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Horror Novels

Section A

The Manitou Editions
The Djinn Editions
The Sphinx Editions
Charnel House Editions
The Devils of D-Day Editions
Revenge of the Manitou Editions
The Hell Candidate Editions
The Heirloom Editions
The Wells of Hell Editions
Tengu Editions
The Pariah Editions
Family Portrait Editions
Death Trance Editions
Night Warriors Editions
Death Dream Editions
Mirror Editions
Ritual Editions
Walkers Editions
Black Angel Editions
The Hymn Editions
Night Plague Editions
Prey Editions
Burial Editions
The Sleepless Editions
Flesh & Blood Editions
Spirit Editions
The House That Jack Built Editions
Rook Editions
Tooth and Claw Editions
The Chosen Child Editions
The Terror Editions
House of Bones Editions
Snowman Editions
The Doorkeepers Editions
Hair Raiser Editions
Swimmer Editions
Trauma Editions
The Hidden World Editions
Darkroom Editions
The Devil In Gray Editions
Unspeakable Editions
Innocent Blood Editions
Manitou Blood Editions
Touchy & Feely Editions
Descendant Editions
Night Wars Editions
Edgewise Editions
The Painted Man (aka Death Mask) Editions
The 5th Witch Editions
Ghost Music Editions
Basilisk Editions
Blind Panic Editions
Fire Spirit Editions
Demon's Door Editions
Rules of Duel Editions
The Ninth Nightmare Editions
Petrified Editions
The Red Hotel Editions
Garden of Evil Editions
Community Editions
Forest Ghost Editions
Plague of the Manitou Editions
Ghost Virus Editions