centres.

2. To participate in the contest, one is to send his/her own story (maximum 1300 words) on any subject, previously unpublished and not awarded in literary competitions, prepared in Polish or English in typescript, computer text or readable manuscript along with a filled in participation form until May 31, 2019 to the following address:

Wołów Prison 56-100 Wołów

with a note "WRITTEN IN PRISON"

3. One author may enter one story.

Graham, April 2019
From Graham: 'The following appeared in The Times yesterday, 09/04/19':

Donald Trump’s allies often compare claims of Russian collusion to “a badly written spy novel”. Now one intelligence analyst thinks they might be right.

Euan Grant, a border control consultant who has worked in former Soviet republics, has spotted some striking similarities between the Steele dossier on Russian collusion and a Cold War-era thriller.

Ikon, a 1983 novel by the Scottish author Graham Masterton, is about a president whose predilection for prostitutes and unusual sexual requests leaves him susceptible to Russian blackmail.

In another twist, Masterton told The Times that his book was inspired by Ronald Reagan’s brother Neil, who told him that the former US president suspected the Russians were “forever trying wheedle their way into various structures of US politics”.

Mr Trump vehemently denied allegations that he hired prostitutes to urinate on a Moscow hotel bed, as outlined in a dossier compiled by the former British spy Christopher Steele. The Mueller inquiry in the US recently concluded that there was no collusion between Mr Trump and Russia in the 2016 election.

Mr Grant, a former strategic intelligence analyst at Customs and Excise, said: “I read Ikon in 1983 and the premise is that every US president since the Cuban missile crisis had been fatally compromised by the Russians. A key part of the plot is that a presidential candidate in the US is vulnerable to blackmail precisely because of the same kind of lurid sexual practice that allegedly Trump went through.

“It wouldn’t be the first time a blackmailing intelligence agency has got an idea from a book.”

Mr Grant, who was born in Greenock, advised the European Commission on border control in Ukraine. He is concerned about Russia’s attempts to undermine western governments but sceptical about some of the outlandish conspiracy theories about Mr Trump.

Masterton, the Edinburgh-born author of more than 100 novels, said the lurid blackmail plot was “probably just a figment of my imagination” drawn from his years as editor of the adult magazines Mayfair and Penthouse UK. But he said there was a “strange possibility” that his novel went on to inspire the sources who informed the Steele dossier. He said: “This kind of extraordinary thing does happen. It was very popular at the time, really well received, sold a lot of copies, and was translated into Polish and Czech.

“In the strange world of intelligence, a lot of it is not intelligence at all. It’s just a lot of imagination, wishful thinking, conspiracy theories, and ideas that agents may have picked up from books and almost come to believe is true.”

Masterton said he used to go drinking with Neil Reagan near San Diego. “Neil was often very grumpy about Ronald and used to say things like, ‘My brother is president of the USA and all I got for my birthday was this lousy necktie.’”

From Graham: 'Stranglehold, the short horror story that I co-authored by Dawn Gorham Harris will be launched in its Greek edition on April 6 at the Fantasmagoria festival in Thessaloniki.'
Stranglehold - GM and Dawn Harris
From Graham: 'Three Katie Maguire crime thrillers have so far been published in German by Festa Verlag, and more are on the way! Right now I am writing Katie #11, as yet untitled.'
Written In Prison Award
From Graham: 'The Third Annual Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award is launched in Poland today, April 1. We are inviting inmates of all of Poland's penal institutions to write 1,000-word short stories on any subject. There will be prizes for the ten best, and we are hoping to publish an anthology of the winning stories from the first three years of the contest.

'The prizes will be presented at Wolow Prison near Wroclaw in September.

'Special thanks to Marcin Dymalski and Iwona Bawolska, who make the contest possible, and also to Robert Kuchera the Warden of Wolow Prison for his enthusiasm and support.'

Written In Prison Award
From Graham: 'Easily one of the most touching dedications I have ever been given ... especially since the book is so brilliant. It's Number One in the non-fiction bestseller list in Ireland!'
Sabina 1Sabina 2
From Graham: 'Sebastian Sokolowski's horror magazine Okolica Strachu, which is easily the best in Poland, has just been published. It is full of great stories and fascinating articles about horror, as well as the short story "Stranglehold" written by Dawn G Harris and me.'
OkloicaOkolicaGM and Dawn
From Graham: 'From April 19 - 21 I shall be attending Trolls et Legendes, the fantasy festival in Mons, Belgium. I shall be promoting the French-language edition of Ghost Virus as well as signing any other French-language editions that readers bring along.

'A bit of stop-press ... Bragelonne will be bringing out a new edition of Ritual in French and promoting it at over 70 book festivals this year under their new line called "Bragelonne Terreur".'

Ghost Virus - French coverRitual - French coverTrolls festival
From Graham: 'The Greek anthology of short stories which features "Stranglehold" co-authored by me and Dawn G Harris will be launched this Saturday March 6 at the Polis Art Cafe in Athens at 6:00 pm (if you feel like going!) and it will be promoted at various venues around Greece before a major launch at the Fantasmagoria horror and sci-fi festival on April 6-7 in Thessaloniki.

'The book is called Stranglehold in Greek (actually "noose"). (I had thought it was called "Rock" but blame that on Google Translate).'

Greek Stranglehold cover
From Graham: 'Thanks to Inge and Frank Festa at Festa Verlag my books have been selling very well in Germany and I am hoping to have new German-language editions out soon.

'I visited Leipzig to "meet and greet" with German readers and also to say hello to Johann Sebastian Bach.

'Here is a link to a German-language review of my work.'

GM in Germany
From Graham: 'A new Greek horror anthology has just been published with the creepy tale I wrote with Dawn G Harris "Stranglehold" as its lead story. The title of the book translates as Rock, although I'm not sure if this means "rock" as in "Gibraltar" or "rock" as in "'n'roll".'
Greek book cover
From Graham: 'My friend Dr Sabina Brennan, a famous neuroscientist from Trinity College Dublin, has had her first book published today (March 7). 100 Days To A Younger Brain tells you how to sharpen your thinking and defer possible dementia.

'The book came about after both Sabina and I were appearing last year on the RTE afternoon TV show in Cork - The Today Show With Maura and Daithi (I was talking about my Katie Maguire thrillers.) After I heard her speak about brain health I asked her if she had ever considered writing a book on the subject. She never had, so I asked her to write me some sample chapters and a synopsis, and I found her an agent in London.

'She sent me the book chapter by chapter to approve, and when it was finished it was picked up by Orion Spring, the health and welfare division of Orion publishers. It has been featured with a double-page spread in the Daily Mail and there will be an interview in The Times.

'Along with Dawn G Harris, the author of Diviner, Sabina and I are now developing a series of books to help parents cope with children's mental challenges, such as depression, self-harm, bullying and brain injury. Sabina describes how her book came to be written in a very gracious acknowledgement in the beginning.'

GM and SabinaYounger Berain cover
This is where Graham will be visiting in May:
Imaginales Festival, May 2019
Two of Graham's books are available in this month's Amazon (UK) Kindle monthly deals, Living Death (£1.99) and Ghost Virus (£0.99).
This story (re: Graham's book, How To Drive Your Man Crazy In Bed being outlawed in Ireland in 1985) appeared in the Irish Sun this morning.
Advance publicity for Graham's appearance at the Strzelin Book Festival in Lower Silesia in September:
Strzelin Book Fair, Sept 2019
From Graham: 'An insight into the workings of animation ... a clip from Death and the Comedian from Mighty Pie Studio.

'I am the voice of Death and the voice of the Comedian is that of my son, Dan Masterton who did the animation.'

From Graham: 'Dawn G Harris (the author of Diviner) gave me a present tonight that I will treasure always ... a 1927 copy of Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Mystery & Imagination ... the book that inspired me when I was only 10 years old to write my first horror stories.'
Dawn Harris and book
From Graham: 'I have just received my copies of Infekcja, the Polish edition of Plague of the Manitou. This is the latest struggle between Harry Erskine and Native American demons, and will enable Polish readers to complete their collection of Manitou madness!'
Infekcja cover
From Graham: 'A lunch yesterday at Rules, London's oldest restaurant, to thrash out ideas for a new co-authored book with Dawn G. Harris, Camilla Shestopal (our agent), Dr Sabina Brennan and me. And some oysters!'
GM at Rules restaurant, Feb 2019
From Graham: 'I had a great time meeting French readers and friends at Noeux-les-Mines fantasy and horror book festival on Sunday 10th Feb. I don't know how many copies of the French-language edition of Ghost Virus I signed, but it was a lot! The young Belgian publishing company who have brought it out, Livr'S, are incredbly enthusiastic and they are doing everything they can to build up my sales in France again after a long hiatus during which horror did not sell at all well. A new generation is emerging who have been brought up on fantasy and horror games and they are extremely keen on anything supernatural and scary!'
Begging To Die UK release
Today is publication date for the latest Katie Maguire novel, Begging To Die.
Begging To Die UK release
Just in from Graham: Ghost Virus by Graham Masterton is nominated for The 2018 Best Book Award in the Horror category.

Vote between 1-28 February 2018 here.

Lubimyczytac.pl The Best Book Award was first launched in 2016. A simple idea – all book fans can pick a book of the year by voting – was met with great enthusiasm, thus making it the biggest book competition in Poland.

Ghost Virus book award - Polish
A news item from Ginger Nuts of Horror:
HWA award - Ginger Nuts of Horror
This is the media release from the Horror Writers' Association about Graham's award, which is fantastic news. Well done Graham!
This is the French version of the Ghost Virus video. Graham will be going to Noeux-les-Mines in northern France on Sunday, February 10, for the Salon du Polar festival and signing copies of the Livr'S edition.
French fest 2019
Here's a promotional video for Ghost Virus. It comes out in paperback on February 7.
From Graham: 'My Malaccan Devil's Curry has won an Honorable Mention in the 2018 Cookbook Contest run by the Horror Writers Association.'
GM's Malaccan Curry
From Graham: 'I have entered a creepy short story called "National Balance" for this year's Sunday Times Short Story Contest. Considering the first prize is £30,000 it's worth a shot! The story is based on this 1856 painting of Derby Day by William Powell Frith which was painted only about two minutes away from where I live!'
Derby Day painting
The first three Katie Maguire crime thrillers are now available in German from Festa Verlag. More to follow!
Katie Maguire - German ad
The French edition of Ghost Virus published by Livr'S has just gone to the printers and will be on sale on February 11 the day after Graham has visited Noeux-les-Mines in France to promote it.
Ghost Virus - French cover
Just in from Graham: The third Katie Maguire thriller, Red Light (Racheengel, translated as Angel of Revenge) will be published in German by Festa Verlag on February 27.

Meanwhile I don't think there's any doubt where I shall be on Sunday, February 10 ... at a crime book festival in Noeux-les-Mines in northern France.'

French fest 2019Blood Sisters - German
The Manitou will be released on Blu-ray on April 16 via Scream Factory. Extras will be announced on a later date, but the company has confirmed that it will feature a reversible cover with alternative art.

The 1978 horror film is based on Graham Masterton’s 1976 best-selling novel of the same name, itself inspired by the Manitou spiritual concept of Native American mythology.

The Manitou is the final movie directed by William Girdler (Grizzly, Day of the Animals), who died in a helicopter accident prior to its release. Tony Curtis, Michael Ansara, Susan Strasberg, Stella Stevens, Jon Cedar, Ann Sothern, and Burgess Meredith star.

What surgeons thought to be a tumor growing on the neck of patient Karen Tandy (Susan Strasberg) is actually a fetus growing at an abnormally accelerated rate. But when Karen reaches out to former lover and phony psychic Harry Erskine (Tony Curtis), she discovers that she is possessed by the reincarnation of a 400-year-old Native American demon. Now with the help of a modern-day medicine man (Michael Ansara), Erskine must survive this ancient evil’s rampage of shocking violence and forever destroy the enraged beast known as The Manitou.

The Manitou - blu ray
The tenth Katie Maguire thriller, Begging To Die was available on Kindle from December 10, so now be read as an ebook.

Rough sleepers are being found dead in the streets of Cork, and Detective Superintendent Katie Maguire has an almost impossible task tracking down their killer.

Begging To Die
From Graham: 'The horror podcast This Is Horror are seeking nominations for the best horror novel of 2018.

'If any website readers would like to nominate Ghost Virus then their support will be much appreciated!'

'The Line-Up' has listed eleven horror novels which they think would make good movies. Among them is The Devil In Gray.

By Graham Masterton

In a town still plagued by ghosts of the Civil War, there is a serial killer on the loose. Recently, there have been a series of particularly grotesque and seemingly random mutilation murders, all of which took place in locked rooms. The only tip authorities have received comes from a young girl with Down syndrome who supposedly witnessed the killer in action. The Devil in Gray is a dramatic and suspenseful story, dotted with elements of the supernatural—making it a great fit for the big screen.

The Devil In Gray cover

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