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Welcome to the news section of the site. I aim to update this page as often as possible as soon as relevant information becomes available to me. So, please send your snippets of Masterton-related news this way. I will also consider using reviews of the author's books written by the fans, as well as photographs that you think Graham's fans might wish to see. These might include photos taken with the man himself, pictures of your bookshelves, articles you've written or any other miscellaneous items you think this site might benefit from displaying. Please contact me with your proposals. I look forward to your contributions.


From Graham: 'A cheerful Christmas story for our readers.'

You can also read the PDF version here.


From Graham: 'I shall be appearing online at Afer Kryminalna 2021, the crime festival in Gdansk, Poland, on the evening of Saturday, December 4. (Poland is one hour ahead of us, so I shall be appearing at 7:00 pm in Poland and 6:00 pm in the UK).

'Anybody who wants to watch my conversation with readers for Afer Kryminalna on Saturday at 18:00 UK time and 19:00 Polish time can view it here'

Afer Kryminalna 2021

For today only (November 18) the ebook of Charnel House is on special offer in the US and Canada for only $1.99.

Charnel House

From Graham: 'Nothing like a cup of horseshoe-strength coffee in the morning and a fresh copy of the new edition of Dom Kosci (House Of Bones) from Replika publishers. in Poland.'

House of Bones (Polish)

Three new paperback editions of Graham's classic thrillers:

Walkers/Black Angle/PLague - new PB covers

From Graham: 'The Abominable Book Club sends monthly boxes of horror novels and edible goodies to their subscribers. The December package includes The Children God Forgot, plus an autographed bookplate from me.'

Abominable Book Club

Replika are publishing a new edition of Graham's political thriller Ikon in Poland, and they have just released the cover.

Ikon is also available as a Kindle book in English.

Ikon - Replika coverIkon - Kindle cover

The following books are all on Kindle Monthly Deal in the UK, Australia and New Zealand from today (November 1) until November 30:

The Children God Forgot UK Aus/NZ;
The Last Drop of Blood UK Aus/NZ;
White Bones UK Aus/NZ

The Children God ForgotThe Last Drop of Blood
White Bones

From Graham: 'The Shadow People is published on December 9 by Head of Zeus. An unexploded German bomb dropped in London during the Blitz contains a deadly supernatural liquid.

'My notorious short story "Eirc The Pie" which led to the banning of the first edition of Frighteners magazine has been published in a new Italian anthology Brutal by Alessandro Manzetti. Obviously "Eric the Pie" was not very translatable so it has been retitled "Sei Quello Che Mangi" - "You Are What You Eat."

'And here is a preview of my latest horror novel, The Soul Stealer, set in Hollywood, which will be out next year.'

Brutal anthologyShadow People
Soul Stealer

From Graham: 'Happy Hallowe'en to all my friends and readers from my co-author Karolina and myself in the spooky castle of Domanice in Poland.'

Castle pic 1Castle pic 2

Here is an English-language interview that Graham did for Wroclaw-TV in August with Lukasz Smigiel, a Polish horror author.

GM interview

From Graham: 'I had a successful visit to Poland last week ... to present the prizes for this year's Graham Masterton Written In Prison Contest at Wolow Prison and to visit several towns around Wroclaw to give talks and autograph books. One of the most important visits was to Strzelin where I support the local orphanage. I was taken to lunch by the mayor, Dorota Pawnuk, and then I went to the orphanage to meet the children, handing out lollipops and telling them stories.

Pic 1: I am in Krosnice with my co-author Karolina Mogielska
Pic 2: I am in Borek Strzelinski
Pic 3: I am given a guided tour of the abandoned castle Zamku Domanice
Pic 4: This is my audience in the castle

'This is a link to a news video which was filmed in Wolow Prison during the presentation of awards to the winners of theprison literature contest.'

Pic 1Pic 2
Pic 3Pic 4

Today is paperback publication day for The Children God Forgot.

The Children God Forgot PB cover

This is a translation of a news item put out by the Wroclaw Agglomeration today. They are the organisation responsible for sport, culture and music around Wroclaw in Lower Silesia in Poland.

Graham Masterton missed us already!

The British writer returns after a two-and-a-half-month absence from Wrocław.

First of all, Masterton will present prizes in the 5th National Literary Competition 'In prison pisane'. The ceremony will take place on October 20 in the Wołów Prison, and we can reveal that for the second time in the short history of the competition, a woman won the highest laureate. Polish writer Joanna Opiat-Bojarska, who has been pre-selecting stories submitted for the competition for two years, and Katarzyna Janusik, who has been translating them into English from the beginning of the competition, will also take part in the ceremony.

The writer's visit is not only an excellent opportunity to refresh acquaintance with his miniature image, a cap dressed in a dwarf and looking for better times at Kiełbaśnicza Street in Wrocław. Above all, it is an opportunity for the inhabitants of other towns in the Wrocław Agglomeration to meet Masterton in person. The schedule of meetings can be found in our Read Calendar and on the scary poster below :)

We can not wait. And you?

Wroclaw poster

House of Bones is being re-released by Replika publishers in Poland with a new cover.

House of Bones - Replika cover

From Graham: 'I shall be visiting Nysa in southern Poland between October 16 - 18.

'Then I shall be going to Wroclaw between October 19 - 23 to present the awards for this year's Graham Masterton Written In Prison Contest at Wolow Prison on October 20.

'On October 21 at 18:00 I will be having a meeting with readers in Krosnice
'On October 22 at 18:00 another meeting with readers in Borek Strzelinski
'On Ocober 23 at 17:00 a third meeting with readers in Domanice, Domanice Castle.

'I am also hoping to visit the orphanage in Strzelin On October 22 to tell some stories to the children.'


From Graham: 'Each prison inmate who enters a short story for the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Contest receives a personal letter and a souvenir pen. The pens have just arrived, ready for my visit to Wolow Prison on October 20 for the prizegiving for the fifth consecutive contest.'

WIP Pen 2021

An advance look at Graham's new paperback covers which will be released in December.

Walkers PB 2021Black Angel PB 2021Plague PB 2021

The Shadow People will be included in Kobo's Booktober promotion in the UK and ANZ between October 1 and 17, as a pre-release promotion.

The Shadow People

From Graham: 'Me with my co-author Karolina Mogielska, who is a psychologist and helping me to research a new book.'

GM and Karolina

The Shadow People will be out on December 9. This is what the early reviewers from Goodreads thought of it.

The Shadow People

From Graham: 'My short story about a British artist who forms an intimate internet relationship with a young Polish woman - 'A Portrait Of Kasia' - has been published in the September issue of the Russian horror magazine Darker'

Darker mag

From Graham: 'Trevor Kennedy (of Phantasmagoria) tells me that on this weekend's Sunday Service on www.bighitsradio.uk, there'll be plenty of top music, listener requests/dedications and regular features, plus reviews of the following: The House Of A Hundred Whispers by Graham Masterton. Where The Wild Things Are (2009). This Sunday, 12th September, at 12 noon (UK time) on Big Hits Radio UK!'

Radio banner

From Graham: 'The paperback of The Children God Forgot will be out on October 14 and is available for pre-order from Amazon for a bargain price.'

The Children God Forgot PB

From Graham: 'I am beginning to receive pictures of my readers visiting the Mastertonek dwarf in Wroclaw. It is sited on Kielbasnicza Street, just outside the Art Hotel.'

GM Dwarf visitor

The winners of this year's Prix Masterton for best French-language horror stories have been announced. More here.

Prix Masterton 2021

From Graham: 'The September issue of Jeani Rector's Horror Zine features my short story "Anka", set in the days immediately after the end of Communism in Poland.'


The paperback edition of The Children Got Forgot will be published on October 14 and this is the full cover, back and front.

The Children God Forgot full cover

A review of The Children God Forgot from the Before We Go Blog.

The Children God Forgot

From Graham: 'A Polish artist Arkadiusz Siejda is producing promotional artwork for me. This is his latest, featuring my dwarf statuette in Wroclaw.'

Horror In Wroclaw artwork

From Graham: 'My story "A Protrait Of Kasia" appears in the latest issue of Phantasmagoria magazine.'

Phantasmagoria magazine cover

From Graham: 'Coming imminently from the Horror Writers Association, their eighth annual Poetry Showcase, featuring my poem "The Song of the Wandering Zombie".'

Poetry Showcase

The Children God Forgot will be out in paperback on October 14 - available for pre-order now on Amazon or Kobo.

The Children God Forgot PB

The House Of A Hundred Whispers will be published on September 15 by Graham's Polish publishers Albatros.

The House Of A Hundred Whispers - Polish cover

A short radio report about the unveiling of the GM dwarf!

Wroclaw radio report

From Graham: 'My visit to Wroclaw ended with a screening of The Manitou movie at the city's largest and most fashionable cinema. Not all of the seats could be sold because of Covid restrictions but we had an audience of 200 which was the most they had sold in months. This is me with Karolina Mogielska as I got up to talk to the audience about the making of the film.'

Manitou screenManitou screen

From Graham: 'After a long Covid-related delay, the first week in August saw the final unveiling of the Mastertonek dwarf in the streets of Wroclaw in southern Poland.

'Wroclaw is known for the hundreds of bronze dwarves that populate its streets. They are a huge tourist attraction and I was very honoured to be given my own midget tribute. It shows me holding open a copy of The Manitou while the Native American shaman Misquamacus jumps out of it.

'The dwarf can be seen outside my favourite hotel, the Art Hotel, on Kielbasnicza street, just off the main square, Rynek.'

GM DwarfGM Dwarf
GM Dwarf


The Katie Maguire crime thrillers Blood Sisters, Broken Angels, Red Light and Taken For Dead are all Kindle Monthly Deals for the whole of August.


From Graham: 'If anybody would care to join me at the screening of The Manitou movie next Saturday (August 7) in Wroclaw here are the details.'


From Graham: 'My poem "The Song Of The Wandering Zombie" will be appearing in the next volume of the Horror Writers Association Poetry Showcase (volume #8).'


The promotional blurb from the Wroclaw Agglomeration (the organisation which promotes culture around Lower Silesia) is as follows:

August is marked by Masterton!

Graham Masterton will come to Wrocław in the first week of August and he will have his hands full.

Traditionally, the British writer will meet his admirers in selected libraries of the Wrocław Agglomeration. This time the route will include the following stops:
- Wiązów (Tuesday, August 3, 5:00 pm),
- Prusice (Thursday, August 5, 5:00 pm),
- Malczyce (Friday, August 6, 5:00 pm).

During his stay in Wrocław, Masterton will also be working diligently on a mysterious film project, carried out together with a Wrocław writer, journalist and professor, Łukasz Śmigiel. We are not allowed to reveal the details yet, but you can expect more terrifying stories from the capital of Lower Silesia.

And now the great surprise. On Saturday, August 7, we invite everyone to the New Horizons Cinema (Kino Nowe Horyzonty) in Wrocław for the screening of the film "Manitou" based on the writer's most famous novel. After the show, Masterton will take questions from viewers. Tickets for this event can already be purchased at kinonh.pl. That’s not all - immediately after the meeting, everyone will be able to participate with the writer in another secret-wrapped event, thanks to which Graham Masterton will permanently enter the landscape of Wrocław. We invite all comers!

Wroclaw poster

From Graham: 'My friend Marie Gunther is going to shave off all of the hair from her head in support of St Catherine's Hospice, where her mother Josephine passed away. This is her collection box at Robert Dyas the ironmongers in Dorking, and this is the explanation for her charitable action. Here too is the link where you can make a donation to St Catherine's Hospice. You would enter the name Josephine Gunther to make your contribution. It is a very worthy cause and Marie is extremely brave to sacrifice all her hair!'

Marie GuntherMarie Gunther

From Graham: 'Drought was released in Poland today as Susza. This is my friend Karolina with her freshly-bought copy!'.

Drought - Polish

From Graham: 'I will be having an online discussion with Polish readers this evening (July 15) at 6:00 pm UK time and 7:00 pm Polish time.'


From Graham: 'The Hymn is on special offer in the United States and Canada today only (July 7) for $1.99.

'My new story "A Portrait of Kasia" will be appearing in the next issue of the Italian horror magazine Molotov. For those who don't read Italian, it will also be appearing in the next issue of Phantasmagoria magazine. More news of that when I get it.'

Dark Legions cover

From Graham: 'My new short story "A Portrarit of Kasia" has been sold now in Italy for the glossy horror magazine Molotov, and in Russia for the online horror magazine Darker. More sales are pending!'


This is a review of The Children God Forgot from Grimdark Magazine.


Host publishers in the Czech Republic are bringing out the Katie Maguire crime thriller Dead Girls Dancing in November. This is a preview of the cover.

Dead Girls Dancing - Czech cover

The Polish version of Drought (Susza) will be published by Rebis on July 13. Graham will be recording a promotional video for it and also taking part in an online discussion on July 15.

Drought - Rebis, Poland

From today (June 18) to June 28, The Children God Forgot is on special offer on Kobo Crime UK.

Also, Plague is on special Father's Day offer in the USA and Canada.

The Children God ForgotPlague

Here is Graham's short story, Son Of Beast, available to read for the first time on the site.


From Graham: 'A new short story I have just finished "A Portrait Of Kasia" has been acquired by Phantom Press in Poland for inclusion in a horror anthology due to be published in the autumn. It will be included in my new short story collection which I hope will be published sometime next year.

'"A Portrait Of Kasia" tells how a British artist and a Polish librarian make contact through Facebook and fall in love, even though they have never met each other in person, and only dream about each other.'


Graham's French publishers Bragelonne have reissued Le Portrait Du Mal (Family Portrait) in a new edition.

Family Portrait - FrenchFamily Portrait - French

Coming at the end of the month, the Polish audio version of Festival Of Fear.

Festival Of Fear - Polish Audio

The Children God Forgot is on offer in the Kobo 500 'under $5' deal in Australia and New Zealand, from June 4 - June 13.

Also, here's a sneak preview of at the cover for The Soul Stealer, due out next year sometime.

The Children God ForgotSoul Stealer

For today only, June 3, Charnel House is on offer on Amazon in the United States and Canada for only $1.99.

Charnel House

The Polish artist Kinga Kubicz has painted a portrait of Graham for charity. To read how you can enter this auction, please see these 2 PDFs, one in English, the other in Polish.

As of 03/06/21, the auction has already reached $300. The winner will not only receive the original portrait, but they will appear as a character in Graham's next book. All the proceeds will go to children's charities.

GM PortraitKinga Kubicz

From Graham: 'Four of my political thrillers are available as ebooks on Amazon Kindle. If anybody wants to find out how Marilyn Monroe really died, try Ikon. If they want to know what happened to General Sikorski in World War 2, try Chaos Theory. If they want to find out who is really running the world these days, try Sacrifice. And if they want to know if terrorists have been bombing children's schools, or if there is a more sinister motive, try Innocent Blood.'

IkonChaos Theory
SacrificeInnocent Blood

From Graham: 'An update on this year's Graham Masterton Written In Prison Contest. For the original Polish version check out the news section of bookslips.pl. This is me at Wolow Prison with the former Director Robert Kuchera and my interpreter Kasia Janusik.'

The fifth edition of the national literary competition for prisoners under the aegis of Graham Masterton has started. A popular British writer will choose the winners himself, and in October he will fly to Poland to present them personally. His Polish colleague Joanna Opiat-Bojarska will support him in the selection of works.

The competition is the result of a meeting with the inmates of the Prison in Wołów during the writer's visit to the Wrocław Agglomeration in 2016. At the time, Masterton was impressed not only by the insightfulness of the questions asked by the prisoners, but also by the fact that most of them were asked in English.

In the four editions of the competition so far, as many as 417 stories from prison inmates from all over Poland were submitted. Last year's edition took place in a reduced form, as the writer was not able to come to Poland due to sanitary restrictions. However, the organizers are preparing a few surprises for this year's mini-jubilee of the competition, which will be revealed gradually, and Masterton himself, who received the second dose of the vaccine in April, announces that this time nothing will stop him from coming to Wrocław.

The deadline for submitting applications for the competition is June 21, 2021. Their preselection will be performed by Joanna Opiat-Bojarska. The best short stories will then be translated into English and sent to the writer, who will select the winners - a grand prize and 9 runner-up prizes will be awarded. The winner will receive a special trophy, and all the ten awarded will receive in-kind prizes in the form of portable DVD players. In October, Masterton will fly to Poland to present the prizes in person, and he will traditionally hold several meetings with authors in the Wrocław Agglomeration and will visit his favourites from the Orphanage in Strzelin.

However, there are no losers in the competition itself - as before, all participants will receive commemorative pens designed by the writer himself and personalized thank you letters.

Wolow 2017

For today only, May 20, The Graham Masterton Collection Volume 2 is on offer on Amazon in the United States for only $1.99. The collection contains The Devils of D-Day and The Devil In Gray.

GM Collection, Vol 2

From Graham: 'For anybody who might be interested, this is a video of the interview I did for the Warsaw Crime Fiction Festival on Sunday.

'There is a 2-minute countdown before it starts!'

Warsaw Crime Festival poster

This year's Graham Masterton Written In Prison Contest is now open in Poland and the poster has just been released.

Written In Prison logoWritten In Prison poster 2021

From Graham: 'Slightly weirdly, The House Of A HUndred Whispers is included in a special Mother's Day promotion in the USA and Canada until June 6.'

The House of a Hundred Whispers

From Graham: 'I am happy to see that I have friends in Germany who have started a Facebook discussion group about my books. Any German reader who is interested in joining them can find them at "Graham Masterton Fans Germany".'


From Graham: 'It has just been announced that California is in the grip of the worst drought for decades, and that the reservoirs are at a dangerously low level. If only they had read Drought when it was published seven years ago! Another ominous Masterton prediction!'


From Graham: 'As usual, my novels have proved eerily predictive. After office fires and dogfights and the murders of homeless people were accurately forecast in the crime novels featuring Det Supt Katie Maguire only a few months before they actually happened, a huge fatberg exactly like the fatberg blocking the sewer in The Children God Forgot has appeared in Birmingham. It weighs 300 tons and is more than 300 feet long and is made up of oil, grease, fat, wet wipes, cotton buds and nappies. It is expected to take a month to clear, and let's hope that the drainage engineers don't encounter anything like the apparitions in my novel.'

Read the full article here.


Amazon have listed The Children God Forgot as their Number #1 bestseller both in Occult Horror and in Medical Thrillers.

The Children God Forgot

From Graham: 'After some delay (7 years!) the Polish publishing house Albatros will be bringing out the second historical thriller featuring Beatrice Scarlet. Scarlet Widow was the first. Now The Coven will appear in Polish sometime in 2022.'

The Coven cover

From today (April 9) until April 12, the following books are on a Spring 3 or 2 Buy from Kobo in the USA and Canada: Famine, Sacrifice, The House of a Hundred Whispers and The Sweetman Curve.

Kobo icon

The Children God Forgot is now only 99p on Amazon Kindle. This is a monthly deal for the duration of April.

The Children God Forgot Kindle promo

From Graham: 'I will be having a live video chat on Tuesday, April 6, at 6:00 pm Polish time and 5:00 pm UK time, organised by Empik the Polish booksellers. Of course I will be speaking in English, but there will be Polish translators.'

Anybody interested can find the link here'.

Premiera Facebook

From Graham: 'A new terrifying fright for Polish readers ... recommended by one of the leading horror authors!'

Kapiel cover

From Graham: 'The paperback edition of The House Of A Hundred Whispers is out on May 13..'

The House of a Hundred Whispers poster

From Graham: 'If you have £60 to spare, this is the signed slipcase edition of Best New Horror #30 edited by Stephen Jones, published by PS Publishing.'

Best New Horror #30

A new review of The Children God Forgot at SF Crowsnest.

Also, an ad for a reading which Dawn and Graham will be doing in June.

The Children God ForgotMidsummer Poster

From Graham: 'The Shadow People will be published by Head of Zeus in December.

'I have just signed a contract with Rebis Publishing House in Poznan in Poland for a Polish translation. I don't have a publication date yet.'

The Shadow People

Graham's short story, 'The Red Butcher of Wroclaw' appears in Midnight in the Pentagram anthology by Silver Shamrock Publishing (Oct 2020).

Midnight In The Pentagram

Scarlet Widow is a Kindle Monthly Deal for the whole of March.

Scarlet Widow

From Graham: 'The auction for the charity cartoon has now reached £88. Bids close tonight at midnight.'

'Bids can be sent to manitouman1@yahoo.com'

Children's cartoon

From Graham: 'My novels always come true ... The Children God Forgot centres around a fatberg blocking a London sewer ... today Thames Water have announced that they have removed a fatberg from a sewer under Canary Wharf "the size of a small bungalow". It smelled like "composting festival toilets and rotten meat."'


A GM discussion in Grimdark magazine, published today.

Grimdark mag

From Graham: 'As of the morning of February 18, bids for The Children's Trust cartoon by Dawn G Harris and me have reached £40.

'Bids can be sent to manitouman1@yahoo.com and bidding will be constantly updated on this website, as well as my Facebook pages. Bidding will close at midnight on February 28.'

Children's cartoon

New interview with Graham at Bloody Good Reads.

Bloody Good Reads interview

From Graham: 'My co-author Dawn G Harris and I have got together to draw an autographed cartoon to be auctioned in support of The Childrens' Trust, which is the UK's leading charity for children with brain injury. Bidding for the cartoon starts at £30.00/ US $42.00/ €35.00/ 154 PLN.

'Bids can be sent to manitouman1@yahoo.com and bidding will be constantly updated on this website, as well as my Facebook pages. Bidding will close at midnight on February 28.'

The Children's Trust banner

Just in time for Christmas ... The Shadow People will be published on December 2, 2021. Det Sgt Jamila Patel and Det Jerry Pardoe face a supernatural threat that dates all the way back to the Stone Age...

The Shadow People

From Graham: 'Piotr Pocztarek, who runs my Polish website, is featuring a series of Masterton-related articles by various writers and commentators almost every week. The site can be read in both Polish and English.'

GM Polish site banner

A new 5/5 review for The House of a Hundred Whispers.

The House of A Hundred Whispers

Another review by Lttle Miss Book Lover 87 for The Children God Forgot.

The Children God Forgot

Another review by Diane Reviews Books for The Children God Forgot.

The Children God Forgot

A new interview with Graham by LoveReading on The Children God Forgot publication day.

The Children God Forgot

A good review from Ginger Nuts of Horror for The Children God Forgot.

The Children God Forgot

Ghost Virus is a Kindle Monthly Deal for the month of February in Australia and New Zealand .

Ghost Virus

Yet nnother good review at What I think About When I Think About Writing for The Children God Forgot.

The Children God Forgot

Another good review at Love Reading for The Children God Forgot.

The Children God Forgot

Here's a good review for The Children God Forgot.

The Children God Forgot

Head of Zeus have just released their promotional banners for The Children God Forgot..

The Children Got Forgot banner

The Katie Maguire thriller The Last Drop of Blood is a Kindle monthly deal for the whole of January.

The Last Drop Of Blood
A new review of The House of a Hundred Whispers from HorrorDNA.

Horror DND banner

Graham Masterton’s latest, The House of a Hundred Whispers, continues this fine run of form and if you have never sampled this author before, this genuine page-turner is a great place to start. In many ways the setting is a classic location for a haunted house novel; All Hallows Hall is a rundown Tudor mansion set on a rural part of windswept Dartmoor and its owner, the former Governor of Dartmoor Prison, is murdered in the opening chapter. The story then jumps forward to the reading of the will, which throws a few unexpected curveballs at the three siblings who are expecting to split the near two million the house will generate when sold. The siblings were on very poor terms with their father at the time of his death and we find out more about him as the story develops. Meantime, at the reading of the will, five-year-old Timmy disappears, with everybody swearing he never left the house and what appears to be a deceptively simply mystery story slowly turns supernatural, and ultimately morphs into a fiendishly well plotted hair raiser.

The novel also has an outstanding and very convincing connection with history which might have you checking Wikipedia to see what is based on fact and what is not. You will be quickly sucked into the world of architect Nicholas Owen, hidden priest holes and witching rooms, which are crucial to the plot. The supernatural connects to the folklore of the Dartmoor area is also fascinating, with ‘Gleaners’, ‘Charmers’ and ‘Old Dewar’ all added to the entertaining spin. I am not going to say too much about the ghosts, other than the fact that they are superb and play an increasingly significant part in proceedings as the novel develops, with the story also being told from their point of view. Also, have you ever given a thought to whether ghosts breathe? A fascinating thought, which this book considers, breathing your last breath repeatedly for eternity. This is a gem of a horror novel, and I am amazed that after so many novels Masterton can return from the well with such a corker. The horror legend takes the skeleton of what you might expect to find in a genre based haunted house novel but adds several extra dimensions and quirks. Great stuff.


From Graham: 'Happy New Year to all of my friends. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and your support during a very glum 2020. Stay safe and do well.'

New Year 2021 banner

From Graham: 'Dawn and I have just received our copies of With All Their Powers, the Greek horror anthology which will benefit children with cancer. It's a very handsome edition and our story '"Cutting The Mustard" is first in the book.'

Greek AnthologyCutting The Mustard - Greece

From Graham: 'A review of The Children Got Fogot from Black Country Short Thoughts blog. It put at least half a smile on my face during this wet dismal plague-ridden Christmas week!'

Black Country banner

From Graham: 'I am happy to say that I have received from my Polish publisher Albatros my first editions of the Katie Maguire crime thrillers Dead Men Whistling (Swist Umarlych) and Begging To Die (Zebrzac O Smierc).'

New Polish book covers

Today, December 19, The Hymn will be on sale to readers in the USA and Canada for $1.99 and The Graham Masterton Collection - Volume One will be on sale in the USA and Canada for $3.99.

GM Collection, Vol 1

From Graham: 'Today (December 17) The House Of A Hundred Whispers has inched up to #4 in the Kindle Horror bestsellers chart. Only three more places to go!'

The House of a Hundred Whispers

A very advance look at the paperback edition of The House Of A Hundred Whispers ... due out in May, 2021.

The House of a Hundred Whispers PB cover

The Horror Zine's Book of Ghost Stories is now available on audio and includes 'Cutting The Mustard' by Graham and Dawn G. Harris.

Horror Zine

From Graham: 'The House Of A Hundred Whispers is number #7 in the Kindle horror bestseller list. It is interesting that almost all the books at the top of the list are about haunted houses. Expect more from me!'

The House of a Hundred Whispers

Charnel House will be discounted to $1.99 today, December 10 for one day only for USA and Canada Kindle readers.

Charnel House

Just a reminder that The Children God Forgot is published on February 4, 2021. Advance orders on Amazon can save £2.40 on the hardback.

The Children God Forgot

From Graham: 'There will be a Zoom reading on December 9 of a comedy by my friend Michael Halperin (writer of Masters of the Universe and Quincy among many other books and TV greats). It is based on my pretending to be "Alan Blackwood" for the sale of two thrillers to Corgi Books. It will be Pacific Time so a bit late for European viewers but there will possibly be a recording.'

Theatre Forty Presents A Zoom reading of The Best Revenge, a new comedy by Michael Halperin. Inspired by a True Story. Featuring the talents of:

Landon Beatty, Alison Blanchard, Roz Cohn, John Combs, David Datz, Kristin Towers Rowles, David Hunt Stafford.

Wednesday December 9th 2020 – 7:00pm – Admission FREE.

TypewriterTheatre Forty

The December issue of Jeani Rector's Horror Zine is out now, free to view, and includes Graham's short story 'The Burgers Of Calais'.

Horror Zine

From Graham: 'I am pleased to say that this year's Graham Masterton Written In Prison Contest - the fourth - was very successful in spite of the pandemic. We had 94 entries and the standard was excellent. The best story was submitted by a previous runner-up Anna Cader (pictured below) and she was given a commemorative plaque. All 11 winners were awarded certificates and DVD players with headphones.

'I was unable to go to Wolow Prison in Poland to present the prizes as I usually do but hopefully I will be able to attend next year (vaccines permitting!).

'My sincere thanks to everybody in Poland who assists in making this contest possible.'

Anna's story can be read here.

WIP plaque 2020Anna and Graham

The House Of A Hundred Whispers is currently available on Kindle UK for 99p.

The House of A Hundred Whispers

From Graham: 'I have just received copies of the latest edition of Stories From The Strix, a Bulgarian horror magazine. It includes the short story "Cutting The Mustard" by Dawn G Harris and myself.'

Strix 1Strix 2

From Graham: 'Here is a cover reveal of The Children God Forgot from Ginger Nuts of Horror.'

Cover reveal, Giner Nuts of Horror

From Graham: 'Because of the pandemic, I am unable to go to Wolow Prison in Poland to present the prizes of this year's Graham Masterton Written In Prison Contest.

'Since two of the winners come from Wolow Prison, there will be a small presentation there and I have sent this video to be shown there.'


Just for today (October 29th) The Devil In Gray is available as an ebook to USA and Canadian readers for only $1.99.

The Devils of D-Day ebook

From Graham: 'This is Zamek Gorka, in Sobotka in Lower Silesia. I was given a private tour and during that tour I laid my hand against one of the stone walls and heard Augustinian monks faintly singing from the time when part of this castle was a monastery in the 13th century. It was this experience that led to The House Of A Hundred Whispers.'.

Zamek Gorka

From Graham: 'Charnel House is available on Amazon Kindle for USA and Canada readers today only (October 22) for $1.99. (A new hardback is available for $920.99!)'.

Charnel House ebook cover

From Graham: 'My story "Resonant Evil" appears in Stephen Jones' anthology Best New Horror #30.

'My story "Hurry Monster" has appeared in the latest edition of the Russian horror magazine Darker'.

Best New Horror

A couple of promotions are coming up.

From Graham: 'The Manitou will be available to US and Canada readers on Kindle on October 21 for $1.99.

The House Of A Hundred Whispers will be available on Kobo from October 20 - October 31 for only 99p.

Ghost VirusHouse of a Hundred Whispers

From Graham: 'This is Hubert Pstragowski, to whom a dedication appears in the front of The House Of A Hundred Whispers. He is the son of my friend Marysia, whose help was invaluable with my writing. Unfortunately House is not yet published in Polish and I am not sure how well Hubert can read ... he will be three next week!'

Hubert & House

A good review from Guardian Books of Graham's new novel, The House Of A Hundred Whispers:

Guardian review

From Graham: 'This week has seen the publication of Midnight In The Pentagram, a horror anthology which includes my story "The Red Butcher Of Wroclaw". Available on Amazon as Kindle or paperback.'

Midnight In The Pentagram

From Graham: 'An interview about The House Of A Hundred Whispers with Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross for their Haunted Nights Live broadcast in California.

'The sound is occasionally wobbly but that's Zoom for you!'

The House of A Hundred Whispers

The Children God Forgot is now available for pre-order.

The Children God Forgot

A short reading from The House Of A Hundred Whispers from Dawn Harris.

Also, US readers can enter all this month for a free copy of The House Of A Hundred Whispers on Goodreads - the horror novel that Stephen King said was top of his current to-read list.

The House of A Hundred Whispers

From Graham: 'My short story "Half-Sick of Shadows", one of the three that was inspired by Tennyson's poem The Lady of Shalott, will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra on Sunday October 18 at 18:00 and repeated on Monday October 19 at midnight 0:00.'

Lady of Shalott

Stephen King tweets today that The House Of A Hundred Whispers "Goes to the top of my want-to-read list. @StephenKing".

The House of A Hundred Whispers

The Horror Zine Book of Ghost Stories from Hellbound Press is out now as a paperback, ebook and audio book.


A review of The House Of A Hundred Whispers from Ginger Nuts of Horror.

The House of A Hundred Whispers

Ghost Virus is a Kindle Monthly Deal through the whole of October.

The Last Drop of Blood is a Kindle Monthly Deal through the whole of October in Australia and New Zealand.

Also, The Last Drop of Blood is published today in paperback.

Ghost VirusThe Last Drop of Blood

Below is one of the promotional ads for Graham's forthcoming The House of A Hundred Whispers.

And here's a short clip of Graham reading from the novel.

The House of A Hundred Whispers promo

Just for today (August 30th) The Devils of D-Day is available as an ebook to USA and Canada readers for only $1.99. On Amazon and Kobo.

The Devils of D-Day ebook

A collection of Christmas horror stories will be published by Muza on October 14, including Graham's story 'The Red Butcher of Wroclaw'. The title Upiorne Swieta means Spooky Holidays.

Upiorne Swieta

From Graham: 'I have made my selection of the winning stories submitted for this year's Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award in Poland. There were 94 entrants altogether from prisons all across Poland, and I have to say that the standard of writing improves year on year. The contest is now in its fourth year and is supported by the Polish Prison Service and the Wroclaw Agglomeration (an organisation devoted to culture and sport) as well as both of my Polish and Rebis and many others.

'This year I have been greatly assisted by the author Joanna Opiat-Bojarska who has helped to pick the best stories.

'I will be announcing the winners when the official prizegiving is arranged. All I can tell you in advance is that the number one winner is female. Sadly I will not be able to hand out the prizes and award certificates in person this year, so it may have to be done remotely!'

Written In Prison logo

From Graham: 'Dawn G Harris and I made a video together in the hope that readers might find strength in the way that our characters deal with terrifying threats!

'More to follow!'


Just for today (August 30th) Charnel House is available as an ebook to USA and Canada readers for only $1.99. On Amazon and Kobo.

Charnel House ebook

From Graham: 'The award winners for Le Prix Graham Masterton for the best horror fiction in the French language were announced on Saturday, August 29. This is the 20th anniversary of this prize. Congratulations to the winners and special thanks to Marc Bailly who does all the organisation work!'

Le Prix Masterton 2020 award winners

From Graham: 'Dawn G Harris and I were very pleased to receive our editions of Okolica Strachu, the Polish horror magazine with our short story "Cutting The Mustard" in it. Thanks to Sebastian Sokolowski for a very handsome magazine!'

mag covermag pagesGM and Dawn

Just for today (August 18) the Graham Masterton Collection Volume One is on special offer on Kobo in the USA and Canada at only $3.99.

The GM Collection Vol 1

Only two months to go before The House Of A Hundred Whispers is published. Good discounts on preorders!

The House of a Hundred Whispers

From Graham: 'Since I haven't been able to visit Poland this year to present the prizes for the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Contest, I have recorded an interview with my lovely interpreter and brilliant translator Katarzyna Janusik which I will shortly be able to post online. This year we have had almost 100 entries from prisons and penal institutions all around Poland.'

Katy Wroclawskie

From Graham: 'I am sorry to say that my author friend Jaroslaw Rybski passed away on Sunday, July 19. This is the last time I saw him when we spent the evening in a bar in Wroclaw to promote his new book. He was always good-humoured and enthusiastic and I shall miss his company.'

Jaroslaw Rybski

From Graham: 'My short horror story "Bridal Suite" has appeared in this month's edition of the Russian online horror magazine Darker. (It is also available as an episode of The Hunger TV series.)'


The Devil In Gray Kindle edition will be on sale to USA and Canada readers today, July 21st July for only $1.99

The Devil In Gray

The Manitou is on special offer on Amazon Kindle for USA and Canada readers today, July 17. Only $1.86.

The Manitou ebook

Some up-and-coming Polish horror from Rebis publishers.

Festival Strachu (Festival of Fear) 21/07
Dzieci Zapomniane Prez Boga (The Children God Forgot) 28/07
Dzinn (The Djinn) 18/08

There is also a video trailer for the Polish version of The Children God Forgot.

Festival of Fear - Polish coverThe Children God Forgot - Polish coverThe Djinn - Polish cover

All of the first 10 Kate Maguire thrillers will be available on July 12 in an Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day for only 99p (all except The Last Drop of Blood).

Also, the German publisher Festa Verlag have just acquired German-language rights to Flesh & Blood and The House That Jack Built for limited hardcover editions of 1,000 copies each.

All Katie M PBs

This is the final cover of The Horror Zine Book of Ghost Stories, plus quotes from a variety of horror authors.

'This collection of ghost stories is fresh, varied, and entertaining. Perfect company for a long winter’s night.' – Owen King, co-author of Sleeping Beauties

'An incredibly creepy collection of stories of the recently and not so recently dead, written by some of the finest writers in horror. I suggest that when reading, do so in the daylight, because reading these at night will only make you more aware of your own, unempty house.' – Susie Moloney, author of The Dwelling and The Thirteen

'Gruesome, eerie, horrific, sometimes uplifting; this is a terrific selection of ghost stories that satisfy the soul—they chill the blood, too.' – Simon Clark, author of Whitby Vampyrrhic

'Looking for a perfect evening? Spend the night hunkered down in your favorite chair with only a reading light on, and dive into The Horror Zine’s Book of Ghost Stories. Forget sleep, these tales will keep you enthralled till daybreak.' – Tony Tremblay, author of The Moore House

'Nobody keeps the supernatural alive like The Horror Zine.' – Scott Nicholson, author of The Red Church

Horror Zine Book of Ghost Stories cover

Charnel House is on special offer today for US and Canadian readers at $1.99.

Charnel House ebook cover

From Graham: 'I am helping to raise money for the Hope Hospice for Children in Torun, in Poland, by auctioning the notice I drew at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, to be personally autographed for whoever bids the most for it. Along with it will come a scary keyring! Check this link for all the details of my Polish website (don't worry ... it can be translated into English!).

'The auction ends on July 15 at 9:00 pm.'

Torun notice drawing

From Graham: 'I have just given an interview to the Original Van Gogh's Ear Anthology, which is an irregular online anthology of progressive writing and poetry.'


From Graham: 'There is a contest on my Polish website organised by Piotr Pocztarek and my publishers Albatros to win one of 5 free copies of the new Polish edition of the Katie Maguire thriller Begging To Die.

'Entry is open until July 12.' Click here.

Begging To Die - Albatros edn.

From Graham: 'The other day I wrote a poem about the imaginary worlds that Dawn and I create when we are writing both together and separately.'

Read "Secret Worlds" here.


From Graham: 'Jeani Rector who runs the Horror Zine online horror magazine has just announced that her anthology The Horror Zine Book of Ghost Stories will be coming out soon from Hellbound Books.

'It has 28 stories, including "Cutting The Mustard" by myself and Dawn G Harris, and it will also be available as an audio book.'

Horror Zine anthology

From Graham: 'My copies of Les Anges Oublies (The Children God Forgot) arrived today from Livr'S publishers in Belgium. Beautiful edition with a beautiful new-book smell!'

Polish site logo

Plague is being released as an e-book on July 9.

Polish site logo

From Graham: 'Piotr Pocztarek, who runs my Polish website, has come up with a new logo. I think it's very striking, especially since it reminds me of how I felt the morning after drinking Polish Spirytus Rektyfikowany (rectified spirit) not realising it is 95% proof and should never be drunk neat.'

Polish site logo

For info, Graham's Twitter account is @GrahamMasterto1. This is because his original account was hacked.

From Graham: 'Stephen Jones the horror editor posted a query on Facebook. It came from a baffled Graham Thornton who couldn't interpret the affectionate messages in his copy of Dark Voices which was autographed at a get-together of horror authors at the Cafe Munchen in London on April 7, 1990.

'I had no idea these messages had been preserved, but they are evidence of a prank I played on Jim Herbert. I was sitting at the signing table between him and Clive Barker and it was me who signed the book "For Jim with love from Clive". The message is in my handwriting.

'Jim thought that Clive had written it so he retaliated by writing "For Clive with love from Jim" and passed it back along the line. Clive spent the rest of the event giving Jim some very funny looks!

'The group picture taken at that event shows:

Standing : Clive Barker, Steven Barnes, Dave Carson, Graham Masterton, Dave McKean, Stephen Jones, Chris Claremont
Seated: Larry Niven, Josh Kirby, James Herbert, Basil Copper.'

Dark Voices sig pageFamineDark Voices signing 1990

From Graham: 'The second short story that I wrote with Dawn G Harris, "Cutting The Mustard", has been published in the Bulgarian horror magazine Stories from the Strix.

'Always interesting to see your story billed as » „Не се измъкна, Колман“ – Даун Дж. Харис и Греъм Мастертън.'

Strix - Bulgarian cover

Here is Graham's famous/notorious recipe for Malaccan Devil Curry, which was once featured in The Sunday Times. As Graham says, 'It's a great meal for anybody with an asbestos tongue!'


From Graham: 'Phantasmagoria magazine have just released the cover of their summer issue. It features an excerpt from The House of a Hundred Whispers and a 30-page interview with me - mostly about Mirror.'

Phantasmgoria mag cover

For the whole of June, Australian readers can pick up the Kindle version of Scarlet Widow for only AUS$ 2.99.

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