fluid-tog fixed-tog

From Graham: 'I wrote this in 1985, about an unscrupulous US politician who exploits a pandemic to further his own career ... I think it's time to bring it out again, and I am negotiating with my agent to have it re-released!

'You only have to read the cover line to know why!'

Condor cover

From Graham: 'This is a sneaky preview of the proposed cover for the English-language edition of The Children God Forgot, due out on February 1, 2021.'

The Children God Forgot cover

From Graham: 'My new horror novel The Children God Forgot (Dzieci Zapomniane Przez Boga) will be published by Rebis in Poland on July 28. This is the cover.'

A young woman who works as a manager for a London drainage company discovers that the sewers underneath the city are infested with something far more frightening than rats...

The English-language version will be published by Head of Zeus on February 1, 2021.

The Children God Forgot - Polish edn.

Click here for a video interview with Empik, the Polish booksellers.


Begging To Die, the Katie Maguire thriller about the homeless being murdered in the streets of Cork City, will be published in July in Polish by Albatros.

Begging To Die - Polish edn.

From Graham: 'A new interview has appeared in a Greek online magazine, for those who can read Greek (which regrettably doesn't include me!).'

NB: If you scroll down the Greek interview you will find it in English.

Greek GM interview

From Graham: 'This year marks the 20th anniversary of Le Prix Graham Masterton for the best horror published in French. It is organised by my friend Marc Bailly.

'The award is a statuette of a demon which weighs about a ton-and-a-half!'

Prix Masterton 2020 prize
The last Katie Maguire thriller The Last Drop of Blood (Katie Maguire Book 11) is a Kindle Monthly Deal all through May. It is also a Bookbub deal for today and will be going out with their newsletter.

The following four thrillers are now available on Kindle: Famine, Ikon, The Sweetman Curve and Sacrifice.

Click on an image below to purchase.

The Last Drop of BloodFamineIkonThe Sweetman CurveSacrifice

Graham's short horror story collection Figures Of Fear appears in The Line-Up today.

Figures Of Fear feature

As an addendum to the site bibliography here is a useful GM series guide (courtesy of the Book Series in Order website)


The Last Drop of Blood (Katie Maguire Book 11) is available on Amazon Kindle for £1.00 as part of its Monthly Deals here.

The Last Drop of Blood

New Message From The Author letter posted to the site.


From Graham: 'The June issue of Phantasmagoria magazine (due out at the end of May) features an interview with me by Marc Lawler. It is in anticipation of my new horror novel The House Of A Hundred Whispers, due out on October 1 but available for pre-order on Amazon.'

The House of 100 Whispers cover

From Graham: 'This is the cover of the forthcoming French edition of The Children God Forgot ... Les Anges Oublies, published by Livr'S.

'It features the same characters as Ghost Virus ... Det Sgt Jamila Patel and DC Jerry Pardoe.'

Molotov cover

From Graham: 'If it hadn't been for you-know-what, I would have been sitting on this bench now in the sunshine in Planty, the park in the centre of Krakow, talking to my Polish friends. All I can offer them at the moment is this empty bench (although they can use QR to listen to me reading from my novel Basilisk which was partly set in Krakow).'

GM Polish bench

From Graham: 'My friend Lefteris in Greece is sending me definitive covers of all my Greek horror novels. The latest are Tengu and Black Angel.

'Greek readers love horror, and I have an enormous number of enthusiastic followers there.'

Tengu - Greek edn.Black Angel - Greek edn.
From Graham: 'I bought a heap of Easter sweets for the children at the orphanage that I support in Strzelin. They have sent me some pictures. I just hope they don't blame me for becoming obese and losing all their teeth!'
Orphanage picOrphanage picOrphanage picOrphanage pic

April 11 sees the launch of the new Italian horror magazine Molotov. It features Graham's story 'The Secret Shih-Tan', a Bram Stoker Award Finalist.

Molotov cover

Telos Books are currently offering a bundle of four of Graham's books on Kindle for a bargain price.


Both Black Angel and Walkers are on special promotion from Amazon Kindle during the month of April.

Black Angel ebookWalkers ebook

From Graham: 'My story "The Red Butcher of Wroclaw" will be appearing in the Midnight In The Pentagram anthology.'


Legendary horror author and HWA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Graham Masterton, has officially become a member of the Silver Shamrock family!

Graham is the author of such iconic horror classics as The Manitou, The House That Jack Built, Charnel House, Mirror, Walkers, The Pariah, and the Katie Maquire series. We’re honored and humbled to include his original horror tale, “The Red Butcher of Wroclaw,” that he penned exclusively for MIDNIGHT IN THE PENTAGRAM.

Graham also becomes the 13th signing for the anthology. Coincidence? We’ll let you decide.

The GM Collection Vol 1
From Graham: 'I am trusting that all of my readers are taking care of themselves! To make the lockdown a little more bearable I am suggesting they might like to go back and read some of the Golden Oldies that Head of Zeus have brought out as ebooks, available on Amazon' (click on each cover to purchase)
Revenge of the Manitou HOZManitou Blood HOZUnspeakable HOZWalkers HOZTengu HOZDeath Trance HOZ

From Graham: 'The Polish audio version of Mirror comes out today from Audioteka (March 23). It is a full dramatic production with multiple voices.

'Audioteka have already brought out Chaos Theory and next on their list is Famine (*click on image below for more info).'

Mirror - Polish audio

Just for today (March 19) the Graham Masterton Collection Volume One is on special offer on Kobo in the USA and Canada at only $2.99.

The GM Collection Vol 1

From Graham: 'This is a YouTube video for The Last Drop of Blood done by an American friend.'

The Last Drop of Blood

From Graham: 'I think now is an appropriate time to call back Harry Erskine, the hero of the Manitou series, to deal with The Plague of the Manitou'.

Here's an excerpt one of the Amazon reviews:

Anna Grey is having one disastrous day after another as dead bodies talk to her, begging her to get it out of them.She is an epidemiologist, and while dealing with a disease among young children a whole new disease pops up. A real doozy, patients vomiting up all their blood, convulsions that nothing stops, panic and fear of something they can't fight, something they want out of them, something no one knows what they are talking about. And then Anna gets a visit from the same things haunting Harry Erskine.

The great thing about reading about Harry is the way his problems snowball so fast, encompassing more and more horrifying events, and dragging in more and more well meaning people. If I ever meet a Harry Erskine, I'm going to keep on walking, maybe I will even run. Naturally Harry and Anna eventually meet as they are both trying desperately to resolve this nightmare of a plague that is dropping people in their tracks and giving them a gruesome death by the thousands.

The House of 100 Whispers cover

From Graham: 'Regretfully we are postponing my planned trip to Warsaw and Wroclaw later in March. We are going to reschedule for May or June depending on the Covid-19 outbreak.'


From Graham: 'The fourth Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award was launched today (March 4) and this poster has been put up in all the prisons in Poland.

'I am hoping for a record entry this year.'

WIP 2020 posterWritten In Prison logo

From Graham: 'My new haunted house story The House of 100 Whispers will be published in time for Hallowe'en.'

The House of 100 Whispers cover

From Graham: 'My Polish webmaster Piotr Pocztarek has just held a contest for five copies of the latest Katie Maguire thriller Dead Men Whistling to be published in Poland. The entrants had to produce a tribute to my books. Two of the winning entries were poems and three were photographs. One entrant said that she was not much of a writer but produced this picture to illustrate Wirus (GHOST VIRUS).

Ghost Virus (Polish)

The Polish audio company Audioteka will be producing audio versions of Chaos Theory, Famine and Mirror.

The first will be Chaos Theory, which opens with the discovery of how General Sikorski was killed in an airplane crash in World War Two.

Chaos Theoryt - Polish audio book

From Graham: 'My Polish webmaster Piotr Pocztarek recently ran a contest for copies of the latest Katie Maguire thriller. One of the entries was a poem about Katie written in English by Krystian Pawlowski':

About Katie M

Running down the alleys
And the streets of Cork
Chasing the crime
All the days of work
She loves her homeland land
She has the upper hand
She never quits until night
Welcomes her in bed midnightpentagramcllectio

She fell in love with John
He was all she had dreamed
But the crime was growing up
As far as eye could see
The end was drawing close
She couldn't stop the storm
And then his life was ended
She was all alone

She found relief at work
And in friends around
Though crime whispered in her ears
Like an ever-growing bound
It's no use to live a life
That all the hope kills
Better flying like a bird
Over Ireland's greenest hills

She's trying do her duty
So that no one can afraid
Crossing all the boundaries
In a world she never made
Don't give up on love
Get a hold of helping hand
Takes only one man to change your life
You'll see it in the end.


From Graham: 'I was expecting to appear at the book festival in Pont-Audemer on April 19. Because of the coronavirus epidemic, however, the organisers have decided to postpone the festival until at least this autumn. I will keep you posted. I have also regretfully had to withdraw from this year's Salon du Livres de l'Imaginaire in Toulouse in April.'


A review from The Bookwormery blog for The Last Drop of Blood:

#11 in the DS Katie Maguire series. It can be read as a stand-alone but you are missing out on a little background and a great series.
Detective Superintendent Katie Maguire is travelling home from Conor’s funeral. When she gets a call. A car has been found alight and there’s a body inside. So she arrives and recognises the victim, due to a unique ring he is wearing, as Judge Quinn. He was the judge about to pass sentence in the murder trial of Donal Hagerty.
Meanwhile, gang leader, Thomas O’Flynn and his henchmen are feuding with the Riordan family, a feud that’s been ongoing for years…..
There’s also the case of the Lee Pusher, a man who pushes people into the river and who has just caused the death of a young woman.
Katie also has to deal with the recent founder of her beloved Conor, the reprehensible Brendan at work and also her relationship with Kyna. All adding to the feeling of stress and tension.
This is a dark and violent tale of the criminal underworld of Ireland, with drugs, shootings, murder and domestic violence ... It’s fast paced, gritting and gripping from start to finish. If you like a dark police procedural, then you’ll love this.

The Last Drop of Blood

From Graham: 'I am travelling to Wroclaw in March to discuss this year's Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award. I am delighted that the famous Polish crime writer Joanna Opiat-Bojarska will be going to Wolow Prison during the summer to give writing classes to the prisoners there to improve their chances of winning. Joanna has written several best-selling crime series with contemporary themes such as organ trafficking, featuring detectives Burzynski and Majewski, investigative reporter Anka Rogozinska and the internal police bureau Crystal. I will be going again to Wroclaw in September to present the prizes. When I am in Wroclaw in March I will be making a promotional film about the city and its history, for which I have already written the script.'

Joanna Opiat-BojarskaWritten In Prison logo

Just a reminder that the latest Katie Maguire novel, The Last Drop of Blood is out in HB and as an eBook on February 6.

The Last Drop of Blood ad

From Graham: 'I am honoured that Death Trance has been awarded a diploma as International Hit of the Year by the National Fantasy & Horror Club "The Citadel" in Bulgaria. Also pleased to hear that the magazine publisher Petyo Rusinov has been awarded a diploma for publishing "Stranglehold" co-authored by myself and Dawn G Harris in his Stories from the Strix anthology.'

Death Trance - Bulgarian diploma

From Graham: 'My publishers Head of Zeus have set up a blog tour for Katie Maguire's last thriller The Last Drop of Blood when it is published on February 6.

'These are the details.'

The Last Drop of Blood blog tour schedule

From Graham: 'Audioteka in Poland have acquired the rights in Chaos Theory, Famine and Mirror and will be bringing out audio versions in Polish.

'They have started casting already. Chaos Theory will be read by Mariusz Bonaszewski.

'Mirror will have a full cast.

'They are both scheduled to be released at the end of March.'

Book schedule

From Graham: 'My advance copies of The Last Drop of Blood have just been delivered, and it's a very handsome edition. Not long to wait, though ... it's published on February 6.'

The Last Drop of Blood - HB

From Graham: 'This is the cover of the March issue of the Polish horror magazine Okolica Strachu. The horror story that Dawn G Harris and I have contributed is called "Cutting The Mustard" and tells of a paedophile librarian who gets his come-uppance in the weirdest of ways!

'The story will appear in English in The Horror Zine Book of Ghost Stories to be published later this year in the United States.'

Okolica Strachu mag cover
From Graham: 'Just looking back on some of my visits to Poland in 2019 ... with prisoners in Katy Wroclawskie, looking a bit squashed! With the great pub owners in Czestochowa for another evening of craic. Meeting a reader in Dlugoleka. Having lunch with Deputy Governor Chonin of Wolow Prison. And meeting the lovely Sukkub in Czestochowa. I will be back in Poland in March and September. I love it there!'
Poland 2019Poland 2019
Poland 2019Poland 2019
Poland 2019

From Graham: 'The Last Drop of Blood, the 11th and last Katie Maguire thriller (for now, anyway!) will be published on February 6.

'For those who need to catch up with the first 10 thrillers in the series, here they are!'

Katie Maguire books 1-10

From Graham: 'A very happy and successful New Year to all of our readers. This year has been especially creative for both myself and Dawn G Harris, writing both individually and together, and we are looking forward to much more scary fun in 2020.'

New Year's message

For today only (December 27) The Manitou is on sale in the USA from Bookbub for only $1.99.

The Manitou - Bookbub

From Graham: 'Head of Zeus are running an online ad camapign for The Last Drop of Blood and this is the latest (and so far my favourite!)'

The Last Drop of Blood ad
Here is Graham's interview with Sofia Kravariti for her horror/fantasy blog.

From Graham: 'My German publisher Festa Verlag will be publishing The Devils of D-Day at the end of January. The German title is Der Hollen Panzer ... "The Tank From Hell".'

Devils of D-Day - German cover

This is the final artwork for the cover of the forthcoming The Last Drop of Blood.

*Click on image below to enlarge.

The Last Drop Of Blood cover

From Graham: 'Dawn and I spent election night filming a Christmas video. Hope you enjoy it!'


From Graham: 'The first short horror story that Dawn G Harris and I wrote together "Stranglehold" has just been published in the great Czech online horror magazine Howard. To see the whole contents of the magazine click on "zde" at the end of the line "Třiatřicáté číslo ke stažení zde." which appears under the name of the magazine Howard 33. Our story (plus illustration and pictures) is on page 108.'

Howard mag
From Graham: 'A few pictures from my visit on November 30 to the Salon De Livre in Loos in France. I signed loads of copies of Ghost Virus and had some wonderful food at Felicie restaurant and met some very pretty women. Berengere Rousseau was my very pleasant companion and interpreter all day and even translated some Irish jokes for me.'
Loos 2019Loos 2019Loos 2019
With Christmas looming, this is just a reminder that you can buy two collections of Graham's earlier horror novels as e-books. They are available from Amazon, Kobo and most other online booksellers.
The Graham Masterton Collection - Vol 1The Graham Masterton Collection - Vol 2


From Graham: 'The latest short horror story that Dawn G Harris and I have written together "Cutting The Mustard" has been published in the Russian online horror magazine Darker. It will be published in English next year in The Horror Zine Book of Ghost Stories.'


An enthusiastic Masterton reader, Adam Paluch, has created a tribute illustration for The Manitou (*Click on image below to enlarge).

Manitou tribute 2

The Polish edition of Dead Men Whistling, the ninth Katie Maguire thriller, will be published by Albatros on January 29.

Dead Men Whistling - Polish cover

Graham will be in Loos, France, on Saturday November 30 for their book festival:

Loos, France 2019

From Graham: 'Several readers have asked if the chair in The Heirloom was a real chair. It was, and I still have it! I wrote the novel after two friends died shortly after having sat in it.'

Actual picture below:

The Herloom chair

From Graham: 'My Bram Stoker Award from the Horror Writers Association has arrived after some delay! It's a wee house which was presented to me as Lifetime Achievement Award, although I am hoping there is plenty more life in me yet and plenty more horror stories to come!'

GM Stker award

Just for today (October 20) Charnel House will be available from BookBub in the USA, Canada and Australia/New Zealand for only $1.99.

The Last Drop of Blood cover

From Graham: 'Dawn G Harris and I recently completed a new short horror story. It's hot stuff. It's already sold in the United States and Poland more sales are imminent. More news about it soon!

'Dawn and I have made a short promotional video for Halloween. Our new horror story 'Cutting The Mustard' will be published in a new anthology from Jeani Rector who runs the very popular monthly online blog The Horror Zine.'

Cutting the mustard

From Graham: 'Finding some inspiration from a relaxing day in the grounds of Wojanow Castle in the mountains near the Czech border. It's surprising how a few days away from my desk can give rise to so many ideas!'

Wojanow sculpture
From Graham: 'A few pictures from my recent visit to Poland. With my adorable interpreter Kasia (who also translates all the prison stories for me). Signing books in Dlugoleka. And meeting the mayor of Dlugoleka, Wojciech Blonski, a former basketball champion ... he was probably able to shove the ball in the net without even jumping up!'
InterpreterSigning booksMayor of Dlugoleka, Wojciech Blonski
From Graham: 'I had a very successful five-day trip to Poland ... principally to give out the awards for this year's Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award at Wolow Prison ... but also to visit several different towns around Wroclaw to meet readers and give talks about writing.

'This is the plaque that was presented to the winner, but all 10 winners received DVD players and a certificate and all 89 entrants from prisons around Poland received a personal letter from me and a souvenir pen.'

Written In Prison AwardWIP Plaque 2019

From Graham: 'I shall be visiting the Strzelin Book Fair in Poland on September 21.

This is the 10th anniversary of Death and the Comedian, a short animation by The Mighty Pie Creative Studio for which Graham performs some of the voice-overs.


From Graham: 'I shall be visiting the Strzelin Book Fair in Poland on September 21.

'This is a promotional video filmed by the Mighty Pie Studio.'


Any reader who wants to get more information about Graham's books from Open Road Media can simply click here.


A selection of Graham's horror novels from The Line-Up ... a few scary entertainments to see his readers through the end of summer and into the encroaching darkness of winter...

From Graham: 'Although it is only a small festival, Medalikon in Czestochowa in Poland was one of the friendliest and most entertaining that I have ever visited. It is arranged by Alex 'Hunter' Czichos in the oldest school building in the city and involves signings, discussions, cosplay and games, as well as after-festival parties every night that go on until the small hours of the morning.

'Czestochowa is dominated by the monastery of Jasna Gora which is home to the sacred religious painting of the Black Madonna, and in August tens of thousands of pilgrims come to the city to worship it. As you sit in an open-air cafe by the side of the main street, pilgrims come streaming past singing everything from "Alleluia" to "Hey Jude" on portable loudspeakers.

'I did several signings while I was there, as well as giving a talk and a question-and-answer session with a very large and appreciative audience. I also met other writers like Monika Fudali who is in the early stages of her career and was looking for guidance on how to get published. I joined a Roman Legion of historical reconstructors, the Legio XX1 Rapax; and spent some great evenings in a great local pub talking writing and horror and everything else under the sun with new friends like Hieronim who is kind of the godfather of Czestochowa and Sukkub (just a nickname) who was lovely (and very tall!).

'My thanks to everybody at Medalikon for a wonderful five days. I shall be back in Poland from September 18 - 22 for more visits and to present the prizes for this year's Graham Masterton Written In Prison short story awards. I will also be signing books at the Strzelin Book Fair.'

Medalikon posterSukkub and GM
BlLack MadonnaHieronim
JasnagoraMedalion organisers
Pub ownersRoman Legion

This is the poster for Graham's visit to Wroclaw and surrounding towns in September, including the presentation of prizes for this year's Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award at Wolow Prison.

Written In Prison poster

A home-made promotional video that Dawn G Harris and Graham did for fun!


This is a promotional video for Graham's visit next week to Medalikon Festival in Czestochowa.

Medalikon poster

From Graham: The paperback edition of Begging To Die, the 10th Katie Maguire thriller, will be published on September 5.

Begging To Die PB cover
From Graham: 'Not long now ... I am looking forward to my first visit back to Poland this year when I go to the Medalikon Fantasy festival in Czestochowa.

'Then I'll be back again in on September 18 to present the prizes for the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award 2019 (see below item).
'This is a full schedule of what I will be doing:

I will be arriving in Wroclaw on September 18.
19.00 - meeting with readers in Wroclaw

Thursday, September 19
12.00 - official award ceremony at Wolow Prison
- meeting with readers in Dlugoleka

Friday, September 20
17.30 - meeting with readers in Katy Wroclawskie
20.00 - meeting with readers in Sroda Slaska

Saturday, September 21
16.00 - visit to the orphanage that I support at Stzrelin
19.00 - meeting at Strzelin Book Festival

Sunday, September 22
12.00 - meeting with readers in Bukowiec.'

Medalikon poster
From Graham: 'There were 88 entrants for this year's Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award in Poland, now in its third year. The writing was exceptional and the stories are inventive, moving, revealing and in some cases very disturbing.

'I am having a very hard time choosing the best story and the nine runners-up, all of whom will receive DVD players as prizes. It is obvious that this contest is immensely rewarding for every inmate who contributes a story. They clearly feel that they now have a way of communicating their feelings and their imagination to the outside world, which they could never do before.

'I will be presenting the prizes at Wolow Prison outside Wroclaw on September 19.

'Very special thanks to Katarzyna Janusik who translates the stories for me so brilliantly, to Iwona Bawolska, to Marcin Dymalski of the Wroclaw Agglomeration, and to Robert Kuchera the Warden of Wolow - without all of whom this important and rehabilitating contest could never have achieved such success. More news later!'

Written In Prison Award

From Graham: 'All of the Katie Maguire thrillers are available as audio books if your eyelids are beginning to droop!

'The latest is Dead Men Whistling, beautifully read by Aoife McMahon. Begging To Die will follow shortly.'


From Graham: 'The Last Drop of Blood was finished today, and Dawn G Harris (the author of Diviner) bought me a bottle of champagne to celebrate! Life doesn't get much better!'

Graham and Dawn G Harris celebrate The Last Drop of Blood being finished

Coming on February 1, 2020 ... Katie Maguire has to face not only criminal gangs but betrayal from her own fellow officers...

The Last Drop of Blood cover

From Graham: 'Amongst other horrific goodies, my short story "National Balance" is featured in the August edition of Jeani Rector's Horror Zine (and of course is also featured in the Fiction section of this website).'


From Graham: 'After "Stranglehold", the short horror story co-authored by me and Dawn G Harris, which sold in seven countries including the USA and Russia, we are working on a new story. Dawn says, "Watch this space! It will soon be finished!"'

Dawn G Harris
From Graham: 'I am looking forward to the Strzelin Literary Festival in Poland on September 21. This is early publicity for it.'
The Manitou is among recommended vacation reading from The Lineup.

'An ancient vengeful spirit attempts to return through the body of a terrified young woman in this horror classic by an award-winning "master of the genre" (Rocky Mountain News).

'Phony psychic and conman Harry Erskine never really believed in the occult until Karen Tandy approached him with a rapidly growing tumor on her neck, complaining of dark and disturbing dreams. When the mass is revealed by doctors to contain something living, the stakes skyrocket—not only for Karen and Harry but for all humanity.

'Something terrible is returning from the shadows to which it has been confined for centuries—a Native American monstrosity determined to destroy every vestige of the white race that oppressed and preyed upon America’s Indians. And unless a motley group of ill-prepared defenders can harness an ancient native magic, there will be no stopping the malevolent shaman’s terrible rebirth—and no escaping the wholesale carnage it will engender.

'The Manitou introduced the great Graham Masterton to the canon of horror, instantly placing him among the genre’s elite. A longtime favorite for its bold originality, unrelenting creepiness, supernatural shocks, and otherworldly surprises that would have made H. P. Lovecraft proud, Masterton’s classic continues to stand tall alongside Stephen King’s Carrie, Peter Straub’s Ghost Story, and other unforgettable literary horror debuts.'

The Manitou cover
From Graham: 'A number of letters were discovered in a desk that used to belong to the late William Burroughs, author of The Naked Lunch among many other avant-garde novels. They included a letter that I wrote him in 1964 about Rules of the Duel among other things. They were auctioned at Bonhams in New York recently for £4,500.'.

*Click on each image below to enlarge.

Burroughs Letter
Charnel House is recommended among 17 must-read horror novels this month on The Lineup website.
The paperback edition of Begging To Die will be published on September 5 and this is a sneak preview of the cover.
Begging To Die PB cover
From Graham: 'My mischievous French friend Jeremy Leclercq has been at it again, and this time he envisages me and Dawn as the Bonnie & Clyde of horror fiction.'
Graham and Dawn, Bonnie and Clyde
From Graham: 'Dawn G Harris took a selfie as we sped along in my Mustang to discuss a new short horror story to follow "Stranglehold". Summer at last!'
Graham and Dawn, June 2019
From Graham: 'The short story I entered for The Sunday Times short story competition (first prize £30,000!) has not made the long list, so I would like my readers to enjoy for free.' Click here to read it.
Written In Prison logo

From Graham: 'I have just been sent the schedule for my visit to Wroclaw in September to present the prizes for the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award, and other meetings in towns around Lower Silesi'a.

'During the day there will be other activities like visiting high school to talk to the students. No rest for the wicked!'

Wednesday, September 18
19.00 – meeting in Wrocław

Thursday, September 19
12.00 – official Awarding Ceremony in Wołów Prison
17.30 – meeting in Długołęka

Friday, September 20
17.30 – Kąty Wrocławskie

Saturday, September 21
16.00 – visit at the orphanage in Strzelin
19.00 – meeting at the Strzelin Book Festival

Sunday, September 22
12.00 – meeting in Bukowiec

From Graham: 'I had a great time in Douai in northern France on Saturday, June 15, for the book festival Les Geants du Polar. I signed scores of books and made lots of new friends, too, including Marie-Aude Suduk (pictured). I was also presented with a special prize ... a glass dome containing a model of Cthulthu, lit up with fairy lights, handmade by the festival's organiser Benedicte Degrugillier. Douai is a very attractive city and after the festival I took a walk by the river to a local restaurant, where I was very well fed on scallops and veal. '
Douai Visit 1Douai Visit 2Douai Visit 1
From Graham: 'I shall be in Douai in France on Saturday June 15 for Les Geants du Polar festival. This is a news report about it, and the lovely women who will be selling my books for me!'.

*Click on each image below to enlarge.

Douai, FranceDouai, France
Graham's Polish publishers Rebis have brought out a shiny new edition of Rytual.
Polish ritual cover
From Graham: 'Once again the Katie Maguire novels prove to be eerily predictive. In Begging TO Die homeless beggars are found inexplicably dead in Cork city doorways ... This death occurred only yards from the third death in the book.'
From Graham: 'I will be visiting Wroclaw in the week of September 18 to give the prizes for this year's Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award at Wolow Prison. Also to visit several towns around Wroclaw such as Dlugoleka, Katy Wrodlawskie and Bukowiec. Then to visit the orphanage in Strzelin and see the children, and also to attend the Strzelin Book Festival. This is a provisional schedule and I will update it with exact dates and times later.'
From Graham: 'For any Masterton enthusiast who speaks passable French and has an hour with nothing better to do, this website features my appearance on a panel about "Fear" at the Imaginales Festival in Epinal and also an interview at the Trolls et Legendes Festival in Mons. I am actually speaking English myself because my French is as rusty as a 1969 Renault.'
Graham's Polish website has been revamped. Check it out here.
From Graham: 'The follow-up to Ghost Virus featuring Det Sgt Jamila Patel and Det Jerry Pardoe A Nest of Angels will be published in French by Livr'S Editions.

This is me at Epinal with Emilie Ansciaux the publisher on the left and her publicist, Sophie.

Livr personnel
Graham's short story, Beholder has been added to the Fiction section. Polish translation (by Emilian Wojnowski) here.
From Graham: 'I shall be in Douai in northern France on June 15 for Les Geants du Polar book fair. The bookshops in Douai are already advertising the event with this display of the French editons of Ghost Virus and Ritual.
2019 Polar Book Fair
From Graham: '"Stranglehold", the short horror story co-authored by Dawn G Harris and me has now been published in Darker Magazine, the most widely-read online horror magazine in Russia.'
GM and Dawn
From Graham: 'The horror story "Stranglehold" which I co-wrote with Dawn G Harris has been published in a Bulgarian anthology Stories of the Strix.'
Stories of the Strix
Living Death, the seventh Katie Maguire crime thriller, has just been published in the Czech Republic by Host. Translated by Radka Klimickova.
Living Death - Czech cover
From Graham: 'This is John Little accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Horror Writers' Association on my behalf at the 2019 StokerCon at Grand Rapids, Michigan. Very sorry that I couldn't be there in person to accept it, but my thanks to John for doing the job for me and to the HWA for giving me the award. The only point I made is that I hope it's a Half-Lifetime Achievement Award since there are plenty more horror novels to come!'
Stoker Con Award 2019
From Graham: 'I am delighted to confirm my appearance at Les Geants du Polar in Douai, France, on June 15.

'Also to announce my appearance at Medalikon Horror Show in Czestochowa in southern Poland on August 23 - 25.'

ILes Geans Du PolarMedalikon 2019GM Medalikon
The Manitou is listed by The Line-Up as one of the 51 scariest books of the past 200 years.
From Graham: 'Dawn G Harris and I at the Irish Embassy in London for a launch party for my friend Dr Sabina Brennan's book 100 Days To A Younger Brain. Excellent Guinness and Clonakilty sausages and black pudding were served up! I had a chat with the Irish Ambassador Andrew O'Neill about Katie Maguire and Dawn told him all about Diviner. Sabina gave a first-class talk about keeping your brain young by sleeping well and living a positive life. Her book has my favourite dedication of all time. In the group picture, l-r, Dawn G Harris, Dr Sabina Brennan, Me, and my agent Camilla Shestopal. A most instructive and hospitable evening. I am trying to wangle us another invitation if only for the Guinness!'
Dawn and GMDawn and GM etc.
Younder Brain book100 Days Dedication
From Graham: 'I shall be attending the Imaginales festival in Epinal from May 23-26. Anybody who wants to have their copies of Ghost Virus or Rituel De Chair autographed can buy them now and bring them along or buy them at the festival.'
Imaginales FestivalGhost Virus - French coverRitual - French cover
Graham's novel, The Hell Candidate is part of this month's Amazon Ebook Monthly Deals for 99p.
From Graham: 'The Curse of Katie strikes again...

'In Dead Girls Dancing a fire on the north bank of the River Lee was followed only two months after publication by an eerily similar fire in the same location ... so eerie that it was even mentioned on the Today TV show with Maura and Daithi.

'Earlier this year, Begging To Die was published with a storyline centred around homeless men being found inexplicably dead on the streets of Cork city...

'This is today's news from the Irish Examiner.'

The movie of The Manitou was released at the end of April, 1978. This is a new Tweet about it, including a hilarious review from John's Horror Corner.

The new blu ray (region A ONLY) can be purchased here.

From Graham: 'I thought if I can't beat Game of Thrones, I might as well join them! (A montage by my mischievous friend Jeremy Leclercq).'
GM Dracula
Graham's sacrificial horror thriller The Hymn is on offer from Open Road Media's Line-Up.
From Graham: 'My friend Jeremy Leclercq insists on creating visions of me in various horrific guises! This is the latest!'
GM Dracula
From Graham: 'I spent the Easter weekend in Mons, Belgium, at the Trolls et Legendes fantasy and horror festival. I was mainly signing books but also mingling with the incredible cosplay characters who were roaming around the exhibition hall. I signed over 300 books and met with many old friends from Belgian and French publishing. The crowds were vast but everybody was friendly and cheerful. I was mainly there to promote my revival in French horror publishing after a 10-year lull when it was almost impossible to sell horror in France or Belgium. Now, however, there is a new generation who love fantasy and horror video games and horror movies and my books are selling like hot croissants again!'
Trolls 2019Trolls 2019
Trolls 2019Trolls 2019
Trolls 2019Trolls 2019
From Graham: 'I paid for the orphans from Dom Dziecka in Strzelin to visit Radio Wroclaw and see how radio programmes were made. They were told to keep quiet during recording and apparently they almost asphyxiated from holding their breath!'
Radio ChildrenRadio Station
Review of the region A blu ray of the Shout! Factory release of The Manitou (1978) here.
This is the official media release for this year's Written In Prison Award. Click here to read the WIP press release.
WIP Table
From Graham: 'I don't know what to think about this portrait of me by my French friend Jeremy Leclercq as Gitche Manitou the Great Native American Spirit...!!'
GM Manitou portrait
From Graham: 'I will be at the Trolls et Legendes festival in Mons, Belgium, over the Easter weekend. I will be signing all of my books published in French, including Ghost Virus and Katie Maguire, as well as the new horror anthology The Dark Gates of Madness.'
Ghost Virus - French coverRitual - French coverTrolls festivalDark Gtes of Madness
Written In Prison logo

Here are the third Written In Prison contest objectives:


Organisers of the competition:
Warden of the Wołów Prison
Wrocław Agglomeration
REBIS Publishing House
ALBATROS Publishing House
Municipal and District Public Library in Wołów

Objectives of the competition

The main objective of the competition is social rehabilitation of prisoners by communing with art and creative contact with the environment. Its important aspect is also popularisation of the creativity of persons detained in prisons and detention centres, and:

• activating of the detained into creative activities and taking on challenges,
• developing various interests of persons deprived of liberty,
• promoting socially acceptable forms of leisure as an alternative to the previously undertaken, unacceptable ways, <
• fighting apathy, alienation and lack of conviction about the influence on reality.

Competition rules

1. The competition is open to persons detained in prisons and detention centres.

2. To participate in the contest, one is to send his/her own story (maximum 1300 words) on any subject, previously unpublished and not awarded in literary competitions, prepared in Polish or English in typescript, computer text or readable manuscript along with a filled in participation form until May 31, 2019 to the following address:

Wołów Prison 56-100 Wołów

with a note "WRITTEN IN PRISON"

3. One author may enter one story.

Graham, April 2019
From Graham: 'The following appeared in The Times yesterday, 09/04/19':

Donald Trump’s allies often compare claims of Russian collusion to “a badly written spy novel”. Now one intelligence analyst thinks they might be right.

Euan Grant, a border control consultant who has worked in former Soviet republics, has spotted some striking similarities between the Steele dossier on Russian collusion and a Cold War-era thriller.

Ikon, a 1983 novel by the Scottish author Graham Masterton, is about a president whose predilection for prostitutes and unusual sexual requests leaves him susceptible to Russian blackmail.

In another twist, Masterton told The Times that his book was inspired by Ronald Reagan’s brother Neil, who told him that the former US president suspected the Russians were “forever trying wheedle their way into various structures of US politics”.

Mr Trump vehemently denied allegations that he hired prostitutes to urinate on a Moscow hotel bed, as outlined in a dossier compiled by the former British spy Christopher Steele. The Mueller inquiry in the US recently concluded that there was no collusion between Mr Trump and Russia in the 2016 election.

Mr Grant, a former strategic intelligence analyst at Customs and Excise, said: “I read Ikon in 1983 and the premise is that every US president since the Cuban missile crisis had been fatally compromised by the Russians. A key part of the plot is that a presidential candidate in the US is vulnerable to blackmail precisely because of the same kind of lurid sexual practice that allegedly Trump went through.

“It wouldn’t be the first time a blackmailing intelligence agency has got an idea from a book.”

Mr Grant, who was born in Greenock, advised the European Commission on border control in Ukraine. He is concerned about Russia’s attempts to undermine western governments but sceptical about some of the outlandish conspiracy theories about Mr Trump.

Masterton, the Edinburgh-born author of more than 100 novels, said the lurid blackmail plot was “probably just a figment of my imagination” drawn from his years as editor of the adult magazines Mayfair and Penthouse UK. But he said there was a “strange possibility” that his novel went on to inspire the sources who informed the Steele dossier. He said: “This kind of extraordinary thing does happen. It was very popular at the time, really well received, sold a lot of copies, and was translated into Polish and Czech.

“In the strange world of intelligence, a lot of it is not intelligence at all. It’s just a lot of imagination, wishful thinking, conspiracy theories, and ideas that agents may have picked up from books and almost come to believe is true.”

Masterton said he used to go drinking with Neil Reagan near San Diego. “Neil was often very grumpy about Ronald and used to say things like, ‘My brother is president of the USA and all I got for my birthday was this lousy necktie.’”

From Graham: 'Stranglehold, the short horror story that I co-authored by Dawn Gorham Harris will be launched in its Greek edition on April 6 at the Fantasmagoria festival in Thessaloniki.'
Stranglehold - GM and Dawn Harris
From Graham: 'Three Katie Maguire crime thrillers have so far been published in German by Festa Verlag, and more are on the way! Right now I am writing Katie #11, as yet untitled.'
Written In Prison Award
From Graham: 'The Third Annual Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award is launched in Poland today, April 1. We are inviting inmates of all of Poland's penal institutions to write 1,000-word short stories on any subject. There will be prizes for the ten best, and we are hoping to publish an anthology of the winning stories from the first three years of the contest.

'The prizes will be presented at Wolow Prison near Wroclaw in September.

'Special thanks to Marcin Dymalski and Iwona Bawolska, who make the contest possible, and also to Robert Kuchera the Warden of Wolow Prison for his enthusiasm and support.'

Written In Prison Award
From Graham: 'Easily one of the most touching dedications I have ever been given ... especially since the book is so brilliant. It's Number One in the non-fiction bestseller list in Ireland!'
Sabina 1Sabina 2
From Graham: 'Sebastian Sokolowski's horror magazine Okolica Strachu, which is easily the best in Poland, has just been published. It is full of great stories and fascinating articles about horror, as well as the short story "Stranglehold" written by Dawn G Harris and me.'
OkloicaOkolicaGM and Dawn
From Graham: 'From April 19 - 21 I shall be attending Trolls et Legendes, the fantasy festival in Mons, Belgium. I shall be promoting the French-language edition of Ghost Virus as well as signing any other French-language editions that readers bring along.

'A bit of stop-press ... Bragelonne will be bringing out a new edition of Ritual in French and promoting it at over 70 book festivals this year under their new line called "Bragelonne Terreur".'

Ghost Virus - French coverRitual - French coverTrolls festival
From Graham: 'The Greek anthology of short stories which features "Stranglehold" co-authored by me and Dawn G Harris will be launched this Saturday March 6 at the Polis Art Cafe in Athens at 6:00 pm (if you feel like going!) and it will be promoted at various venues around Greece before a major launch at the Fantasmagoria horror and sci-fi festival on April 6-7 in Thessaloniki.

'The book is called Stranglehold in Greek (actually "noose"). (I had thought it was called "Rock" but blame that on Google Translate).'

Greek Stranglehold cover
From Graham: 'Thanks to Inge and Frank Festa at Festa Verlag my books have been selling very well in Germany and I am hoping to have new German-language editions out soon.

'I visited Leipzig to "meet and greet" with German readers and also to say hello to Johann Sebastian Bach.

'Here is a link to a German-language review of my work.'

GM in Germany
From Graham: 'A new Greek horror anthology has just been published with the creepy tale I wrote with Dawn G Harris "Stranglehold" as its lead story. The title of the book translates as Rock, although I'm not sure if this means "rock" as in "Gibraltar" or "rock" as in "'n'roll".'
Greek book cover
From Graham: 'My friend Dr Sabina Brennan, a famous neuroscientist from Trinity College Dublin, has had her first book published today (March 7). 100 Days To A Younger Brain tells you how to sharpen your thinking and defer possible dementia.

'The book came about after both Sabina and I were appearing last year on the RTE afternoon TV show in Cork - The Today Show With Maura and Daithi (I was talking about my Katie Maguire thrillers.) After I heard her speak about brain health I asked her if she had ever considered writing a book on the subject. She never had, so I asked her to write me some sample chapters and a synopsis, and I found her an agent in London.

'She sent me the book chapter by chapter to approve, and when it was finished it was picked up by Orion Spring, the health and welfare division of Orion publishers. It has been featured with a double-page spread in the Daily Mail and there will be an interview in The Times.

'Along with Dawn G Harris, the author of Diviner, Sabina and I are now developing a series of books to help parents cope with children's mental challenges, such as depression, self-harm, bullying and brain injury. Sabina describes how her book came to be written in a very gracious acknowledgement in the beginning.'

GM and SabinaYounger Berain cover
This is where Graham will be visiting in May:
Imaginales Festival, May 2019
Two of Graham's books are available in this month's Amazon (UK) Kindle monthly deals, Living Death (£1.99) and Ghost Virus (£0.99).
This story (re: Graham's book, How To Drive Your Man Crazy In Bed being outlawed in Ireland in 1985) appeared in the Irish Sun this morning.
Advance publicity for Graham's appearance at the Strzelin Book Festival in Lower Silesia in September:
Strzelin Book Fair, Sept 2019
From Graham: 'An insight into the workings of animation ... a clip from Death and the Comedian from Mighty Pie Studio.

'I am the voice of Death and the voice of the Comedian is that of my son, Dan Masterton who did the animation.'

From Graham: 'Dawn G Harris (the author of Diviner) gave me a present tonight that I will treasure always ... a 1927 copy of Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Mystery & Imagination ... the book that inspired me when I was only 10 years old to write my first horror stories.'
Dawn Harris and book
From Graham: 'I have just received my copies of Infekcja, the Polish edition of Plague of the Manitou. This is the latest struggle between Harry Erskine and Native American demons, and will enable Polish readers to complete their collection of Manitou madness!'
Infekcja cover
From Graham: 'A lunch yesterday at Rules, London's oldest restaurant, to thrash out ideas for a new co-authored book with Dawn G. Harris, Camilla Shestopal (our agent), Dr Sabina Brennan and me. And some oysters!'
GM at Rules restaurant, Feb 2019
From Graham: 'I had a great time meeting French readers and friends at Noeux-les-Mines fantasy and horror book festival on Sunday 10th Feb. I don't know how many copies of the French-language edition of Ghost Virus I signed, but it was a lot! The young Belgian publishing company who have brought it out, Livr'S, are incredbly enthusiastic and they are doing everything they can to build up my sales in France again after a long hiatus during which horror did not sell at all well. A new generation is emerging who have been brought up on fantasy and horror games and they are extremely keen on anything supernatural and scary!'
Begging To Die UK release
Today is publication date for the latest Katie Maguire novel, Begging To Die.
Begging To Die UK release
Just in from Graham: Ghost Virus by Graham Masterton is nominated for The 2018 Best Book Award in the Horror category.

Vote between 1-28 February 2018 here.

Lubimyczytac.pl The Best Book Award was first launched in 2016. A simple idea – all book fans can pick a book of the year by voting – was met with great enthusiasm, thus making it the biggest book competition in Poland.

Ghost Virus book award - Polish
A news item from Ginger Nuts of Horror:
HWA award - Ginger Nuts of Horror
This is the media release from the Horror Writers' Association about Graham's award, which is fantastic news. Well done Graham!
This is the French version of the Ghost Virus video. Graham will be going to Noeux-les-Mines in northern France on Sunday, February 10, for the Salon du Polar festival and signing copies of the Livr'S edition.
French fest 2019
Here's a promotional video for Ghost Virus. It comes out in paperback on February 7.
From Graham: 'My Malaccan Devil's Curry has won an Honorable Mention in the 2018 Cookbook Contest run by the Horror Writers Association.'
GM's Malaccan Curry
From Graham: 'I have entered a creepy short story called "National Balance" for this year's Sunday Times Short Story Contest. Considering the first prize is £30,000 it's worth a shot! The story is based on this 1856 painting of Derby Day by William Powell Frith which was painted only about two minutes away from where I live!'
Derby Day painting
The first three Katie Maguire crime thrillers are now available in German from Festa Verlag. More to follow!
Katie Maguire - German ad
The French edition of Ghost Virus published by Livr'S has just gone to the printers and will be on sale on February 11 the day after Graham has visited Noeux-les-Mines in France to promote it.
Ghost Virus - French cover
Just in from Graham: The third Katie Maguire thriller, Red Light (Racheengel, translated as Angel of Revenge) will be published in German by Festa Verlag on February 27.

Meanwhile I don't think there's any doubt where I shall be on Sunday, February 10 ... at a crime book festival in Noeux-les-Mines in northern France.'

French fest 2019Blood Sisters - German
The Manitou will be released on Blu-ray on April 16 via Scream Factory. Extras will be announced on a later date, but the company has confirmed that it will feature a reversible cover with alternative art.

The 1978 horror film is based on Graham Masterton’s 1976 best-selling novel of the same name, itself inspired by the Manitou spiritual concept of Native American mythology.

The Manitou is the final movie directed by William Girdler (Grizzly, Day of the Animals), who died in a helicopter accident prior to its release. Tony Curtis, Michael Ansara, Susan Strasberg, Stella Stevens, Jon Cedar, Ann Sothern, and Burgess Meredith star.

What surgeons thought to be a tumor growing on the neck of patient Karen Tandy (Susan Strasberg) is actually a fetus growing at an abnormally accelerated rate. But when Karen reaches out to former lover and phony psychic Harry Erskine (Tony Curtis), she discovers that she is possessed by the reincarnation of a 400-year-old Native American demon. Now with the help of a modern-day medicine man (Michael Ansara), Erskine must survive this ancient evil’s rampage of shocking violence and forever destroy the enraged beast known as The Manitou.

The Manitou - blu ray
The tenth Katie Maguire thriller, Begging To Die was available on Kindle from December 10, so now be read as an ebook.

Rough sleepers are being found dead in the streets of Cork, and Detective Superintendent Katie Maguire has an almost impossible task tracking down their killer.

Begging To Die
From Graham: 'The horror podcast This Is Horror are seeking nominations for the best horror novel of 2018.

'If any website readers would like to nominate Ghost Virus then their support will be much appreciated!'

'The Line-Up' has listed eleven horror novels which they think would make good movies. Among them is The Devil In Gray.

By Graham Masterton

In a town still plagued by ghosts of the Civil War, there is a serial killer on the loose. Recently, there have been a series of particularly grotesque and seemingly random mutilation murders, all of which took place in locked rooms. The only tip authorities have received comes from a young girl with Down syndrome who supposedly witnessed the killer in action. The Devil in Gray is a dramatic and suspenseful story, dotted with elements of the supernatural—making it a great fit for the big screen.

The Devil In Gray cover
A brief New Year's message from Graham:

'A happy and healthy and highly successful New Year to all of my friends (and that means everybody who reads my books!). From me, and my grand-daughter Felicity!'

GM and granddaughter
A pleasing review for Ghost Virus in Betty Taylor's 'Betty's Books.':

'This is one of the most bizarre books I have ever read. Extremely violent and very graphic. But I could not put it down.' - Betty Taylor in Betty's Books.

Ghost Virus is already available online and as a hardback. Paperback coming out on February 7.

Ghost Virus cover
Tony Jones has chosen Ghost Virus as one of Horror Talk's top 10 horror novels of 2018.
The final Manitou novel Plague of the Manitou will be published by Albatros in January to complete their collection of all the Manitou books in Polish.
Polish Plague of the Manitou
Just in from Graham: 'I was interviewed today to promote The Manitou coming out on Blu-Ray.

'I included Dawn G Harris in the interview because she and I are working closely together now to write a series of short horror stories which will have highly unusual themes. We are looking to resonate with the enthusiasm of younger readers now for horror and fantasy, and want to give them something wildly different from zombies and vampires and werewolves.

'Our first collaboration "Stranglehold" was picked up for publication within 48 hours of submission by Cemetery Dance, the leading US horror magazine, Okolica Strachu the top Polish horror magazine, and it has also been sold in Greece and France.

'During the coming year (in between novels!) we will be producing more supernatural short stories for magazines and anthologies.'

Manitou blu ray interview
From Graham: 'I have been invited to a third French-speaking festival of fantastic literature ... Les Imaginales, which will take place between May 24-27 2019 in Epinal in France. I will be promoting the French-language edition of Ghost Virus, published by Livr'S.'
Here's an interview which Graham did in Poland in July.
Graham will be visiting at least two French-speaking festivals in 2019 ... Trolls at Legendes in Mons in Belgium in April and Les Geants du Polar in Douai, France, in June.
French fest 1French fest 2
The Katie Maguire thriller Blood Sisters and the two Beatrice Scarlet thrillers Scarlet Widow and The Coven have been selected for the ANZ Kobo 'Buy More Save More' promotion (3 for $10) running from December 7 - 10.
In Graham's words: 'As an author you have to make friends with all kinds of people. My new friend is a Turkish belly dancer. We even had a dance together.'
Belly dance
Click here to read a seasonal, end-of-year message from Graham.
Dead Men Whistling, the 9th Katie Maguire thriller, has been selected for the Amazon 'Countdown to Christmas' promotion in ANZ, running from December 1 to December 25.
The Line-Up website have rather helpfully listed 8 of Graham's scariest books.
Hot off the designer's computer ... the covers for Begging To Die (Katie Maguire series) and the paperback of Ghost Virus.
Begging To Die coverGhost Virus PB cover
In Graham's words: 'Fred Caruso (the producer of The Godfather and many more movies) has written a stunning script for Ghost Virus. It really is screaming out to be brought to the screen!' (hint: make screen bigger to read script segment)
Ghost Virus script sample
In Graham's words: 'A small Christmas treat for anybody who likes horror ... The Wassailers by Em Dehaney, a spooky seasonal poem with illustrations by Krzysztof Wronski and some additional stories by the publisher of Burdizzo Books, Matty-Bob Cash. With an introduction by me.'
Wassailers cover
In Graham's words: 'This is the cover for Ghost Virus, coming out very soon from my new French publishers Livr'S.

'They are going to keep the English title for the French-language edition because a French translation would be too clumsy and everybody in France understands English anyway, even if the waiters in their restaurants pretend that they don't!'

Ghost Virus - French cover
From Graham: 'Many thanks to Marios Dimitriadis and George Damtsios for sending me the English-language edition of their groundbreaking horror anthology which combines heavy metal with horror. Every one of the ten scary stories in the book was the inspiration for a song by one of Greek's greatest metal bands, and you get a CD along with the book so that you can play them as you read. Here is all the background to their project, as well as details of how you can order your own copy.'
The Metal Chapters
'Stranglehold' will be appearing in the next issue of Poland's leading horror magazine Okolica Strachu.
Okolica cover
From Graham: 'The short horror story that Dawn G Harris and I wrote together, "Stranglehold", will now appear in Cemetery Dance magazine in the United States, in Okolica Strachu horror magazine in Poland, and in a new horror anthology in Greece published by Likofos Publishing in March next year, and which will actually be named after our story.

'We are also hoping that it will be feature in magazines and anthologies in France and the Czech Republic.'

Stranglehold - Dawn and Graham
Ghost Virus is one of the thirteen best horror novels for Halloween selected by Ginger Nuts of Horror.
Graham will be attending the Trolls et Legendes fantasy festival in Mons, Belgium, between April 19-21 2019 to promote and sign copies of the French-language edition of Ghost Virus published by Livr'S:
Trolls festival
From Graham: 'I am very pleased to have collaborated on a new short horror story 'Stranglehold' with Dawn G Harris, the author of the supernatural thriller Diviner which was published earlier this year. It is based on Dawn's experiences as the manager of charity shops. News on its publication as soon as a deal is done! We are already discussing writing more horror stories together.

'A critical book about my work Graham Masterton, Le Faiseur D'Historie which was published some time ago by L'Harmattan, one of the biggest French publishers, has been given a new cover. It was written by Christophe Roussellier, who also enlightened me that yet another book about my work Graham Masterton: Son Oeuvres Et Son Univers was published in 2004. I had never heard about it but have now ordered a copy!'

Dawn G HarrisDiviner coverRoussellier book coverGM Univers cover
From Graham: 'Over the weekend I attended the Lire En Poche paperback fair in Gradignan near Bordeaux, France. It is a massive event with thousands of people turning up to meet paperback authors from all over the world. The evening before I gave a talk at Le Zone bookshop in Bordeaux to a small crowd of enthusiastic readers and sampled some excellent red wine, which tends to happen in Bordeaux!

'I signed books in the main theatre on Saturday and Sunday. My main promotion was for the new paperback version of Katie Maguire (the French edition of White Bones). Further Katie Maguire novels will be translated into French in due course. I made friends at the fair with Anna Starobinets (picture below), the bestselling Russian writer of horror, fantasy and dystopian novels. She lives in Moscow and is known as Russia's "Queen of Horror". She is a good giggler too.

'On Saturday evening a banquet was held in a nearby chateau to celebrate the fair, with ongratulatory speech by the mayor of Gradignan. A great deal of very good local wine was sampled, along with roast duck legs. There were 300 guests at the banquet so 150 French ducks ended up legless, just like the guests at the dinner.

'Ghost Virus will soon be published in France by Livr'S. More news later.'

Katie Maguire - French coverAnna Starobinets
Graham's ghost story 'Neighbors From Hell' is included in this new anthology of spooky tales from Smart Rhino Press:
Plague of Shadows antholog
From Graham: 'This is a project that I was working on with two great Greek authors. An anthology of horror stories each with a matching heavy metal song by a Greek band. You get a CD along with the book.

'At last they have managed to publish it in English.'

Metal Chapters cover
A blogger called Carl Alves has posted a review of Descendant:

'Descendant is a decidedly old school type of vampire novel. Whereas these days, the type of vampire that dominates fiction is either the sparkly type or the dashing bad boy type, the strigoi in this novel are clearly more of the monster variety. The concept of this novel is really neat. The nazis in World War II have reached a deal with the Romanian government to not take over their country in exchange for enlisting strigoi to their cause. An American, Captain James Falcon, is recruited by the Allies to hunt down the strigoi, including Dorin Duca, the head vampire. Years later, Dorin, thought to be dead, is killing people all across England, and James is brought back to the UK, where he will once again go toe to toe with Duca.

'This is a terrific novel, one of the three or four best vampire novels I have ever read, and I consider myself a bit of an expert since I have written a vampire novel myself. The writing is masterful. The plot is tight. There is very little wasted space, which makes it stand out in comparison to some of the bloated novels I’ve read recently. The characterization is strong, both on the protagonist and antagonist side. And just when I thought the novel was over, there was more to it, and the ending proved to be rewarding. This is a must read novel.'

Descendant cover
Here's a link to the Line-Up, which markets Graham's e-books, with some suggestions for those who are not familiar with his horror novels.
From Graham: 'My best-selling sex guide How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed has been banned in the Republic of Ireland since 1985. It is one of only 8 books that are banned in perpetuity and don't come under the rule which allows books to be reconsidered after 12 years. The Department of Justice says that it falls foul of section 17 (a) and (b) which prohibit indecent material and the incitement to abortion and/or contraception. Now that the people of Ireland have voted in favour of legal abortion, a bill goes before the Cabinet today and will be presented to the Dail next week. If it's passed I am going to appeal against the ban. Think how many Irish fellows need to be driven wild in bed, and not by nagging either!'
Red Light, the third Katie Maguire thriller, is on sale from Amazon UK until October 1:
Red Light promo
Today Dead Men Whistling (Katie Maguire Book 9) is published in paperback.

It is also available from Kobo UK for only £1.99 as one of their September Sizzlers - the offer lasts from 01-09 to 12/09.

There has been some unavoidable delay in bringing out an audio version of Dead Men Whistling. However it should be released in January, 2019.

Dead Men Whistling PB cover
Red Light (Katie Maguire Book 3) is available as part of Amazon's Kindle Monthly Deals for the month of September.
Red Light (Kindle) cover
The Graham Masterton Collection Volume Two (The Devils of D-Day and The Devil In Gray) is available from all US ebook retailers today August 31 for only $2.99.
GM Collection vol 2 cover
From Graham: 'This is the short story that won first prize at the Fantasmagoria Festival in Thessaloniki in Greece in April.

'This is me presenting the award to the author Dimitrios Delaroudis.

'I had said in an interview that I would have Wiescka back even if the price was that I had never written a word in my life, and the contest was based on that quote.'

Dimitrios Delaroudis and Graham
Just in from Graham: 'I finished Begging To Die, the 10th Katie Maguire thriller yesterday, after 150,000 words! It's always a wrench to say goodbye to Katie and to Cork, even if I've only been living there in my imagination for the past three months.

'Begging To Die will be published in hardback on February 4, 2019.'

Begging To Die cover
Graham will appear in September's Horror Zine.
From Graham: 'Katie Maguire (White Bones) is being published by Bragelonne in French in October. It will be promoted at the Lire En Poche Festival in Bordeaux on October 11, along with my French backlist. I shall be attending the festival myself where the sampling of fine wine is apparently compulsory!'
French Katie Maguire cover

From Graham. 'I have just been sent the TVP3 report of my presentation of the prizes for the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award in Wolow Prison, with interviews with my publisher and two of the winning inmates.'

Written In Prison logo
From Graham: 'I have just been sent some pictures from my talk and signing at the Art Hotel in Wroclaw last month.

'Also, a thank you message made out of all the books that I have had published in Poland (although the reader did say that he had about 10 left over!).' (NB: Click on image to make full size).

Thanks in Polish GM books
White Bones, the first Katie Maguire thriller is available in Kobo's Fierce Female Sale from 09/08/2018 - 15/08/2018.
White Bones cover
The following Katie Maguire books are available at special promotional prices during the month of August so make sure you grab yours now! Appropriately for crime thrillers, they're a steal!

Taken For Dead - Amazon UK Great Savings Deal from 01/08/2018 - 01/09/2018

Buried - Amazon Kindle Monthly Deal from 01/08/2018 - 01/09/2018

Blood Sisters; Broken Angels; Buried; Dead Girls Dancing; Living Death; Red Light; and White Bones - Head of Zeus Crime and Thriller Promotion on Kobo US from 08/08/18 - 15/08/18.

From Graham: 'My friends Ola and Adam work for Centrum Dzwoni which is an employment agency for people in Poland with intellectual disabilities. Now there is a new move to find work for such people in the normal labour market - "Normally Working". I am giving it my full support.

'This is its Facebook page.'

Dzoni - Graham
The paperback edition of Dead Men Whistling (Katie Maguire #9) is available for preorder on Amazon at £7.99.
Dead Men Whistling PB cover
A short video of Graham's visit to Czernica last month. 'I had an unbelievably warm welcome!' says Graham.
This interview appears in this month's newsletter of the Horror Writers Association.
From Graham: 'This is my meeting at the children's home in Strzelin in Poland. The children were great and welcomed me with a song about smiling no matter what life throws at you. As well as cake! I told them a scary story about Baba Yagar the Polish witch who lives in a house that has legs like a chicken and sharp teeth in the keyhole.

'And here are some pictures from their day out rafting which was paid for by the generous donation for the print-out of Ghost Virus. The children will be able to have another outing soon from the donation made for the portrait of me done by a Polish prison inmate.'

RaftingRaftingStrzelin MeetingRaftingRafting
Here is the winning story for the 2018 Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award. The winner is Mateusz Szura with his story 'A Return To Normal'.
Some more pics from Graham's recent Polish visit:

'Picture 1: A visit to Czernica, welcomed by the mayor. One reader had driven all the way from the Netherlands.'

Picture 2: 'After I had visited the orphanage in Strzelin I was entertained for a really delicious lunch by the mayor, Dorota Pawnuk.'

'Picture 3: 'Among other great gifts I was given a cake which was iced with a picture of Stzrelin on it. Dorota is a sweetheart!'

Czernica visitIn Strzelin with major
From Graham:'On Thursday morning July 19 in Wolow Prison in Poland I presented the plaque to the winner of the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award 2018, as well as certificates and prizes to the 10 runners-up.

'The winner received a TV set and all the ten runners-up received DVD players and headphones. Forty Polish prisons took part in the contest but logistical and staffing problems meant that only two winners could actually come to Wolow to collect their certificates and prizes.

'Next year, though, we are hoping that we can arrange for more. Every one of the 105 entrants received a personal letter of thanks from me and a souvenir pen.

'My thanks to the Warden Robert Kuchera for his enthusiasm and support, and to Marcin Dymalskiof the Wrovlaw Agglomeration for his untiring efforts in organising the award, and certainly not forgetting my lovely translator Kasia Janusik who not only translates all the stories for me but accompanies me to all the meetings at the prison and at surrounding libraries to translate my endless talks about writing as well as my terrible Irish jokes.

'I haven't yet had any luck in persuading her to talk Polish in a Cork accent ... we always collapse in uncontrollable laughter ... but wait till next year!

'This is the plaque that was awarded to the winner and a report on the prizegiving from Radio Wroclaw.'

Winners plaque

More publicity in this page from Poland's most popular book blog. The text is the same as the newspaper article in Gazeta Wyborcza.

From Graham: 'A convict in a Polish prison has done this drawing of me so that I can auction it on behalf of the children in the orphanage which I support in Strzelin. It measures 35x50cm and is framed. I will personally sign it for the highest bidder.

'If readers are interested in this highly unusual souvenir please send their offers to manitouman1@yahoo.com. I will keep them continuously updated on the bids.

'Bids can be in any currency. The starting bid is £20 = US $26 = €22 = 97 PLN.'

Masterton prison portait
White Bones, the first Katie Maguire thriller has been selected for the US Kobo 'Summer Thrills' promotion between July 12-16.
White Bones ebook
From Graham: 'The Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award is getting a lot of media attention when I go to Wolow Prison next week to present the prizes. The Polish prison authorities are so pleased with the contest that they are going to be awarding a TV set to the winner.

'The 10 runners-up will all get DVD players, plus certificates.

'This is a feature from this week's Gazeta Wyborcza which is the most influential newspaper in Poland. I'm afraid you have to subscribe to read the whole article but I will be able to post it later when I get a copy of the paper!'

Written In Prison logo
From Graham: 'Ghost Virus will be published in French by Livr'S later this year. They are a young and very energetic publishing company and I am delighted that they are bringing out my first new horror novel in France and Belgium for almost a decade.

'My horror backlist in France is still published by Bragelonne, who will also be publishing the Katie Maguire series of crime thrillers this year.'

Graham has just been sent the new cover for Infekcja (Plague of the Manitou) which completes the new series of Manitou books published by Albatros in Poland:
Plague of the Manitou - PolishManitou series - Albatros
The third Katie Maguire thriller, Red Light is featured in the ANZ Amazon Winter Sale promotion, running from 05/07/2018 to 01/09/2018.
Red Light
The tenth Katie Maguire thriller, Begging To Die will be out from Head of Zeus on February 4, 2019. It can be pre-ordered now from Amazon.

Rough sleepers are being found dead in the streets of Cork, and Detective Superintendent Katie Maguire has an almost impossible task tracking down their killer.

Begging To Die
From Graham: 'The Polish website Ship of Fools is running a contest for their followers to submit questions for mem to answer. The three best (or possibly the nuttiest) questions will receive a signed book.'
Graham will giving a writing class at Wroclaw University on July 20, and asking the students to submit a short story with a modest prize for the winner.
Wroclaw Writing Class
From Graham: 'To coincide with the World Cup in Russia (or perhaps to take attention away from it) the Russian horror magazine Darker has just published my erotic horror story "Sex Object".'
A website exclusive from Graham: 'With a new generation of Masterton horror novels on the way, starting with Ghost Virus, I have rejoined the Horror Writers Association after a lapse of some years.

'This will help me to promote and publicise my new horror novels. After Ghost Virus, I am already working on a new adventure for Detective Constable Jerry Pardoe and Detective Sergeant Jamila Patel. I don't have a title yet, but it will be very up-to-date and will be designed to make you lose your lunch while hiding in a cupboard.'

Albatros in Poland are working towards bringing out matching editions of all the Manitou books. This is the fifth: Armagedon (Blind Panic) which will be published on July 11.
Armagedon (Blind Panic) - Polish cover
From Graham: 'I have just been sent the times and locations of my visit to Wroclaw in July. There will also be some promotional Facebook links with more details later.':

July 17, 7:00 p.m. - WROCŁAW, Art Hotel, ul. Kiełbaśnicza 20
July 18, 5:00 p.m. - MIĘDZYBÓRZ, Biblioteka Publiczna Miasta i Gminy, ul. Wrocławska 8
July 19, 5:30 p.m. - WOŁÓW, Miejska i Gminna Biblioteka Publiczna, ul. Gen. Wł. Sikorskiego 8
July 20, 7:00 p.m. - CZERNICA, Gminna Biblioteka Publiczna, ul. Wojska Polskiego 9

From Graham: 'I have now read all the stories entered for the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award 2018. It is going to be very difficult to select the 10 winners because they are all extremely unusual and moving. Some of them are enough to give you an emotional lump in the throat because they are so obviously based on real and harrowing experience. The presentation of prizes and certificates will be in Wolow in July.'
Written In Prison logo
Graham's novel, Railroad is currently on offer for 99p in Amazon's Kindle Monthly Deals.
The first four books in the Manitou series ... The Manitou, The Revenge of the Manitou, Burial and Manitou Blood have been published in matching editions by Albatros in Poland.
Polish Manitou editions
The Polish edition of the new Katie Maguire thriller Dead Girls Dancing coming from Albatros Wydawnictwo.
Dead Girls Dancing - Polish cover
From Graham: 'A few pictures from my visit to the Pyrkon Fantasy Festival in Poznan. With some cosplayers ... a rather attractive fantasy warrior ... and with Gosia who was my guide and Olga.'

1) Some cosplayers
2) A rather attractive fantasy warrior
3) Gosia my guide and her friend Olga
4) My new minder ... Marek from the Poznan Policja

CosplayCosplay 2Gosia and OlgaArmed Officer
From Graham: 'I had a very successful tour of Poland between May 16 - 20, visiting Gdansk, Szczecin, Poznan and Warsaw.

'In Gdansk and Szczecin I talked to audiences at Empik bookstores and in Poznan I gave talks and signed books at the annual Pyrkon fantasy festival ... which had an attendance of over 45,000 people, many of whom were in cosplay costumes, such as fairies and monsters and Star Wars characters.

'On Sunday I went to the Warsaw Book Fair and spent 5 hours signing books for my publishers Albatros and Rebis.

'I was very flattered by a professor from Warsaw University who said that since 1989 my horror novels and thrillers and books on sex had had an enormous influence on the post-Communist development of Poland ... both in terms of literature and also socially, in terms of human relationships.

(1) Two readers ... one not quite born yet! Her T-shirt says "Little Masterton Reader Inside!"
(2) Another devoted reader ... Kinga Kunbicz-Butler
(3) My lovely publisher at Albatros books, Ola Saluga
(4) ...and my adorable publicist at Albatros, Agata Wisniewska.
(5) The new Polish edition of Charnel House.
'As you can see, there are some benefits sometimes to being an author!'

Pregnant readerKinga and GrahamOla and GrahamAgata and GrahamCharnel House - Polish
From Graham: 'The Sleepless (which was first published in 1993, twenty-five years ago!) has come 4th in the Vincent Price Awards 2017. It is an annual presentation in Germany for the best horror fiction. In Germany it is published as Die Schlaflosen by my friends at Festa Verlag.'
The Sleepless award winner
Here is Graham's schedule for the Apostrof and Pyrkon Festivals and Warsaw Book Fair:

May 16
18:00 - Meeting with readers at Empik Galeria Baltycka, Gdansk

May 17
18:00 - Meeting with readers at Empik Kaskada, Szczecin

May 18
Pyrkon Festival, Poznan
15:00 - Why Scare People/? talk in Sala Ziemi,
17:00 - Panel about Worldbuilding in Aula

May 19
Pyrkon Festival, Poznan
10:30 - Panel about Fear in Aula
16:30 - Panel about Archetypes (don't ask me!) in Literacka 1
18:00 - Q&A session in Literacka 2
19:00 - Autograph session in Literacka 2

May 20
Warsaw Book Fair, National Stadium
12:00 - Meeting with readers, Crime Zone
13:00 - 14:00 - Book signing at Albatros stand
14:30 - Book signing at Rebis stand

From Graham: 'My publishers Head of Zeus have been on a Masterton Mission and have refreshed even more of my ebook covers so that you can have the ebook equivalent of a box set!'
Blood Sisters ebookBroken Angels ebookBuried ebookEye For An Eye ebookRed Light ebookTaken For Dead ebookScarlet Widow ebookThe Coven ebookThe Drowned ebookTaken For Dead ebookWhite Bones ebook
This is a poster for Graham's visit to Wolow in Poland in July to present the prizes for the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award 2018:
Wolow poster
Head of Zeus have redesigned all of Graham's backlist covers to match Ghost Virus. To view the covers, click here.
The spooky Sissy Sawyer thriller The Red Hotel is now available from Severn House publishers in large print ... so you don't need your spectacles to get scared!
Red Hotel - Large Print
From Graham: 'The Metal Chapters is an experimental anthology of horror stories which was launched at the Fantasmagoria Festival which I attended in Thessaloniki in Greece. Every story is accompanied by an original heavy metal song.

'My story in The Metal Chapters was "Ex Voto", about a businessmen visiting Mexico who tempts fate and comes to rather a sticky end. This is the song that goes with it':

Heavy Metal song
Scarlet Widow is now available from Amazon Kindle at only £0.99 during their May Madness sale - until June 1. Dead Girls Dancing and Blood Sisters are available for the same price for the May Bank Holiday deal.

Black Angel and Scarlet Widow are in the 'May 99c Sale' on Kobo between May 3 - 7.

Here's a review of Ghost Virus from Ginger Nuts of Horror, plus a new interview about it.

And this is a banner for the release of Ghost Virus as an ebook on May 1. Click on the image to preorder:

Ghost Virus promo
From Graham: 'I had a great time at the Fantasmagoria Festival in Thessaloniki over the weekend. I signed hundreds of books, met hundreds of very enthusiastic Greek readers and gave a talk on writing to an audience of about 300.

'Afterwards went out for some tasty Greek street food, sitting outside in the main street and discussing horror!

'Picture 1: me with the Greek writer Evangelia Papanikou (but the books she's holding are Katie Maguire in Greek!)

'Picture 2: me with Sotiria Ioannidou, who was just written her first fantasy novel, A Fly's Fairy Tale.

'Picture 3: me with the instigators and publishers of The Metal Chapters, an anthology of horror and fantasy stories that comes with a heavy metal CD with a track to back each chapter. I have a story in it ... "Ex Voto", about a man who has to decide whether or not to cut off his own arm.'

Eva and GM720"Graham
Brussels fan
Listen to an hour-long radio blog interview with Graham, Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross in California.
From Graham: 'Now in its second year, the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award in Poland has attracted 104 entries from inmates in correctional institutions all around Poland. I will be going to Wroclaw in the second week of July to present prizes and certificates to the winners at Wolow Prison, as well as visiting several towns and villages in Lower Silesia.

'My heartfelt thanks to Marcin Dymalski and Iwona Bawolska, without whose generous help this award would not be possible.'

Written In Prison logo
From April 12-18, the new Katie Maguire thriller Dead Men Whistling is available on Kobo and Kindle for only £0.99p.
Dead Men Whistling cover
Albatros are publishing Burial and Manitou Blood on May 11. This is a preview of the covers:
Burial - PolishManitou Blood - Polish
Here's a review from The LineUp site of 8 of Graham's books.
From Graham: 'To coincide with my visit to the Fantasmagoria Festival in Thessaloniki, Greece, on April 21, an anthology of short horror stories The Metal Chapters has been published including "Ex Voto" by me. Each story is accompanied by an original heavy metal song. This is the trailer and a video of my song will be shortly be available.'
Amazon have made an error on their listing of the paperback edition of The Hell Candidate. They have said that it will not be published until February 22 2019. In fact it is available now and you can order it either from Amazon or direct from the publishers Telos.
Graham is a featured writer in the April edition of Jeani Rector's monthly HorrorZine which features an excerpt from Graham's forthcoming horror novel, Ghost Virus.
From Graham: 'After two interviews postponed by snowstorms, I finally made the Glasgow Herald on Sunday with a review of Dead Men Whistling.' Read the interview here.
From Graham: 'The Katie Maguire series is becoming creepily predictive. After I had written about the fire in the dance studio in Dead Girls Dancing, a building not half a kilometre away beside the River Lee was also burned down. After I had written about a car submerged in the river with bodies in it in the short Katie story "The Drowned" a car was found on the riverbed with a dead man in it. Two weeks ago, in the new Katie novel that I am writing, I described a homeless man found dead in a doorway in Cork city. This is part of what I wrote:

"While Garda Brogan called for an ambulance and the Technical Bureau, Garda Cavey dragged the blanket completely off Gearoid and heaved him over on to his back. When she did that, an empty vodka bottle rolled away across the pavement. There was no question now that he was dead. His eyes were wide open but they had already turned dark and flat. His dry, cracked lips were parted, and the tip of his yellow-furred tongue was sticking out as if he were showing the world for the very last time that he didn’t care what it did to him."

'This news item appeared this morning (March 19) in the Irish Examiner:


Monday, March 19, 2018
By Joe Leogue

Gardaí in Cork City are investigating the death of a man, who was believed to be homeless, whose body was found in the early hours of yesterday morning. The man, who was in his fifties, was pronounced dead where he was found.

While he has yet to be named, and it is not yet clear whether he was homeless, it is understood that the man was sleeping rough at the doorway in which he was found. His body was taken to Cork University Hospital, where an autopsy was due to take place.

Although investigations are ongoing, it is understood that the cause of death is not being treated as suspicious at present.'

The third and fourth novels in the Manitou saga (Burial and Manitou Blood) will be published in Polish in May by Albatros in editions to match the first two (The Manitou and The Revenge of the Manitou).

Ghost Virus will also be published in May by Rebis to coincide with Graham's visit to the Pyrkon festival in Poznan. The Polish title will be simply Wirus.

From Graham: 'French stop press: I shall be attending the Lire en Poche Festival in the town of Gradignan in Bordeaux from October 12- 14. This is a celebration of paperback books and attracts up to 25,000 people annually. This is an important visit for me because I will be able to celebrate the revival of my French publishing career with new books from Bragelonne. I also understand there might be some wine available.'
Graham's new horror novel Ghost Virus is being published early as an e-book on Amazon Kindle. Publication date is May 1 but it is already available for pre-order. The hardback edition will be published to coincide with Halloween.
Brussels fan
Click here to read an article in Sud Presse in France about Frederic Livyns winning the Prix Masterton for the third time.
New (French) interview for Le Soir added to Interviews page.
The winners of the 18th Prix Graham Masterton for French-language and French-translated horror novels and stories have been announced by the organiser Marc Bailly:

Jean-Pierre Favard for La Nuit de la Vouivre (best French-language novel)
Lars Kepler for Playground (best translated novel)
Frederic Livyns for The Dark Gates of Terror (best short story)

The laureates received a demonic statuette which is rather aptly called Le Prix Graham Masterton.

Prix Masterton award 2018
The following Graham Masterton books have been selected by Kobo for their 'March Madness' promotion from March 1 - 31.

Dead Girls Dancing, Death Mask, Prey, Red Light, Spirit, Taken For Dead and The Chosen Child.

From Graham: 'A picture from the Foire Du Livre in Brussels ... one of the reasons why it's such a hard and thankless task being an author....'
Brussels fan
From Graham: 'A couple of pictures from my visit to the Foire Du Livre in Brussels on February 23-25. Me with the horror author Frederic Livyns who won the Prix Masterton, and me with one of the attractive girls who tend to appear at book festivals.'
GM and horror author, Frederic LivynsGraham and fan at book festival
Albatros Publishers in Warsaw are publishing new editions of The Manitou and Revenge of the Manitou on March 7.
Revenge of the Manitou - PolishThe Manitou - Polish
From Graham: 'An update on the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award contest in Poland (Nagroda Grahama Mastertona 'W Wiezieniu Pisane') 2018. So far we have already received 22 entries and since we are expecting most of them in March this is very good news indeed. My thanks to Marcin Dymalski who runs the Polish side of this for me.'
Written In Prison logo
It's out at last ... Cemetery Dance's limited signed edition of Graham's story 'Cheeseboy'. It can be ordered as a signed limited edition hardcover here.
Cheeseboy cover
From Graham: 'I sold the only printout of the new Katie Maguire novel DEAD MEN WHISTLING and sent the money to the children's home in Poland. It was enough to fund a day out for children from two orphanages: one from Strzelin and one from Ludow Polskie.

'The children had a great time visiting the Fun Park in Wroclaw. They particularly enjoyed the trampoline park (Jump World) as you can see from these pictures. Then they went to a Lego exhibition. Afterwards they had a meal at McDonald's (normally, I am assured, they don't eat like that every day!).

'The children were asked how they would like to spend the money,and they said that it was most important for them to enjoy time together outside the orphanages.

'My thanks to Agnieszka Tekiela the director and to Katarzyna Georgiou for her help.'

Polish Orphanage day out
Graham is Author of the Month at Kobo and the following titles are on special promotion:

Black Angel, Blood Sisters, Broken Angels, Buried, Dead Girls Dancing, Death Mask, Death Trance, Edgewise, Eye For An Eye, Living Death, Manitou Blood, Prey, Red Light, Revenge of the Manitou, Ritual, Scarlet Widow, Spirit, Taken For Dead, Tengu, The Chosen Child, The Coven, The Drowned, The Heirloom, The Sphinx, Unspeakable, Walkers, White Bones.

Red Light will also be included in the Kobo 'Lovers and Haters' promotion running between the 1st and 14th Feb.

This is the cover for my Graham's new horror novel, Ghost Virus which will be published by Head of Zeus to coincide with Halloween.
Ghost Virus book cover
The Hell Candidate is now available for pre-order from Telos Books.

In Graham's words: 'I have heard that some bookshops are considering placing it on display next to Fire And Fury, the non-fiction account of the Trump White House.'

Read a short preview here

The Hell Candidate - Telos cover
This is the media release that has been sent out for the second Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award 2018.

The Polish has been translated by Google because my Geraham's Polish is not quite up to it!

The second edition of the nationwide literary competition for prisoners under the aegis of Graham Masterton has started. A well-known British author of horrors, thrillers and detective stories, just like last year, he will choose the winners himself, and in July he will fly to Poland to give them prizes personally.

The competition is the aftermath of the meeting with the prisoners of the Wołów Priory during the writer's visit to the Wrocław Agglomeration as part of the project Aggregated Agglomeration in 2016. Masterton was then not only impressed by the insight of the questions asked by the prisoners, but also by the fact that most of them were asked in English.

During the first edition of the competition, there were as many as 130 stories from prisoners of penitentiary institutions from all over Poland. The English writer is impressed by this number:

Already during my first visit to the Prison in Wołów, I realized that prisoners can gain a lot in both social and psychological terms if they get a chance to share their feelings with the outside world. The response to the first edition of the competition exceeded my wildest expectations - not only in terms of the number of stories submitted, but also the insight they gave in the personality of their authors. I hope that this year's competition will result in even more texts and that it will help their creators to deal with the deeds they have committed in the past and to start building a new, brighter future - says Masterton.

The deadline for entries to the competition is at the end of March 2018. After the pre-selection, the best stories will be translated into English and sent to the writer who will choose the winners - this time there will be ten of them! In July Masterton will fly to Poland to give them prizes in person. In the competition, however, there are no losers - just like a year ago, all participants will receive souvenirs and designed by the writer himself, pens and personalized letters with thanks.

The organizers of the competition, along with the writer, are: Association of Municipalities and Poviats of Wrocław Agglomeration, Penal Institution in Wołów, REBIS Publishing House, Albatros Publishing House and Municipal and Communal Public Library in Wołów.

Photo caption:

Graham Masterton (right) during the solemn announcement of the results of the first edition of the competition. Next to Katarzyna Janusik, translator of works into English and Robert Kuczera, director of the Prison in Wołów.

Written In Prison - Media Photo
The Coven, the second Beatrice Scarlet thriller, is now available in audio CD format.
From Graham 'Good review of Graham Masterton: Le Faiseur D'Histoire which is a VERY analytical assessment of my novels by Christophe Roussellier. It is published only in French so far but I am hoping for an English translation.'

Voilà un livre qui vous fera entrer à pieds joints dans le monde terrifiant de Graham Masterton. Vous découvrirez à travers cet ouvrage comment l'auteur s'amuse à détourner ou utiliser l'histoire pour mieux vous faire peur. A travers de nombreuses références et citations, Christophe Rousselier se révèle être un redoutable archéologue de la peur dont le seul but est de faire comprendre et mettre à jour les secrets de"fabrication" de Graham Masterton. Inutile de préciser la somme de travail pour réaliser un tel livre - j'ai presque envie de dire dictionnaire - qui inévitablement il devra trouver sa place dans la bibliothèque fantastique de votre salon. J'ajouterai en guise de conclusion que l'ensemble est parfaitement documenté, bien structuré, très facile à aborder, et vous donne une occasion unique d'aborder "Graham Masterton" non pas en tant que romancier d'épouvante mais comme un architecte au service de la peur. Passionnant tout simplement ...

This is a book that will take you to the terrifying world of Graham Masterton. You will discover through this book how the author likes to divert or use the story to better scare you. Through numerous references and quotes, Christophe Rousselier is a formidable archaeologist of fear whose sole purpose is to understand and update the secrets of "manufacturing" Graham Masterton. Needless to say the amount of work to make such a book - I almost want to say dictionary - which inevitably he will find his place in the library of your fantastic salon. I will conclude by saying that the whole is well documented, well structured, very easy to approach, and gives you a unique opportunity to approach "Graham Masterton" not as a horror novelist but as an architect at service of fear. Simply thrilling ...

Cemetery Dance will be publishing Graham's chapbook Cheeseboy in a few weeks' time.

Here is a sneak look at the cover. Full publishing details as and when we get them.

Cheeseboy cover
From Graham:'My favourite picture of 2017 ... me with Maura and Daithi on the Today Show in Cork to promote Dead Girls Dancing.

'My proudest picture of 2017 ... me presenting Anna Cader with her Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award at Wolow Prison.

'My most ridiculous picture of 2017 ... fighting with a shark several hundred miles inland at a fantasy festival near Wroclaw.'

Irish TV showAnna Cader with certificate
GM with shark
Katie's website has just been updated. You can take a look at the world of Katie Maguire on her own website. It includes pictures of Anglesea Street Garda station in Cork where she works, street scenes of Cork, a picture of her Smith & Wesson Airweight revolver, plus some of Katie's favourite recipes and a map of locations where Katie has fought crime.
From Graham: 'I guided Dawn Harris in the writing of her spooky debut novel Diviner and now it is to be published early in 2018 by Telos Books. It is available on pre-order from them.

'The official launch will be at the Sci-Fi Weekender at Hafan Y Mor Holiday Park in North Wales between March 22 - 25 and I am hoping to be there myself.

'Diviner is a highly unusual novel by a very talented writer and it has already garnered praise from Fred Caruso the producer of The Godfather and Michael Halperin, the scriptwriter of Masters of the Universe and Ramsey Campbell.'

Diviner - by Dawn HarrisDAwn Harris
Good news. Graham has just completed the next Katie Maguire novel, Dead Men Whistling which will be published on February 22 as an ebook and hardback. It is also available for pre-order on Amazon.

It has theme music ... The Butterfly, an Irish slip-jig for low-D tin whistle. In Graham's words, 'I defy anybody to read the book and then listen to "The Butterfly" in the same way again!'

Dead Men Whistling
Graham's German publishers Festa Verlag are offering a free promotional ebook of the Katie Maguire short story Eye For An Eye.
From December 1, White Bones is a Kindle Monthly Deal.
White Bones
Graham's Polish publishers Albatros will be bringing out Living Death, the next Katie Maguire thriller, on January 31, 2018.

Ghost Virus will be published by Rebis in March and will also be published in the UK early next year. More details of the UK publication later.

Living Death - Poland
Broken Angels has just been published as an ebook by Festa Verlag and will be out as a hardback in three weeks' time. They will soon be giving free copies of the short Katie story 'Eye For An Eye'. In German, naturlich!
Broken Angels - German
Today Graham celebrated with his publishers Head of Zeus ... over 1 million Katie Maguires sold. Prosecco was popped, though Graham did mention that he is expecting Krug when he reaches the 5 million mark! Congrats Graham on this awesome news!
Bottle of bubbly
Blood Sisters has now been published in the Czech Republic as Krave Sestry.
Blood Sisters - Czech cover
Graham's collection of short horror stories Festival Of Fear is now available in paperback from Severn House. Includes 'Camelot' and 'Reflection of Evil' for those who are scared of mirrors!
Festival of Fear PB
Just in from Graham: 'Contracts have now been signed so I can tell you that my new horror novel Ghost Virus will be published in Poland next year by Rebis Wydawnictwo. There has been strong interest in it from a major Hollywood producer, although our discussions are still in the very early stages.

'I hope to be able to announce a UK publisher shortly.'

This is the cover of the forthcoming December issue of the Polish horror magazine Okolica Strachu (Neighbourhood of Fear).

It features Graham's story 'What The Dark Does', translated by Piotr Pocztarek who runs Graham's official Polish website.

Okolica Strachu magazine
From Graham: 'I will be signing books in aid of Stand Up To Cancer on Saturday afternoon October 21st between 12:00 - 5:00 pm. A limited number of these special copies of Scarlet Widow will be available for sale, as well as some other books of mine. You can of course bring your own books for an autograph. There will also be a number of souvenir pens from the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award in Poland. The only other people who have these are Polish prison inmates!

'The signing is at the Cancer Research shop, 954 Brighton Road, Purley, Surrey CR8 2LP.'

Cancer shop signing
Here is an excerpt from Ghost Virus, Graham's forthcoming horror novel. More details as we have them.
Two refreshed anthologies from Stephen Jones ... In The Footsteps of Dracula and In The Shadow of Frankenstein. Graham's story 'Roadkill' is in the Dracula book and 'Mother Of Invention' is in the Frankenstein book.
Stephen Jones anthologies feat. GM's stories
Head of Zeus have set up a blog tour for Graham's latest Beatrice Scarlet novel, The Coven. These are the details:
The Coven Blog Tour poster
Broken Angels, the second Katie Maguire thriller about children's bodies being found in mass graves at Irish homes for single mothers and their babies, is about to be published in Greece.
Broken Angels - Greek cover
From Graham: 'I have been notified of the following promotions.

Kobo are selling Red Light and Scarlet Widow at a discount between October 5 - 9.

Kobo are selling Scarlet Widow at a discount between October 5 - 28

Kobo are selling Scarlet Widow at a discount between October 5 - 19

And of course The Coven is released as a hardback and ebook on October 5.'

A couple of new horror anthologies coming out: Bloody Heather from Dark Chapter Press which features Graham's story 'Evidence of Angels' set in Edinburgh. And Zippered Flesh 3 from Smart Rhino which features Graham's 'Dog Days' set in LA.
Coven HB cover
From Graham: 'Advance copy of The Coven arrived this morning. Beatrice Scarlet investigates seven girls who performed a Satanic ritual ... or did they? Crime, horror, history, science and sex ... they're all in here!

'It's a first-class production complete with red satin bookmark. It's published on October 5, simultaneously with the ebook, and in time for Halloween.'

Coven HB cover
Mirror will be published by Replika in Poland on 7/11.
Polish Mirror cover
From Graham: 'This is where I shall be appearing this weekend (Ryanair willing!). I notice with some trepidation that I have been described as "Parrain" ... which means "Godfather." I shall have to talk like Marlon Brando all weekend!'
GM event, 2017
From Graham: 'How much more devoted can a reader be? My friend Magda Paluch sitting on my bench in Planty park in Krakow reading the new Replika edition of Glod (Famine)'.
Polish fan reading Famine on Krakow park bench
Replika are about to bring out a new Polish edition of Famine. This is the cover:
Polish edition of Famine
Kobo in Australia have nominated Graham for their Author of the Month with a special 3 for 2 offer on his books.
From Graham: 'I shall be signing books in aid of Stand Up To Cancer again this year at the Cancer Research shop at 954 Brighton Road, Purley, Surrey, CR8 2LP. The signing will be on Saturday October 21st between 12:00 - 5:00 pm. Readers can bring their own books for signing or there will be books available for them to buy.'
From Graham: 'The Polish Prison Service has just given me permission to post these pictures of my presenting her certificate and prize to Anna Cader who came second in the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award with her very moving story White Roses. Unfortunately the winners of the first and third prizes could not attend because their prisons were too far distant from Wolow Prison near Wroclaw where the award ceremony was held. I would like to thank everybody who made this award a reality.'
Anna Cader pic 3Anna Cader pic 4Anna Cader pic 1Anna Cader pic 2
This photo of Graham's bench at Planty park in Krakow should be clear enough so that readers can use their QR readers to hear him reading an excerpt from his horror novel Basilisk.
Masterton park bench QR Basilisk
This is a poster for the French fantasy convention, Aventuriale that Graham will be attending in September.
French fantasy convention poster, Sept 2017
This is a talk Graham gave in Olawa library on his last visit to Poland.
Graham's prizewinning story 'Underbed' has just been published in the August issue of Darker magazine in Russia.
For a limited time only Charnel House is available at a bargain price from Bookbub (US only).
Click here to watch a 45 minute interview that Graham did for Elstercon, Leipzig last year.
Here are a few random pictures taken during the prizegiving for the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award at Wolow Prison in July of this year.

Pic 1 - Cultural educator Iwona Bawolska opens the prizegiving; Pic 2 - Graham talks to the audience of more than 100 maximum security prisoners; Pic 3 - Telling an Irish joke ... much to the bewilderment of Graham's translator Kasia; Pic 4 - Walking around the prison grounds; Pic 5 Accepting a souvenir mug from the warden Robert Kuczera; Pic 6 - Wolow prison yard.

Written in Prison eventWritten in Prison eventWritten in Prison event
Written in Prison eventWritten in Prison eventWritten in Prison event
Just in from Graham: 'You can find out something new every day. This is my great-great-grandfather Sir Robert Baker talking to some Yorkshire factory girls in 1837. He had been appointed by Queen Victoria to be her Inspector of Factories because he took such a keen interest in the welfare of children in cotton and woolen mills in the north of England.This is a copy of her royal warrant signed at the top by her. He insisted that children could not be employed unless they had a certificate from a doctor saying that they had the appearance and the strength of a nine-year-old. He was paid £350 a year, including travelling expenses.He was a member of the Society of Apothecaries in London having trained as a doctor. He lied about his age because he was only 19 when he was accepted as an apothecary although the society insisted that its members should be at least 21.

'Weirdly, my 18th century crime thriller Scarlet Widow is all about an apothecary's daughter, Beatrice Scarlet. Even though I knew nothing about Sir Robert until today. The second novel in the series The Coven is due out in October.

'Maybe I inherited my interest in medicine from him. However I did not inherit his taste in hats.'

Queen Victoria WarrantSir Robert Baker
Coming soon from Graham's German publishers Festa Verlag, the first three Katie Maguire thrillers. White Bones, Broken Angels and the short story 'Eye For An Eye'.
Katie Maguire - German covers
Visit the Fiction section to read the English translations of the three winning stories from the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award 2017 (second item from the top of the page).
Written In Prison logo
Here's the paperback cover of Dead Girls Dancing, due out from Head of Zeus on September 5.
Dead Girls Dancing PB cover
The second Beatrice Scarlet thriller The Coven is due out from Amazon Kindle on October 5.
Coven cover
This is the cover for the new Replika edition of Mirror.
Mirror - Replika cover
A meeting at Zmigrod library and the front page of Thursday July 6 Polish newspaper - 'Horror author gives pens to prisoners'.
Polish visit 2017Polish visit 2017
Here are some publicity links (in Polish) for the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award. Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4.
Written In Prison logo
The winners of the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award are:

1) Krzyzsztof Socha for 'Podwieczorek'
2) Anna Cader for 'Biale roze'
3) Grzegorz Szydlowski for 'Banrutow'

Below is a picture of the winner's plaque. The runners-up will get certificates. All three winners received hampers of fruit and sweets.

Written In Prison winning plaque
Below are three new foreign editions of Graham's books. The Sleepless from Festa Verlag in Germany, Taken For Dead from Host publishers in the Czech Republic, and Prey from Astrel publishers in Russia:
The Sleepless - German coverTaken For Dead - Czech coverPrey - Russian cover

Graham is off to Wroclaw in Poland on Tuesday 4 July, for the presentation of the prizes for the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award and for the Dni Fantastyki convention.

This is his schedule:

July 5

12:00 - press conference on the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award in Wroclaw.
18:00 - meeting with readers in Olawa,

July 6

12:00 - award ceremony for the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award at Wolow Prison.
17:00 - meeting with readers in Zmigrod.

July 7

Dni Fantastyki (Fantasy Days) Convention
14:00 - 14:50 Q&A session
15:00 - 15:50 autograph session
18:00 - 19:50 discussion panel on 'Fantasy Without Limits'

July 8
19:00 - 19:50 autograph session
20:20 - 20:50 discussion panel 'How To Kill Your Heroes'

Written In Prison logo
The Polish publishers Replika have acquired the rights to Graham's disaster novel Famine and also his classic horror novel Mirror. Famine cover below:
Famine - Polish cover
Here's a new cover for the Polish (Albatros) editon of Ghost Music.
Ghost Music - Polish cover
This is the website of Dni Fantastyki (Fantasy Days) which Graham will be attending in Wroclaw, Poland between July 7 - 9.

Also from Graham: 'I hope my Greek readers will be pleased to hear that I have signed contracts for the following books to be translated and published in Greece: Broken Angels (the second thriller about Katie Maguire); Scarlet Widow (the first 18th century crime thriller with Beatrice Scarlet); and The Wells of Hell (a horror story with a strong Lovecraft influence).'

A member of Graham's Polish fan club Michal Dlugoszek has composed music to illustrate Prey.
From Graham: 'A new article in Gala, the Polish edition of the European celebrity magazine. I am doing my best to look very celebrated and moody.'

To read the interview pages (in Polish language only) at full size please click on these links: page 1, page 2.

Gala magazine pg 1, 2017Gala magazine pg 1, 2017
From Graham: 'The presentation of prizes for the Graham Masterton "Written In Prison" Award for 2017 will be presented at Wolow prison, Wroclaw, on July 5 at noon. The winner will receive an engraved plaque and a hamper of goodies. The runners-up will receive certificates and hampers. Every one of the 127 other inmates who entered will receive a personal letter of thanks and consolation and a souvenir pen.

'From July 7 - 9 I will be attending the Dni Fantastyki (Fantastic Days) Festival in Wroclaw.'

Written In Prison logo
From Graham: 'I have just read the stories submitted for the Graham Masterton "Written In Prison" Award in Poland. It is going to be so hard to choose the best because they are all amazingly good and original. I am beyond impressed, and gratified too that the inmates of Poland's prisons now have a way to express their feelings to the world outside their cells. I will be able to share the best with you after the prizegiving ceremony in Wroclaw which should be taking place in two or three weeks' time.'

Also, here is a Polish blog about Graham's Written In Prison Award. Google Translate should help with this!

Written In Prison logo
From Graham: 'The Apostrof Literary Festival in Poland was amazing. I visited Katowice, Krakow and Warsaw, giving talks at Empik book stores and ending up by signing books at the Warsaw Book Festival and giving a talk in the festival's main theatre.

'Over 300 people turned up to the book festival to have their books signed, and there were a lot of pretty young women who wanted a kiss and a hug which is one of the bonuses of being an author!

'My Polish Fan Club stunned me by giving me a book of seven horror stories Remember Me which they had written themselves, translated into English and had printed as a glossy paperback book. They also gave me a wonderful basket with vodka and beer!

'The weather was warm and sunny, the food was wonderful and even the girl at the check-in desk at Warsaw Chopin Airport asked for my autograph. I was extremely reluctant to leave but I shall be going back in June to present the prizes for the Graham Masterton "Written In Prison" Award prizegiving.'

Remember Me - Fan Club bookPolish GM fan club Polish GM fan clubWarsaw book fair queue Polish GM fan club
From Graham: 'I have just received my copy of Graham Masterton: Le Faiseur D'Histoire (published by L'Harmattan in France) and I have to say that it is quite extraordinary. This man Christophe Roussellier has been asking me questions by email for years but I never guessed what he was up to. It's a critical assessment of how I have twisted history to create plots for my novels ... such as Ikon which suggested that President Kennedy gave in to the Russians at the time of the Cuban missile crisis and America has been secretly run by Russia ever since. And The Hell Candidate in which the Republican hopeful for the Presidency was possessed by the Devil (Is all this beginning to sound horribly familiar?).

'But here we have it ... 384 pages including detailed lists of all my major characters and analysis of my plots. Christophe knows more about me than I do! I think he deserves a medal, or at least a statuette of Satan! I am hoping to have it published soon in English.'

Faiseur D'Histoire
Here's a new interview with Graham by David Kempf of Masters of Horror.
Here's a sneak preview of the next Katie Maguire novel, Dead Men Whistling. Preorder your Kindle edition here.
Dead Men Whistling cover
From Graham: 'The tour of the libraries in East Riding went very well. The audiences were incredibly friendly and I had a great time talking to them. I visited HM Prison Holme House and talked to the inmates there about writing and tried to encourage them to do some writing of their own. I also visited York Explore Library where these pictures were taken (me with Gosia a Polish reader and Michelle) and finally had a very well-attended meeting at Beverley Library.'
GM with MIchelle, May 2017GM with Gosia, May 2017
This is the forthcoming schedule for Graham's meetings with readers for the Apostrof Literary Festival.

May 18th 6:00 pm EMPIK Bonarka, Krakow
May 19th 6:00 pm EMPIK Silesia, Katowice
May 20th 12:00 noon book signing on Albatros bookstall (nr 54) at Warsaw Book Fair
May 20th 8:00 pm Powszechny Theatre (main stage) Warsaw

This is the cover of Blood Sisters in Czech, which will be published later this year by Host.
Blood Sisters - Czech edn. cover
The Sleepless is now published by Festa Verlag in German.
The Sleepless - German edn. cover
From Graham: 'I have just been sent this pic from RTE's Today Show in Cork, on the sofa with Daithi O Se and Maura Derrane.'
Today Show, Ireland 2017
New interview with the Greek website Nyctophilia added to Interviews page.
Scarlet Widow is £0.99 in Amazon UK Kindle's Spring Sale. A sequel The Coven will be published later this year. More details as we have them...
Just in from Graham: 'This is the notification for my visit to the Beverley Library, Hull, on May 4.'

Graham Masterton

Beverley Library - Thursday 4 May - 6.30 to 8.30pm

Beverley Library are proud to welcome Graham Masterton, who is ever popular and particularly noted for his work in the horror genre. In recent years Graham has been developing his 'Katie Maguire' series of crime novels, his latest two being Dead Girls Dancing and Living Death. For adults aged 16 years and over. Disabled access is available at this venue. Booking is essential as places are limited.

Tickets for this event cost £3.00 and are available to purchase in person at the library, alternatively you can call us on (01482) 392699 or book online.

Ruby Robinson

Manitou Blood will be published by Head of Zeus on August 1. Here is a teaser.
From Graham 'My Twitter friend Becki has had a sleeve tattooed with scenes from my horror novel Charnel House. She says she is going to have the Native American demon Coyote tattooed on her back later this year.'
Becki - Charnel House tattoos
Entries for the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award in Poland have now closed and we have an incredible 113 stories. These will be translated over the coming month and Graham will be making the final judgment for a presentation of prizes in June.
Written in Prison Award
Opening chapters from Descendant (which Graham has entitled 'Screechers') add to Fiction section. You can purchase and download the e-book version by clicking here.
Here is the cover of the Polish (Albatros) edition of Buried, which is published on May 10.
Buried - Polish edn. 	cover
From Graham: 'With two days to go before the closing date, entries for the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award for the inmates of Polish penitentiaries have topped the 100 mark, which has exceeded everybody's expectations.

'Starting on April 1, the entries will all be translated so that I can choose the one which I consider to be the best, as well as two runners-up. The prize is a souvenir plaque plus a hamper of goodies. 'Special thanks to Marcin Dymalski and Rebis publishers and everybody else who has helped to make this award a reality.'

Written in Prison Award
Black Angel, Death Mask (aka The Painted Man), Edgewise, The Chosen Child, Heirloom, Ritual, Prey, Rook and Tooth & Claw and Snowman are the titles announced so far by Head of Zeus as they publish Graham's backlist as new digital books.

They will be available in May and June, and there are more on the way. For direct links to each and to view images of the digital editions, head to the horror section of Ebooks and Audio Books.

Here's an interview with Graham in Sat 25's Irish Independent to coincide with the publication of Dead Girls Dancing.
From Graham: 'I sent the money I raised from auctioning print-outs of my books to the Dom Dziecka children's home in Gorce, near Strzelin in Southern Poland. My only condition for this donation was that it should be spent on the children enjoying themselves.

'Accordingly they were taken to an ice-rink and then to a sweet factory, (shades of Willy Wonka!) and this is the heartwarming message I received from Agnieszka Tekiela the director of nursing and education':

I warmly welcome,
On February 24, 2017, during the winter holidays, we left with the kids on their trip - on the ice rink. Children and adolescents are eager to skate, are brave and learn quickly.
There were 17 children: 10 from the Children's Home in Górce and 7 from the Children's Home in the Polish People's Republic. After a great fun on the ice we showed the kids a nearby candy factory - the kids made their own cotton candy, saw candy making, made lollipops for themselves. Attached are photos that show how much joy accompanied the children during this trip.
We have also reached a collection of books by you. As they always pull from the first page, they capture their story and style. Thank you!
Agnieszka Tekiela

Further pics can be viewed on Graham's Facebook post.

Dom Dziechkachi Childrens Home picDom Dziechkachi Childrens Home picDom Dziechkachi Childrens Home picDom Dziechkachi Childrens Home pic
Graham will be in Krakow on May 18, Katowice on May 19 and Warsaw on May 20. Full details of when and where will be posted when received.

It is for a promotion by Empik the leading bookstore chain in Poland called 'Apostrof' (Apostrophe).

From Graham:'I am very pleased and gratified to have had a progress report on the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award short story contest for inmates of Poland's prisons. My friend Marcin Dymalski in Wroclaw tells me that the number of entries has doubled in a month and that some stories are accompanied by drawings. I have yet to see them because they are all in the hands of the Polish Prison Service, but Marcin predicts that this contest is going to be "huge".'
Written in Prison Award
The winners of the Prix Masterton 2017 have been announced.
Graham has accepted an invitation to visit Menetrol in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes district of France on September 23 and 24 for their literary festival Les Aventuriales de Menetrol.
The March issue of Jeani Rector's Horror Zine is out now, including a story of Graham's called 'Reflection of Evil'.
Here is Graham's interview on the Today Show with Maura and Daithi, which is Ireland's most-watched daytime entertainment program. You can skip to minute 51:00 if you just want to watch Graham's bit (or 49:00 if you want to know why he makes a remark about cauliflower.)
Here's an interview with Graham from last week's The Sunday Business Post, Dublin.
In Graham's words: 'This the cover for the Russian edition of Prey. I think it's great. So threatening! I'd buy it myself if I could understand Russian and I hadn't written it myself!'
Prey cover - Russian
More and more entries are coming in from the inmates of Poland's prisons for the Written In Prison contest. This is Graham's latest publicity.
Graham will be in Cork on Wednesday, February 22, to talk about Dead Girls Dancing on Ireland's No.1 daily TV entertainment program, the Today Show with Maura and Daithi. Also to have a chat with Caroline Delaney of the Irish Examiner.
Here's a link to an article about Written In Prison Award that appears on the Global Voices website.
In Graham's words: 'Great way to start the week! The arrival of my trophy and diploma from the National Fantasy & Horror Club in Bulgaria for being elected Author of the Year.' Congrats Graham!
Bulgarian trophy for GM, Feb 2017
Solitaire will be available as an ebook from Monday from Ipso Books. Railroad will be following shortly after.
Solitaire - Ebook cover
Click here to view Graham's appearance on Irish TVAm on the morning of 9 February 2017.
An encouraging review of Dead Girls Dancing from The Sunday Times Book Club.

It is published as a hardback on Thursday, as well as Living Death in paperback.

'Masterton does not hold back with visceral descriptions of the damage bad people can inflict on each other, on innocent victims and even on animals. But the violence is never gratuitous, even as it piles pressure on Cork detective Katie Maguire to work out who torched a studio, killing an entire Irish dance troupe, and how it might be connected to a resurgence of crazed political extremism.'

Graham will be in Dublin on Thursday February 9 to promote Dead Girls Dancing.

These are the live interviews he will be doing:

10.10 live interview on Ireland AM breakfast TV with Sinead Desmond & Mark Cagney
11.35 live interview with Pat Kenny Newstalk national radio

And also two newspaper interviews:
12.30 interview with Catherine Healy for Sunday Business Post. Photos here too.
14.30 interview with Irish Daily Mail.

Head of Zeus will be publishing the following 'classic' Masterton horror novels on June 1, 2017. They are all available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle. The preorder links are below:

Ritual, The Chosen Child, Black Angel, Death Trance, Unspeakable, Tengu, The Sphinx, Death Mask (aka The Painted Man), Prey, Spirit, Edgewise, The Heirloom and Walkers.

Graham has also received a diploma for being Author of the Year from the National Fantasy & Horror Club in Bulgaria.
GM Bulgarian Diploma, 2017
From Graham: 'I am delighted to say that I have been named Author of the Year by the National Fantasy & Horror Club in Bulgaria - the first horror author ever to do so. The award ceremony was held at the House of Culture in Sredets on Saturday January 28 but regrettably I could not get there! However my friend Alexander Draganov (in the long coat) kindly accepted it on my behalf. Thanks to all members of the club ... much appreciated!'
GM Bulgarian Award, 2017
'Thanks to all of my Polish friends who sent me this amazing birthday card!'
GM Polish birthday card
Weldon Burge of Smart Rhino Press is crowdfunding a third Zippered Flesh anthology. This is the link.
Here's a new link to comment on the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Contest.
The Katie Maguire thriller Taken For Dead has just been published in the Czech Republic.
Taken For Dead - Czech cover
Read Spirit Jump, a new story added to the New story added to the Fiction section. Harry Erskine has given up fortune-telling and is living happily in Manhattan with Karen and their daughter Lucy ... but will Misquamacus ever leave him alone?
From Graham:'Invitations to prison inmates in Poland to enter a short story for the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award have been sent out to all 15 regional inspectorates of the Prison Service and further to all 87 prisons and 37 external units. There are 71,000 prisoners in Poland so I am looking forward to a fair number of entries!'
Written in Prison Award
A new thought for the New Year from Graham: 'I was fascinated by what the computer scientist Steve Grand said in his book Creation: Life And Howe To Make It:

"Think of an experience from your childhood. Something you remember clearly, something you can see, feel, maybe even smell, as if you were really there. After all you really were there at the time, weren't you? How else could you remember it? But here is the bombshell: you weren't there. Not a single atom that is in your body today was there when that event took place. Every bit of you has been replaced many times over (which is why you eat, of course). You are not even the same shape as you were then. The point is that you are like a cloud: something that persists over long periods, while simultaneously being in flux. Matter flows from place to place and momentarily comes together to be you. Whatever you are, therefore, you are not the stuff of which you are made. If that does not make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, read it again until it does, because it is important.”

'Inspired by that, I wrote this poem for a good friend of mine.

You are not the same person I first met
In Kraków, on that hot afternoon in summer.
But then neither am I.

We can remember the wine and the laughter
We can remember the girls dressed up as fairies
But we weren't there

None of the atoms that made us what we were
Remain in us now - they've tumbled away
Like dust on a breezy day.

New atoms have gathered on our bones
So that we look and think the same
But we are ghosts, in a way -

We are memories of what we were that afternoon
And next time we meet, we will have changed again
Our skin renewed, our hair, our hearts

But even though you'll look at me with different eyes
I'll still see what I saw that summer afternoon
For ghosts remember everything, until they die.'

A feature about the Graham Masterton 'Written In Prison' Award was published this week in the UK's Polish-language newspaper Polish Express (along with, in Graham's words 'a frighteningly young picture of me!').
From Graham: 'We have had the first response to the press release about my "Written In Prison" contest in Poland. It appeared today on the largest Polish literary site Booklips. Here is a translation for those not fluent in Polish!'
From Graham: 'I am pleased and excited to announce that the first week in January will see the launch of the Graham Masterton Written In Prison Award, the first national literary contest for inmates of Poland's prisons.

'I came up with the idea after visiting Wolow maximum security prison near Wroclaw near Wroclaw in October last year. The prisoners were all very well-read and interested in my books and in writing in general. In fact they were one of the most enthusiastic audiences I have ever had.

'Below is an English translation of the design for the plaque for the winner. And here is the press release that is being sent out to the Polish media, and the letter which I have written for every entrant. Also below is a picture of my meeting with Robert Kuczera, the Warden of Wolow.

'If this contest turns out to be successful, I will consider launching a similar contest in the UK and Ireland.'

GM in Poland 2016Written in Prison Award
From Graham: 'My publishers Head of Zeus are giving away free copies of White Bones for Christmas, plus discounts on other Katie Maguire thrillers.'
Hozmas - Head of Zeus, Christmas 2016
From Graham: 'Happy Christmas to all of my friends who have visited my website this year. You have been so warm and enthusiastic and supportive that 2016 has been a really great year for me - and all thanks to you. Thanks also to Matt Williams for running the website so well. I hope you all have a wonderful time with as much food and as few arguments as possible!'
This is a promo for Smart Rhino's anthology Zippered Flesh 3, which includes a story by Graham.
The site is now the proud owner of a new message board. Leave new messages for Graham and share your love of his books on the board. Don't be shy and don't be a stranger!
Just in from Graham: 'Rather belatedly, I have been sent a short video of my visit to Sobotka in Lower Silesia.'
First off, if you click on Guestbook on the home page, you'll see the all-new guestbook. Please leave messages for Graham to read. He always appreciates them.

Secondly, there's a new contact email page. I've had to suspend previous contact pages because the site was being spammed to death. Hopefully the new contact page will allow you to send me site-related messages that I'll do my best to answer in a timely fashion. You can access the contact link from both the home page (bottom of the page) or from the top right email image on all other site pages.

Best of all is the new ebooks/audio books addition to the bibliography. It's something I've put off for lack of time, but we live in the digital age now - I myself only read ebooks nowadays - so it was about time I listed all of Graham's digital editions. The fruit of my labours can be accessed by clicking on the Ebooks and Audio Books link on the bibliog page. Have fun ordering Kindle and audio books!

You may have noticed a problem with the message board recently. I've emailed support (which is in Greek, believe it or not!). If the problem isn't resolved soon, I will instigate a new message board in its place. We have had the current version for 15 years now after all. Maybe it simply can't post another single message without imploding ;)

Let me know what you think of the changes, and thanks as ever for your support.

Today is publication day for the Kindle edition of Dead Girls Dancing.
Dead Girls Dancing (Katie Magiure) cover
From Graham: 'After a gap of 13 years, Marc Bailly has revived Phenix, the leading Belgian magazine of fantasy and horror. The first issue is devoted to my favourite subject (me!) with additional features about Frederic Livyns, one of the winners of the Prix Graham Masterton for best French-language horror novel of the year, and additional new short stories by a variety of French-language horror writers. It also includes my stories "Beholder" and "What The Dark Does" (both in French). Congratulations to Marc and everybody else involved.'
Graham and Phenix magazine, Nov 2016
Living Death has been given a new cover by Head of Zeus for its paperback release in February 2017.
Living Death PB cover
In Graham's words: 'This is an interview I did with Dawid Muszynski of VOX Music TV in Warsaw.

'Excuse my florid complexion ... the day before I went on this promotion tour I had a fight with a rose bush in my garden, and lost!'

Plague of the Manitou will be published in paperback on November 30 at £12.99.
Plague of the Manitou PB cover
Quite an entertaining review of Living Death from the Irish Examiner. Also a feature on Graham from the Saturday 5 November edition of the newspaper.
This is video of Graham's recent visit to the Empik Bookstore in Warsaw.
A new interview out today in Les Rebelles, a French online magazine.
In Graham's words: 'I have just received copies of the first three Katie Maguire novels from my Polish publishers Albatros.

'Ebooks sell in their tens of thousands, but there's nothing like the smell and feel of an actual book!'

Katie Maguire books (Polish)
Just for today (October 26) US readers can buy The Manitou from Early Bird Books for only $1.99.
The Manitou - ebook cover
Here's a short video of Graham's recent visit to Wolow maximum security prison to talk to the inmates and local librarians.
This is a link to a video of Graham's recent visit to Wroclaw and surrounding towns.
New interview with Graham added to Interviews page.
We all know how much food plays an important part of Graham's novels. Well today we have 3 recipes from the man himself, for your delectation. Click on each recipe link below and start stirring on low heat:

Beef In Soy Sauce, Chinese Country-style Stew and Malaccan Devil Curry. Enjoy!

Here is a link to Graham's interview in Warsaw for Zet Chilli Radio.
Here's a shot of Graham's TV interview for Dzien Dobry in the abandoned psychiatric hospital south of Warsaw.
Dzien Dobry pic, 2016
Graham is back after six days travelling around Poland, giving interviews and signing books. He did an interview in an abandoned lunatic asylum for TVN and also met with the inmates at Wolow maximum security prison, which, in his own words 'was fun!' This is a link to a (Polish language) YouTube interview. And here's the (Polish language) Dzien Dobry (Good Morning) TV interview in an abandoned mental hospital south of Warsaw. The patients were either shot during World War Two or sent off to the concentration camp at Treblinka.
Below are selection of pictures from his visit. For more pics (with captions), see Graham's Facebook page.
GM in Poland 2016GM in Poland 2016
GM in Poland 2016GM in Poland 2016
These are the posters for Graham's visits to Wroclaw, Brzeg, Sycow, Sobotka and Warsaw.
Warsaw poster 2016Brzeg poster 2016Sycow poster 2016
Sobotka poster 2016Wroclaw poster 2016
Fear magazine has been relaunched and Graham is featured in the latest issue, out in the first week of October.

He is flying to Poland on September 29 and will be the host of a TVN television documentary as he visits haunted houses in Warsaw.

His schedule so far is a live interview on Dzien Dobry (Good Morning) television on September 30 followed by a signing at the Empik Junior Bookstore at 18:00 that evening.

On October 1 he is going to the Silesian Book Fair in Katowice, and signing books at the Rebis Publishing stand from 16:00 - 17:00

On October 3 Graham is going to Sycow for meetings and signings.

On October 4 he will be in Wroclaw for more signings.

There are other meetings and signings - more details as we have them.

Fear magazine, feat. GM
Check out Polish Eva Bittern's Facebook called Masterton Polska.
From Graham: 'A couple of souvenir pictures from my visit to Leipzig over the weekend to meet and greet the readers of my German horror novels (and Katie Maguire novels too).

'I met my German horror publisher Frank Festa and his wife Inge for the first time in the flesh, so to speak. They have many exciting plans for reviving my backlist and publishing new books in German, including the Katie Maguire series.

'The two girls are my new friend Nici (on the left) and Anja (on the right).'

Frank Festa and wife IngeNici and Anja
From Graham: 'This weekend I shall be attending the Glaserne Mensch horror get-together in Leipzig, and then on September 29 I shall be going to Warsaw for a book signing at the Empik Junior Bookstore on Marszalkowska Street at 6:00 pm, followed by a visit to Warsaw's Horror House, accompanied by the winners of a prize draw to be held at the bookstore.

'On Saturday morning I shall be appearing on Dzien Dobry (Good Morning) Television in Warsaw, and then catching a train for the Silesian Book Fair in Katowice. After that I shall be going to Wroclaw for more book signing, and then back to UK on October 5.'

Der Glaserne MenschWarsaw Poster 2016
If you can read Czech and would like a copy of the horror anthology Za Tebou (Behind You) (which features a story from Graham), it will cost you 200 Czech Koruna (CZK) which is about £6.25. You can order it from info@goldendog.cz or howardhorror 666@gmail.com.
Za Tebou (Behind You) - Czech cover
This is Frederic Livyns, the winner of the latest Prix Masterton for best French-language horror novel:
Prix Masteron 2016 winner
Some tasty Katie Maguire ebook deals start today:

A September Sale of Living Death from Kobo (ANZ) from September 1 - 8.
A Labor Day sale of Living Death from Kobo (USA) from September 1 - 5.
A Scribd sale of White Bones from Scribd Selects (USA) from September 1-30
And a Kindle Monthly Deal of Living Death from Kindle (India) from September 1-30.

More deals on the way soon!

New interview with Graham by Grey Matter Press added to Interviews page.
Replika are publishing Unspeakable in a second edition in Poland with a new cover. The Polish title is Niemy Strach (which means 'mute fear').
Unspeakable - Polish cover
In Graham's words: 'My Belgian friend Marc Bailly has revived the best French-language horror magazine Phenix and the first issue will be out in November ... horribly near now!

'It will be both print and online and I will be able to give subscription details later.'

Phenix magazine cover, Nov 2016
From Graham: 'Any readers who find it difficult to imagine the Cork accent in which all of my characters in the Katie Maguire crime novels speak might find this film trailer for Peter Foott's new film The Young Offenders helpful. Peter Foott directed the notorious but hilarious video for the song 'Horse Outside' by the Limerick singers Rubber Bandit (who always wear plastic shopping bags on their heads). This new feature film is set in Cork City and West Cork and is already garnering praise for being both funny and true.'
In Graham's words: 'The year is flying by! The most recent issue of The Bookseller has the Editor's Choice of Paperbacks for November, with what they call "potential festive treats." To be published in paperback on November 3 is Scarlet Widow, with the following review:

"First in a new series set in the 18th century, following the life of Beatrice, an apothecary's daughter who marries a preacher and emigrates from London to America, where she finds herself investigating a series of crimes in 1756 New Hampshire. From the young twins struggling to breathe to the pigs found dead with pieces of broken mirror in their mouths, the crimes are attributed to the devil, but the scientifically-minded Beatrice isn't convinced by the occult explanation. Fun, fresh and intriguing."'

Scarlet Widow PB cover
Just in from Graham: 'I shall be visiting Warsaw on Friday, September 30 and signing books at 6:00 pm at Empik Junior bookstore Marszalkowska 116/122.

'My Polish publishers Albatros are inviting readers to suggest what other activities they would like to see during my trip to Warsaw. A lottery in which the prize is dinner with me? Or a selfie session? There will be a reward for the most interesting suggestion. Send your suggestions to Piotr Pocztarek who runs my Polish website.'

For today only (August 7), the Katie Maguire thriller Taken For Dead is a Kindle Daily Deal.
From Graham: 'Out from Bloomsbury Reader on August 16, a real actual papery paperback! I wrote House Of Bones as a Young Adult novel but so far most Actual Adults seem to have found it scary enough!
House Of Bones (Bloomsbury Reader)
From Graham: 'I'm not at all surprised by some of the negative reaction that JK Rowling had to the publication of the Cursed Child script. Play and movie scripts are totally different from novels. I have some great friends in Hollywood who are brilliant script writers but I would never attempt one - I like to play God and control the weather and the sounds and the smells and the internal thoughts of my characters - not simply give instructions to a director and a cast of actors who will all have their own concepts of how the story should be told.

'Much more than that, characters in novels take on a real life of their own, and after I have created them they no longer belong to me, the writer, but to you, my friends and readers, and even in a strange way to themselves. Harry Erskine is alive and well and living in Florida, and still telling the fortunes of wealthy old ladies, whether I am writing about him or not. Jim Rook still drives to his community college every morning to struggle with his classes of dummies, and his cat Tibbles is still waiting for him crossly when he comes home. Sissy Sawyer is still predicting the future in Connecticut. John Dauphin is still sitting in his favourite restaurant pouring gravy over his crunchy fried chicken, and wondering whether he will ever again be summoned as a Night Warrior. As for Katie Maguire, I almost feel that I can meet her for a drink in The Ovens bar in Cork to talk about her latest case.

'This is the alternative reality that JK has mistakenly shaken by publishing the script of Cursed Child. From all of the reviews, it sounds as if the play is terrific, but she should never forget that Harry Potter, like Harry Erskine, now has a life of his own, and has made friends that she doesn't even know about.

'Excuse me ... I have to go. Harry's on the phone. What the hell does he want now?'

Anyone who feels like an epic read for the summer can now get Graham's Australian saga Corroboree on Amazon Kindle. A corroboree is a traditional Aboriginal gathering of deep mystical significance, and this novel tells how white explorers come into bloody conflict with native magic.
Corroboree - Kindle edn.
Here's a link from Open Road books advertising Graham's The Devil In Gray (excerpt and a chance to download the book).

Katie Maguire seems to be very popular down under. Blood Sisters is No.1 in the Australian charts at the moment, and Buried is No.3.:
Blood Sisters coverBuried cover
Coming on September 28, the Polish edition of the Katie Maguire thriller Blood Sisters.
Blood Sisters - Polish cover
Graham will be attending Der glaserne Mensch sci-fi convention in Leipzig, Germany, from September 16 - 18.

A beautiful paperback edition of Lady Of Fortune is published by Bloomsbury on July 28. Available from Amazon.
Lady Of Fortune
From Graham: 'I have seen my neuro consultant and he has provisionally diagnosed a slip disc. It is probably the most agonising pain In have ever experienced in my life.

'I will be having a CT scan this afternoon and seeing the consultant again tomorrow. Very sadly my attendance at HorrorCon is completely out of the question. I can barely walk three steps.

'I can't believe my rotten luck in having this condition this week ... the first time I would have been able to do a signing in the UK for years. I suspect Satan may have been involved.

'Please also convey my regrets to all attendees at HorrorCon, and to its organisers.'

From Graham: 'Just arrived from my French publishers Bragelonne a copy of Descendant as part of their 10th anniversary celebrations, and a beautiful red simulated-leathery-bound copy of Le Diable En Gris.

'More good news, though. Victory is yours, Valerie Dufourd and all of those readers who supported her Facebook site. Today, July 1, I have signed contracts with Bragelonne for ebook editions of 16 of my books in French, including The Manitou, Family Portrait, Night Warriors, Walkers, Wendigo (Edgewise) and The 5th Witch. Also, I have signed contracts for a French-language edition in volume and ebook form of the first Katie Maguire novel White Bones.

'I cannot adequately express my thanks for your efforts for your support and your determination to see my books published again in France. Next time I am in Paris, the drinks are on me! I must also thank Editions Bragelonne who are brilliant publishers and good friends.'

Descendant (French) and Le Diable En Gris
Fire Spirit (ebook edition) will be promoted by BookBub to US horror fans at only $1.99 from June 23 to July 7. The ebook will be available at this price through the following US eVendors: Amazon, Google Kobo and Barnes & Noble.
Fire Spirit - Kindle
From Graham: 'The photographer Sam Soursas has sent me a picture he took of me and Catriona MacColl at the Bloody Weekend in France. Catriona has appeared in many movies in Europe, including Hawk The Slayer, Afraid of the Dark and Horsehead.
Graham and Catriona MacColl, The Bloody Weekend, France 2016
Graham has just received copies of the Festa Verlag edition of White Bones, so he is running a contest for an autographed copy. See his (German) message below:

'Hier ist ein kurzer Wettbewerb für die deutschen Leser. Die erste Person, um diese Frage zu beantworten gewinnt richtig eine neue Kopie der Bleiche KNOCHEN der erste Roman in der Reihe mit Detektiv Katie Maguire. Ich werde die Kopie für den Sieger unterschreiben . Die Frage ist: Was haben Sie in Irland tun Sie das Geschenk der fließend Gespräch zu geben? Senden Sie Ihre Antwort auf manitouman1@yahoo.com. Die erste richtige Antwort bekommt das Buch!'

Katie Maguire - White Bones (German cover)
Below is sneak peak at the cover of Dead Girls Dancing (Katie Maguire 7). Note that this may not be the final cover. Very Irish though, don't you think?
Katie Maguire - Dead Girls Dancing cover
Three Mastertonian classics - Charnel House, The Devils of D-Day and The Hymn - are now available on Amazon Kindle, published by OpenRoad Media. To read an extract of Charnel House, click here. These are the new covers:
Charnel House ebook coverThe Devils of D-Day ebook coverThe Hymn ebook cover
Buried (Katie Maguire 6) will be a Kindle Monthly Deal on Amazon USA for the month of June 1.
Katie Maguire - Buried cover
Just in from Graham: 'Living Death, the new Katie Maguire thriller is published tomorrow (June 1).

'Meanwhile I have visited France for the Bloody Weekend Fantasy Film festival in Audincourt.

'I met Nicholas Vince who played the Chatterer in Hellraiser; John McNaughton the American movie director who made Henry: Portrait of A Serial Killer; Jack Sholder who directed A Nightmare On Elm Street 2; and Catriona MacColl the horror movie actress; among other writers and movie critics.

'The hall was crammed with horror books and scary T-shirts and life-size models of Freddy and zombies and other ghoulish characters. The atmosphere was amazing and very friendly.

'We judged 22 short films, some live and some animated. The winner was a film called Quenottes about a rapacious mouse which was like a tooth fairy and pulled your teeth out of your mouth while you were still conscious. Personally I preferred a film called La Fille Bionique about a bionic girl and her ghostly companion but I was outvoted!'

1) Graham and John McNaughton
2) Living Death
3) Jack Sholder and Graham and Nicholas Vince,
4) Graham and Catriona MacColl

Graham and John McNaughtonKatie Maguire - Living Death cover
Graham, Jack Holder and Nicholas VinceGraham and Cartriona MacColl
Part two of a new interview with Graham by This Is Horror addded to Interviews page.
The new Katie Maguire short story The Drowned will be published on Kindle on August 1.
Katie Maguire - The Drowned (short story) cover
Coming on June 7 on Kindle ... The Devil In Gray in its first UK publication..
The Devil In Gray (Kindle) cover
Taken For Dead has just been published in the USA by Trafalgar House and this is a very pleasing review from Examiner.com.
Katie Maguire - Taken For Dead cover
The next Katie Maguire book Living Death will be available on Amazon Kindle on June 1.

It's now available for pre-order.

Katie Maguire - Living Death cover
From Graham: 'The artist and sculptor Philippe Dumont has sent me from Belgium a copy of the trophy that is presented each year to the winners of the Prix Masterton for the best horror fiction published in France.

'Le Prix Masterton was started by my friend Marc Bailly in 2000 and is now in its 16th year, featuring some of the very best of French horror and fantastic literature.'

GM and Le Prix Masterton award 2016
White Bones is published today in Poland by Albatros.

It was originally published in Poland by Rebis, under the title Katie Maguire but Albatros have been publishing all the subsequent Katie Maguire novels and they have now brought this first novel into their series.

White Bones - Polish cover
Graham has just been told that Broken Angels is top of the Australian Kindle charts at No. 1 and Red Light is close behind at No. 3. Congrats Graham, and a big thanks to all his upside-down readers!
Broken Angels cover
Part one of a new interview with Graham by This Is Horror addded to Interviews page.
Tickets are now on sale for HorrorCon 2016 for which Graham is one of the guests.
Albatros in Warsaw will be bringing out a new edition of Broken Angels on July 1. This is the new cover:
Broken Angels - Polish cover
Charnel House and The Devil In Gray will be published as ebooks on June 7 2016. These are the new covers:
Charnel House ebook coverThe Devil In Gray ebook cover
The Russian online horror magazine Darker has celebrated its fifth anniversary and have published Graham's short story 'Camelot'.
The 5th Witch is included in Amazon Kindle's Monthly Deal for April at only £0.99. Click here to purchase it.

Congrats also to Graham for reaching no. 1 in the Amazon Horror Bestsellers. Screenprint below:

The 5th Witch ebook
The 5th Witch ebook - screenshot no. in Amazon horror bestsellers
This is the Czech cover for Taken For Dead which will be published in August:

Czech cover of Taken For Dead
Rebis in Poland will be re-publishing Ritual on May 24. This is the new cover:

Polish (Rebis) cover of Ritual
This is the online advertisement for the Bloody Weekend which Graham will be attending in Audincourt, France at the end of May 2016:
Bloody Weekend, 2016, France
Albatros have posted a teaser for the Polish version of Taken For Dead. Read it here.
Taken For Dead - Polish extract pic
Just added to the Fiction section, a Penthouse Article - which was commissioned by the Daily Mail when, in Graham's words 'Playboy stopped featuring nudes. They didn't run it, in the end, because something else came up (to coin a phrase!) although they paid me for it.'
New blog interview with Graham added to the Interviews page.
Just in from Graham: 'My son Luke will be boxing for charity at The Brewery on May 26. This is his message':

'Morning all ... I have decided to support The Tadworth Children's trust for my Fight Night charity. This is a charity local to me. They take care of children. with brain damage, and it is heart-wrenching. It offers local people the chance to use their facilities in order to raise extra money. My daughter was taught to swim there by the selfless staff who dedicate their lives to these less fortunate children. Any money that you can spare in order to help their love and kindness continue will be greatly appreciated.'

Luke Masterton, Fight Night Charity event, 2016, UK
Here's the poster for HorrorCon 2016 in Rotherham, UK on 9th and 10th July 2016 at which Graham is a guest:
HorrorCon 2016, Rotherham, UK
White Bones was originally published in Poland in 2002 by Rebis under the title Katie Maguire.

Now the rights have been acquired by Albatros who are publishing the rest of the series, and they will be bringing out White Bones in the Polish language on May 11:

White Bones - Polish cover
Graham's friend, Marc Bailly has just announced the winners of this year's Prix Masterton. This award is now in its sixteenth year.

Graham will be attending as well as on the jury of the Bloody Weekend in Audincourt in France between May 27 - 29. It's an international festival of fantastic film.

Graham's horror novel, The 5th Witch is being published by Canelo. Click on the ad below for more details:
The 5th Witch ebook ad
Graham has a new story 'The Greatest Gift' appearing in Grey Matter's new anthology Peel Back The Skin. Click on the ad below for more details:
Peel Back The Skin collection ad
Scarlet Widow will be published on April 7 2016. This is the full hardback jacket, front and back:
Scarlet Widow - double page HB cover
Check out the Fiction section to read a sample of the fourth Manitou book, Manitou Blood.

Festa Verlag are publishing the first Katie Maguire thriller White Bones in German ... and this is the first time we get to see Katie's face!

White Bobes - German cover
The 5th Witch which was only originally published by Leisure Books in the United States in 2008 will shortly be re-published. More as it happens...

This was the original LB cover:

The 5th Witch - Leisure cover
Exclusive preview of Graham's new short story, 'Cheeseboy' now available to download from the Fiction section.
A group of French readers have banded together to form a Facebook group to encourage French publishers to bring out Graham's newer novels in the French language. Click here to find out more.

Taken For Dead (the fourth Katie Maguire crime thriller) has now been published in Poland. This is the cover:

Taken For Dead - Polish cover
In Graham's words: 'I expect you can understand that I do not usually make charitable appeals on Facebook, mainly because there are so many deserving charities and I already make my own contributions to cancer research and to orphans and abused children.

'I am making an exception for little Marcelinka who was born with eye cancer and needs specialist surgery in the United States to save her eyes. Even a very small donation will help towards the $500,000 cost of her surgery.'

Click here to find out more and make a donation.

Marcelinka appeal
As of today, Wednesday 06/01/16, House of Bones is number #1 on the Kindle Horror Bestseller List. Well done Graham!

House of Bones cover
This is the new website of Le Prix Masterton, the annual awards for best horror/fantasy novels and stories in the French and translated into the French language.
Darker magazine in Moscow have published my Graham's story 'Picnic At Lac Du Sang' in Russian. Here is the link for all of Masterton's Russian readers!
This is the latest update on Le Prix Masterton, which is the prize Graham has been sponsoring for the past 15 years for horror and fantasy fiction published in French - both original and in translation. Laureates receive a spooky statuette.
Katie's first thriller, White Bones, is now #1 in Canada and #2 in the USA.

White Bones cover
Head of Zeus are bringing out the book version of Scarlet Widow, Graham's 18th-century thriller in time for Christmas. This is the cover.

Scarlet Widow cover
Blood Sisters is now available on Amazon as an audio book, read by Noreen Leighton.

Blood Sisters - Audio
Graham's short story, 'Beholder' will be available on OpenBooks.com from December 1. There will also be an AMA session on December 10 from 8 - 10 pm GMT. More details later.

Beholder ad
A sneak preview of the cover of Living Death, the eighth Katie Maguire book (after the soon-to-be-published Buried).

Living Death cover (Katie Maguire 8)
Check out a new Masterton interview in Writing.ie, an Irish website devoted to writing.

The Dichotomy of Christmas: A Holiday Anthology (Kindle edition) is an anthology of Christmas horror stories in aid of International Animal Rescue. Graham's story 'Anti-Claus' is included.

The Devil in Gray has now been published by Festa Verlag in German.

New Irish Examiner interview (PDF download) added in which Graham is interviewed about Blood Sisters by Sue Leonard.

Graham has just added a new Message From The Author to the website.

This is the finished cover for Buried (Katie Maguire 7) which will be published in February 2016.

Buried cover (Katie Maguire 7)
From Graham: 'Sometimes I have no idea what effect my books might have on people. According to this blog, The Hell Candidate had quite a generational impact. An additional irony is that I used to be drinking pals with Ronald Reagan's older brother Neil.'

The Katie Maguire website was updated at the beginning of October with a dictionary of Cork slang and more pictures.

it will soon feature a map of Cork with all the locations mentioned in the novels pinpointed. Stay tuned for more.

In Graham's words: 'I had a very successful book signing in aid of Cancer Research UK at Purley in Surrey on Saturday 24th of October. We sold several dozen books as well as signing books that readers had brought with them. I haven't yet had the final figure from Dawn who runs the shop but it runs into several hundreds.

'I would like to thank all of those readers who came to have their books signed. Some of them came from as far away as Preston!

'The picture shows me with a very loyal Polish reader Przemko and his wife.'

Polish reader Przemko and his wife, Purley UK, 2015
Here's a pic taken of Graham on his most recent trip to Dublin which included an interview with Pat Kenny on Newstalk radio that was supposed to last for 10 minutes but went on for half an hour; great interviews with the Irish Examiner and Irish Times; and signings at Easons and Dubray bookstores.

In Graham's words: 'Sadly an interview on RTE TV had to be called off because the interviewer's mother had passed away - but we should be able to fix up another interview in February 2016 when Buried (Katie Maguire 7) is published. I look like I'm laughing uncontrollably in this picture but my publicity guy Declan is not the world's greatest photographer and caught me with my eyes closed!'

GM in Dublin, October 2015
Graham will be signing in aid of Stand Up To Cancer at the Cancer Research UK shop, 954 Brighton Road, Purley, Surrey CR8 2LP on October 24 at 2:00 pm. There will be books for sale but you are also welcome to bring your own books for signing in return for a contribution to Cancer Research.
This is the cover for the Polish edition of Scarlet Widow, Graham's 18th-century grisly crime novel, which will be published by Albatros in Poland on October 28.

We can also announce that Scarlet Widow will be published in the UK in 2016 and will be the first of a new crime series featuring its heroine Beatrice who is something of a foresnic chemist, using the most advanced knowledge of the 1750s. More as it happens.

Scarlet Widow (Polish cover)
If you have a magnifying glass you may be able to see Graham's name on this extraordinary map of world literature done by a 17-year-old Slovakian boy!:
Horror Map (famous writers)
Here's an excellent new Red Light (Katie Maguire 3) review.

In other news, Graham will be in Dublin on October 13 for interviews with the Irish media and book signings. We will announce the exact times and locations of the signings as soon as Graham has been informed himself.

Red Light (Katie Maguire 3) has topped the Australian Kindle charts today at #1.

Says Graham: 'Thanks to all of my Antipodean readers!'

Red Light (Katie Maguire 3)
Graham will be visiting Dublin in October to talk about Blood Sisters (Katie Maguire Book 5) with the Irish Examiner and other media. More as it happens:
Blood Sisters (Katie Maguire 5)

After their very successful publication of The Djinn, Telos Books are now bringing out another Golden Oldie, The Wells of Hell. It has not been available for over 15 years, but Telos are re-releasing it in a glossy new edition.

It can be preordered here.

The Wells of Hell - Telos, 2015
Here is a film about Graham, shot in a cemetery in Brno in the Czech Republic last summer. It will be shown in Edinburgh in November.

In Graham's words: 'These custom-made dog collars and leash have safely arrived from Colin Rafal at CrazyDog in Poland. They are beautifully made - two collars, one black with pointy studs, the other turquoise velour with blunt studs. The black collar has a triangular bib hand-embroidered with a demonic face and the slogan "I'M NOT EVIL ... Usually!" There is also a leash with my signature hand-embroidered into it. Every stud is nickel-plated and every hole in rhe collar is hand-fired for strength.

'Colin is obsessed with quality and I have to say that I have never seen any collars better finished than these. Now ... since I don't personally own a dog, I am going to auction these amazing collars and leash for the benefit of the charity in Poland which supports homeless children and children lured into prostitution.

'All of the proceeds from these unique collars will go to charity.

'Bids start at GB £100; US 160; 140 EURO and PLN 590.

'Send bids to manitouman1@yahoo.com. I will keep you constantly updated on the progress of bidding. Bidding will close at midnight on Monday, August 31. Many thanks for your interest and support. I can promise you that your contribution will make a real difference to some children's lives.

'If you are interested in Colin's custom-made collars for your own pet, check out his site'.

GM Dog Collar!GM Dog Collar!GM Dog Collar!
Blood Sisters (Katie Maguire 5) will be published in hardback in October 2015 - this is a panormanic view of the cover:
Blood Sisters - Katie Maguire 6 hardback
Katie Maguire now has her own website. It's still a work-in-progress but will gradually fill up with more stuff as time goes by.
From Graham: 'A talented young Chinese chef is given the opportunity to cook from The Secret Shih-Tan, a forbidden book of recipes which will give connoisseurs their ultimate meal. An excerpt from From The Hunger TV series starring Jason Scott Lee, story by me. Over-18s only.'
Head of Zeus have rebranded the covers of the first two Katie Maguire crime novels (see below). They will appear immediately on Kindle and later in the year in the paperback editions.
White Bones rebrand coverBroken Angels - rebrand cover
In Graham's words: 'A lender at North Yorks library left this review in their returned copy of Fire Spirit.

'And I thought they were hard as nails up North!'

Fire Spirit - Complaint
Replika in Poland are publishing the first Sissy Sawyer novel under the title of Prediction on July 7.
Sissy Sawyer - Prediction (Polish title)
From Graham: 'My grand-daughter Lucy has made it official...I AM boring!'
Graham and granddaughter
Head of Zeus are bringing out a 44-page Katie Maguire short story Eye For An Eye on July 1. It is available now for order on Amazon for only £0.99.
Eye For An Eye (Katie Maguire short story)
The Manitou (left) and Maga Seksu (How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed) (right) will be published in Polish audio editions by Radical Press.

The digital versions will be available on September 15. Copies will be on offer at bookshops from October 1.

The Hymn and Tengu will be published as aduio books by Radical Press in December, in time for Christmas.

The Manitou - Polish Audio Edn., 2015Magia Seksu (How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed, Polish Edn., 2015
The latest edition of the Czech horror magazine Howard has just been published, and contains an interview with Graham. Even if you don't understand Czech, it's a great magazine with lots of grisly illustrations!

Blood Sisters (Katie Maguire Book 5) will be available on Kindle from Monday, June 1:
Blood Sisters (Katie Maguire 5)
Broken Angels (Katie Maguire Book 2) has just been published in the Czech Republic by Host. Incidentally, it translates as Smashed Angels!
Broken Angels (Czech edn.)
Jessica's Angel which was published in the UK and US as The Hidden World has been republished in Poland and appears in bookstores today:
Hidden World-Polish
Buried (Katie Maguire, book 6) will be published in February 2016. This is a sneak preview of the draft cover:
Buried (Katie Maguire 6)
Red Light (Katie Maguire, book 3) will be published by Albatros in Poland on June 22. This is their cover:
Red Light, Poland, 2015
Graham is auctioning a rare Ray Bradbury chapbook The Dragon in order to raise money for an Easter gift for the children of Gorzec orphanage in Poland.

It was produced by Bill Muntser for his Footsteps Press. It measures 115cm x 175 cm and is printed on Sundance Felt Flint Grey and Ivory paper. And of course it is signed by Ray Bradbury himself.

Bids start at GB £50/ US $75/ 70 EUR and PLN 280. They should be sent to manitouman1@yahoo.com by midnight on April 1 and I will of course keep bidders in touch with the progress of the auction as the bids come in.

The chapbook will be accompanied by a letter signed by me to authenticate that this was my personal copy signed by Ray.

Ray Bradbury pic 1Ray Bradbury pic 1Ray Bradbury pic 3
A selection of pictures from the SO BRITISH Convention that Graham attended in Strasbourg on the weekend of March 7-8 2015.

(l to r) Pic 1: Graham with Audrey, one of the organisers (in black) and other visitor; Pic 2: Graham with Vince Corto, another organiser, and the front panel of a Dr Who box!; Pic 3: With Christophe, one of Graham's most dedicated readers, who came all the way from Paris; Pic 4: Graham with Flore and Babou after a celebtatory dinner. Flore was my translator; Pic 5: Signing books.

Strasbourg, March 2015Strasbourg, March 2015Strasbourg, March 2015
Strasbourg, March 2015Strasbourg, March 2015
Here is the list of the latest winners of the French Prix Masterton award.
Here's a new cover for the Polish edition of Night Plague:
Night Plague, Poland, 2015
The paperback version of Red Light is going to press today with a new cover:
Red Light cover
Graham's Polish publishers Rebis are due to bring out a new edition of Tengu on February 10. Cover below:
Tengu - Rebis, Poland, 2015
Exclusive teaser chapter of Graham's forthcoming Manitou novel, Plague of the Manitou (to be released later this year) can be read and enjoyed here.
This is the cover for Taken For Dead, the new Katie Maguire novel which will be available on Amazon Kindle from December 25, price £3.99.

In related news, as of December 12 2014 the third Katie Maguiore novel Red Light has been in the Amazon Kindle Top 100 bestsellers list for 100 days. Well done Graham!

Taken For Dead (Katie Maguire 4 cover, 2014)
Below is the cover for Plague of the Manitou, due out in 2015. More updates as they happen.
Plague of the Manitou cover (released 2015)
Just in from Graham: 'A Christmas charity auction for the children of Dom Dziecka orphanage in Gorzec in Poland. This is a promotional T-shirt for the movie of Ritual which was going to be directed by Mariano Baino but never made it into production. It is the only new one I know of that is still in existence. It is black with red lettering and white spooky picture on it, size medium (but generous), very good quality and brand new. It will come with a signed card of authenticity. If you are interested in acquiring this rarity and also making a donation to a very worthwhile cause, please make an offer to me at manitouman1@yahoo.com. Starting bids at £25. Bidding closes midnight November 30.'
Descendant is being published in Polish as Potomek by Repilka.

Red Light is sporting a new cover design from Head of Zeus.

The Devil In Gray is being republished by Bragelonne in France in a special promotion.

The fourth Katie Maguire novel Taken For Dead will be published by Head of Zeus in February 2015.

Finally, the Jim Rook novel Swimmer is coming out as an ebook from Severn House.

Descendant-PolishRed Light-new cover
The Devil In Gray-French coverTaken For Dead cover
Just in from Graham: 'Today's the big day! I promised you that you would be able to participate in the publication of my spooky 18th-century crime novel Scarlet Widow. It is being crowd-funded by the innovative new publishers Unbound, who seek your participation in the publication of their books. This means that even for the minimum investment you get your name printed in the finished editions of the book, and for larger investments you receive other goodies too.

I have seen their books and they are the highest quality. They are a prestige publisher with a very impressive list of authors. One of their books made this year's Man Booker Prize longlist.

What I really like about them is that they are very author-friendly and reader-friendly too. Take a look at the video. I hope very much that you'd like to join in this very exciting and interesting new way of publishing the books I like to write and the books you like to read.'

An interview has just been published in the Czech Republic to promote Graham' novel, White Bones. Read it here (Polish only).
From Graham: 'This is Dawn and me raising money for Cancer Research. The only trouble was, nobody semed to notice that we looked any different from usual!'
Dawn & Graham - DressupDawn & Graham - Dressup
Below is the cover for the fourth Katie Maguire novel, Taken For Dead, which will be published on February 12 2015.
Taken For Dead cover (Katie Maguire 4)
Graham recently penned a foreword to a new Polish (Replika) edition of Descendant which you can read here.
Replika in Poland are bringing out an anthology of short horror stories by various writers including Graham's story 'Night of the Wendigo', based on the scary Native Amercian demon who follows you around two inches behind you wherever you go but is still behind you even if you turn around suddenly. The collection is called Faces of Horror.
Faces of Horror-Polish
Below is an advance look at the cover for Graham's new short story collection from Severn House, Figures of Fear, due out at the end of October 2014. It includes the aforementioned 'Night of the Wendigo', as well as some completely new ones.
Figures of Fear-Severn House
White Bones will be published in the Czech Republic this October by Host Publishers.

Graham visited the Czech Republic last month to do a promotional film for Czech TV and that will be shown to coincide with publication.

This is the cover. Host will also be publishing Broken Angels.

White Bones (Czech cover)
Graham's short story 'Beholder' is included in a new German anthology Visionarium (Stories of Magic and Fear). This is the Kindle cover:
Visionarium (German anthology cover) 2014
Here's a link about Graham's visit to the children's home in Gorzec, Poland, for which he has been raising money.
In Graham's own words: 'Wyklety (The Pariah) is published on September 2 by Rebis. I love the cover! Well spooky! Just like my own house!'
The Pariah (Polish cover) 2014
Graham has been invited to Strasbourg on March 7/8 2015 to sign books and give a master-class in 'how to write horror'. This is the poster.
So British Poster, Strasbourg, March 2015
This is the poster for the LiteraTura Festival that Graham will be attending in Sztrelin, Poland August 22nd - 25th.

On August 22 Graham will be signing books in Wroclaw. More details as they become available.

LiteraTura Festival, Poland, August 2014
Endeavour Books, one of the largest independent digital book publishers, are publishing Graham's historical novel Silver this week.
Silver - Ebook edn.
Replika Publishers in Poland are about to bring out a new edition of Graham's thriller Holy Terror, under the title Sekta.

Graham has written a new introduction for it, which explains its origins in the devastating worldwide Spanish Flu epidemic of 1916 ... and how the virus managed to survive until the present day, even more dangerous than ever.

Holy Terror - Polish edition
Graham was featured on the front page of Fakty Bialystok magazine this month. See pics below!
GM in Fakty Bialystok magazine
Rook - Polish edition
Here it is, unveiled on April 23 2014, the Graham Masterton park bench in Planty, in Krakow. It has a QR symbol on it which enables anyone who sits on it to hear Graham reading from his novel Bassilisk which was partly set in Krakow. To listen, click here.
GM Park Bench, Krakow
Below is an advance look at the cover for Graham's new short story collection from Severn House, Figures of Fear, due out around October 2014.
Figures of Fear-Severn House
Here it is, unveiled on April 23 2014, the Graham Masterton park bench in Planty, in Krakow. It has a QR symbol on it which enables anyone who sits on it to hear Graham reading from his novel Bassilisk which was partly set in Krakow. To listen, click here.
GM Park Bench, Krakow
This is the announcement on Libertine Films' website that Walkers is 'in-development.' It has been retitled it The Oaks.
The Oaks story - Walkers to be filmed
From Graham: 'I shall be visiting Bialystok in north-eastern Poland between April 11 - 13 for a literary festival. I shall be talking to readers and signing book. I will be visiting other cities but I have not received the full itinerary.' Below is the poster for the Bialystok event.
Bialystok poster, Poland, April 2014
This is a proof cover of Graham's new Katie Maguire crime novel, Red Light, which will be published by Head of Zeus on June 5. It concerns sex trafficking in Cork, and (of course) a few grisly murders!
Red Light - hardback edition
Rook will be published by Replika in Poland on April 2. This is the cover.
Rook - Polish edition
Brush up your Polish and read Graham's interview in the new issue of Polish horror magazine, Horror Masakra.
Horror Masakra - Polish horror magazine
Graham's novel Forest Ghost (Panika in Polish) has been awarded this year's Zloty Koscviej (Golden Bones) plaque for Best Horror Novel of 2013. This is the second year running that Graham has been given this distinction ... last year he received a plaque for The Red Hotel.

Congratulations, Graham!

Golden Bones award, 2013 (Polish)
This is a selection of covers from up-and-coming titles for this year from Albatros in Warsaw. They include Jessica's Angel (aka The Hidden World); The Devils of D-Day; Drought; Ghost Music; Broken Angels; The 5th Witch; Community and two Jim Rook novels, Demon's Door and The Terror.
Jessica's Angel (Polish edn.)
Below is a sneap peak at the cover of Graham's forthcoming novel, Drought. It will be published in May 2014.

Please note that while the tagline says 'supernatural' this is only a line the artist used to show where the lettering will go. It is in fact a non-supernatural out-and-out-disaster novel similar to Graham's previous novels Plague and Famine.

Below is the cover of the forthcoming third Katie Maguire novel, Red Light. It will be published on June 5 by Head of Zeus and will also be available in Kindle format.
red Light (Katie Maguire, book 3)
Below are are the final covers for the Albatros editions of two of Graham's sagas which will come out during the course of 2014. Actual publication dates when we get them.
Empress - Polish coverRich-Polish cover
From Graham: 'This is me with Marysia at her wedding to Stan in Warsaw. Marysia gave me the incentive to write Community at a time when I was finding it difficult to get back into writing after Wiescka passed away. I would write a chapter every day and email it to her in Warsaw and she would read it that night and tell me what she thought of it. She was absolutely brilliant and I was really pleased when she found Stan. The wedding was very moving and the reception was a riot!'
Marysia's wedding - with Graham Masterton
Just in from Graham: 'Broken Angels has at last passed Gone Girl and made to # 1 on the Amazon Kindle Crime Bestseller List.

'I would like to say how much I appreciate all the enthusiasm and loyalty I have had from readers over the years. There is much more to come!'

Says Graham: 'I signed new and backlist books at the Cancer Research UK Shop in Purley, Surrey, this afternoon (October 26). We had a great turnout of really nice people in spite of the rain. My corner of the shop was decorated by the manager Dawn Harris with cobwebs and bats and punpkins and a fearsome-looking rat (stuffed). My thanks to Dawn and all of her staff and everybody who cane out on a very wet day to raise a lot of money for charity. This is me and Dawn, who dressed very soberly for the occasion!'
Graham & Dawn Harris, 26/10/13, Purley, Surrey
Below is the cover of the (re-published) Replika edition of Graham's novel, The Chosen Child, a story based on the Polish uprising at the end of World War Two when resistance fighters used the sewers to make their way around Warsaw and attack German forces.
The Chosen Child - Polish
Below is the cover of a forthcoming Rebis (Polish) edition of Graham's novel, Night Warriors. This will shortly be followed by the rest of the Night Warriors series.
Forest Ghost - Polish
Read a new and exclusive fragment from a novel that Graham and William Burroughs were going to write together. The chapter supplied is called Gossamer John and can be found in the Fiction section.
Below is the cover of a forthcoming Severn House hardback edition of Graham's novel, Forest Ghost, due for publication in November 2013.
Forest Ghost
Below is the cover of a forthcoming collection of short stories from Replika Press in Poland, Thirteen Scars which includes Graham's golden oldie story of teenage erotica, 'In Defense of Roger Herrings'.
Thirteen Scars collection (Polish)
In Graham's words: 'More photographic evidence of how arduous it is being an author ... me with a devoted reader at the Kraskon Festival in Krakow on July 25'.
Graham and fan, Kraskon Festival, July 25 2013
Check out the excellent artwork of Dirk Berger, in particular the inner illustrations for the German (Festa-Verlag) publication of Bestialisch by Graham Masterton.
This is the promotional page from Koobe.pl, the Polish ebook publishers for Graham's new ebooks in Polish: Spirit, Garden of Evil, The 5th Witch, The Red Hotel, The Devil In Gray and two sex books.
Polish ebooks promo - Koobe.pl
Below, the covers of two golden oldies which are about to be re-released in Poland by Rebis with new covers to coincide with Graham's visit to Krakow at the end of July. Charnel House and Heirloom.
Charnel House - Polish coverHeirloom-Polish cover
These are the front cover and the full jacket illustratuion for Bestialisch (Beastly), a collection of some of Graham's more extreme short stories in German produced by Festa Verlag. It is a signed and numbered limited edityion of 666 copies only. It includes 'Eric The Pie', 'Sepsis', 'Son of Beast' and 'Heorine', amongst others. Details of how to purchase as and when they become available.
Bestialisch - book coverBestialisch - sleeve jacket
Below is an advance look at the cover of the paperback edition of the first Katie Maguire novel, White Bones, which will be coming out in September to coincide with the hardback and ebook versions of the second Maguire novel, Broken Angels.
White Bones paperback cover
See below for the forthcoming Albatros Polish covers of (l to r, top row) Garden of Evil, Jessica's Angel, Devils of D-Day, (l to r, second row) The 5th Witch and Drought. More details as they become available.
Garden of Evil (Polish edn.)Jessica's Angel (Polish edn.)Devils of D-Day (Polish edn.)
The 5th Witch (Polish edn.)Drought (Polish edn.)
Below is the cover of the Polish edition of Garden of Evil which is being published by Albatros on July 12 to coincide with Graham's visit to Krakow in July. Panika (Forest Ghost) will be published by Rebis at the same time.
Garden of Evil - Polish book cover
Below is the Head of Zeus finished artwork for the second Katie Maguire novel, Broken Angels which is due out in September. At the same time the first Maguire novel, White Bones comes out in paperback. White Bones will be published in Ireland in October with a special front-of-store promotion from Eason's and a promotional price of 5.90 EUR.
Broken Angels book cover
White Bones is now available as an audio book from AudioGo. This is the cover:
White Bones audio book cover
From Graham: 'This is the cover for the Rebis edition of Panika (Forest Ghost), which will be published in Poland on June 12.

'The English-language edition will appear from Severn House either later this year or early 2014. The story is based on the panic that people can feel when they find themselves in the woods all alone.'

Forest Ghost - Polish cover
Just in from Graham: 'On May 25, at School No.1 on Brwinow Street, Pilsudski 11, Poland, my friend Piotr Pocztarek will be talking about my favorite subject, ME. This is part of the fantasy and gaming convention Brwikon.' More info here.
Potega Seksu (The Power of Sex), one of Graham's enormously popular sex instruction manuals, will be published by Rebis in Poland on April 23rd. Cover below.
The Power of Sex - Polish cover
Check out what Graham got up to in a recent Polish fantasy convention (move slider to 3:55)...
From Graham: 'Yes, it's back at last! Poland's biggest-selling sex manual, Magia Seksu is being re-released by Rebis Publishing. (It was published in the US and UK as How To Drive Your Man Wild in Bed). So long as you understand Polish, your love life will never be dull again!'

You can also purchase an English language copy from the UK Amazon.

How To Drive Your Man Wild in Bed - Polish cover
Replika will be publishing Death Trance in Poland in April. The cover is below.
Death Trance - Polish cover
Here's Graham signing his latest release, White Bones at Goldsboro Books in Cecil Court, off St Martin's Lane in London on Friday 1st March 2013. He signed over 100 copies!
White Bones signing, Goldsboro Books 01/03/13, London
Graham will be visiting the Pyrkon Fantasy Convention in Poznan, in Poland, from March 22 - 24. The day before he will be in Warsaw for TV interviews and promotion.
Here's the cover for the forthcoming Severn House Publishing hardback of Community. You can preorder it here. More details when we have them!
Community cover
This is the cover for the Albatros edition of Drought, to be published in Poland later this year.
Drought - Polish cover
Just in from Graham: 'Coming soon from Replika publishers in Poland, an anthology of horror stories by Polish writers inspired by Masterton themes. Manitou Heritage. There is also a contest on my Polish website for the best black-and-white illustration for this anthology (which you don't have to be Polish to enter). Check out my Polish website for details.
The Manitou - Polish Heritage cover
In Graham's words: 'Golden Oldies of the Silver Screen ... I don't know where my Polish website supremo Piotr Pocztarek dug this up from, but he says it's about 20 years old. Left to right ... Stephen Laws, myself and Jim Herbert.'
Graham Masterton, Stephen Laws and James Herbert
Below is the cover for Graham's Irish crime novel White Bones (originally published in the US as A Terrible Beauty). It is the first of two novels featuring Detective Superintendent Katie Maguire. It will be published by Head of Zeus in March, 2013. A second novel in rhe series Broken Angels will be published in September, 2013. More details as we have them:
White Bones
Replika in Poland are about to publish a boxed set of three of Graham's novels in Polish ... The Hell Candidate, Genius and Innocent Blood.
The set comes out on November 26 but can be pre-ordered from Matras Bookstore.'
Replika books boxset
Below is the house where Graham and his wife, Wiescka used to live in Cork and which is the setting for his Hallowe'en ebooklet from Cemetery Dance, The Press. Says Graham: 'The house doesn't look like much from the road but it is built on a very steep hill and is actually four stories high (the windows you can see are on the third floor).'
Monteville, Cork, South Ireland
Two new books have just been published in Poland: Fire Spirit by Albatros and Unspeakable by Replika.
Fire Spirit - Polish coverUnspeakable-Polish cover
'It is not every day that one is asked to endorse a breakfast cereal ... but here I am, enjoying a tasty nutritious breakfast of Golden Grahams. They have just been launched in the UK by Nestle and their advertising agency wants to produce a definitive photographic collection of famous Grahams relishing their cereal. To be truthful, my three sons used to love GG's when we went on vacation to California in the 1980s so I have no hesitation in saying they're good.'
Golden Grahams!
The following titles will shortly be coming out as audio books: Corroboree, Feelings of Fear, The Manitou, The Pariah, Tengu, Mirror, The Heirloom, Night Warriors and Family Portrait. Details as I they come in. Death Mask is already available on audio.
Graham is being interviewed by online radio station Croydon Radio on Saturday morning September 29 at 11:00 am GMT. You can listen by clicking here. If you missed the interview (like me!), you can still check out the podcast.
Just in from Graham: 'Coming out in October ... Rock On, an anthology of fantasy and horror stories with a rock music theme. It includes my story 'Voodoo Child' about meeting a long-dead Jimi Hendrix, based on my four years as editor of a pop music page on my local paper, during which I met many of the rock supremos of the time.'
This is the cover of the new Cemetery Dance collection coming soon. It includes Graham's story "The Beholder" which, in the author's words 'is just about as challenging as "Eric The Pie"'. Say no more!
Shivers VII collection
In Graham's words: 'This is me strolling around the grounds of Masterton Towers, thinking up promotional ideas for the launch of my sex instruction books on Bloomsbury Reader this month, starting with How To Drive Your Man Even Wilder In Bed. Even more on the way, all available as ebooks.'
Graham strolling
Just in from Graham: 'I shall be signing books at the Traffic Club, Bracka Street 25, Warsaw, at 17:00 pm on September 6, at a meeting chaired by my Polish webmaster Piotr Pocztarek. At 13:00 on September 8 I shall be signing books and answering readers' questions at the Bielsko-Biala Fantascy Convention. Another short signing on September 9 at 10:00 am, supervised by Piotr Cholewa who translated The Manitou into Polish.'
This is the cover for the Polish edition of Genius (originally published in the UK by Corgi Books as Kingdom of the Blind by Alan Blackwood). It will be released by Replika on August 31:
Genius-Polish cover
Below is the cover of the forthcoming Jim Rook novel, Garden Of Evil:
Garden of Evil cover
Just in from Graham: 'To coincide with my visit to Poland in September, my publishers Albatros had brought forward the publication of a new Polish translation of The Revenge of the Manitou (Zemesta Manitou) as well as the second Katie Maguire novel Broken Angels.
Revenge of the Manitou-Polish coverBroken Angels-Polish cover
Below is the poster for the Polish (Replika) edition of Innocent Blood.
Innocent Blood-Polish poster
Says Graham: 'This is me telling comedian Tim Vine that he has to make up his mind whether he wants to become an alcoholic or a priest. Actually he is a great guy and we always have a good laugh together.'
Graham and comedian Tim Vine
Just in from Graham: 'Jeani Rector's great Horror Zine site has just published its third anniversary issue, so congratulations to Jeani for her imagination and persistence. This issue includes my story 'What The Dark Does' so now you can read it free and fernuffink. Plus features by the redoubtable Simon Clark, and lots of other stuff.'
Below is the forthcoming Polish (Replika) edition of Innocent Blood.
Innocent Blood-Polish cover
Below is the cover of a soon-to-be-published Polish anthology of Lovecraft tribute short stories featuring Graham's 'Will' about a deal with William Shakespeare did with the Great Old One Yog-Sothothe. No news yet of an English-language edition.
Polish Lovecraft anthology feat. Graham's short story, Will
Below is a preview of the cover of the Greek edition of Blind Panic to be published by Jemma Books in Athens.
Blind Panic-Greek edn.
Below is a new Polish edition of The Manitou with a new translation which will be published by Albatros Andrzej Kurylowicz on July 6.
The Manitou-Polish cover
A short story exclusive! This is a previously unpublished story which Graham wrote in the 1960s for Mayfair magazine but which was never included because of lack of space. Enjoy!
Just in from Graham: 'My short story 'Anka' about Babi Yaga the Polish witch is on the recommended list for reading for the 2012 HWA Bram Stoker Awards, as is the anthology Feast of Frights from Jeani Rector's great Horror Zine website, which includes my story 'What The Dark Does'; and also the Slices of Flesh anthology of flesh fiction which includes my story 'Ex Voto'. If you want to peruse the entire Horror Writers' Association recommended list you can do so here.'
Below is the map of the docks area in the game, Silent Hill Downpour with Masterton Street clearly shown ... just off King Avenue!
Silent Hill Downpour map
This in from Graham: 'Prey (Drapiezcy) will be re-issued in Poland on May 11 with a new cover, from Albatros books. The Red Hotel will be published on June 12 by Rebis, with a translation by Piotr Kus, who is one of the very best.'
Prey - PolishThe Red Hotel - Polish
Just in from Graham: 'I am auctioning the printer's unbound page proofs of The Red Hotel (signed with any personal message you like). As usual, all proceeds will go to children's charities. Bidding starts at £50/ US $80/ EUR 60 / PLN 253. Bidding ends at midnight on April 30. Please send your bids to manitouman1@yahoo.com. I will post regular updates on bids. The Red Hotel is not officially published until June 28 so whoever wins it will have a two-month lead on everybody else!'
Below is the cover of the (unabridged) audio book version of Graham's Sissy Sawyer book, Death Mask (aka The Painted Man), released by Audio Realms.
Death Mask-Audio Book
Flesh & Blood and The Sleepless have been published as ebooks by Cemetery Dance Publications.
Flesh & Blood ebookThe Sleepless ebook
Just in from Graham: 'Two crime novels featuring my Irish detective superintendent Katie Maguire will be brought out by the brand-new publishing company Head of Zeus in 2013. The first, White Bones, was originally titled A Terrible Neauty and published in the US only by Simon & Schuster in 2003. However it will be updated and somewhat edited and added to. The second, already written, is Broken Angels which deals with an extremely controversial subject and will inevitably cause some ructions. White Bones is provisionally scheduled for February 2013 and Broken Angels for September. Head of Zeus was founded by Anthony Cheetham who has an extraordinary track record in publishing and has either founded or run Orion, Abacus, Futura, Quercus and Corvus.'
Below is the cover of the forthcoming Severn House Publishers edition of The Red Hotel, the third in the Sissy Sawyer series. Order directly from Amazon.co.uk here.
Red Hotel-3rd in Sissy Sawyer series
Below is the cover of the Polish edition of Trauma. The book is 262 pages and includes two of Graham's short stories, 'Witch-Compass' and 'The Scrawler'. It is published by Replika. Thanks to Robert Cichowlas for the information and cover.
Trauma-Polish edn.
KR (a regular Masterton Message Board post-er) has started an interesting Masterton thread on Amazon.co.uk which you can read by clicking here.
Below are the drawings Graham did for the Duzeka.pl site. In his own words, 'Four pages of drawings for a story about three grumpy little girls. Although I think the sequence of events is fairly obvious, I still think it will be quite a challenge for young people to write a narrative to fit the pictures.

'Three of the most important things in judging their efforts will be to look for characterization and motivation and a sense of drama.'

See what you think!

Witch OneWitch Two
Witch ThreeWitch Four
Just in from Graham: 'On Sunday I celebrated the re-publication in Poland of Trauma by Replika Press by having lunch at one of my favourite local restaurants, where the manager Agnieszka Thaci is a friend (I give her all of my books in Polish when they come out.) She lives in England now but originally comes from Mragowo in NE Poland.' Here's a pic of Graham and Agnieszka together:
Graham and Agnieszka 2012
Published on March 1 is The Mammoth Book of Body Horror, edited by Paul Kane and Marie O'Regan, and containing twenty-five stories of 'transformstion, mutation and contagion,' all by well-known horror authors including Graham. It is published by Constable & Robinson and will be published in June in the USA by Running Press.
The Mammoth Book of Body Horror anthology.
Below is the cover of Weldon Burge's anthology Zippered Flesh, which contains Graham's story 'Sex Object'. Out now from Smart Rhino Publications.
Zippered Flesh anthology.
Below is the proposed new cover for the Polish Albatros edition of Manitou Blood. More information as it becomes available.
Manitou Blood - Polish edn.
Below is the cover for the Polish publication of the forthcoming Jim Rook novel, Garden of Lies. More information as it becomes available.
Garden of Lies - Jim Rook 8 - Polish edn.
Below is the final cover for the Polish publication of The House That Jack Built, (Polish title: Walhalla). It will be published by Albatros in February 2012. Thanks as ever to Piotr Pocztarek for supplying the information and cover.
The House That Jack Built-Polish Edition
Cemetery Dance Magazine have at last produced their special Graham Masterton issue (issue #65). This is sure to be a must-read for all GM fans. You can order your copy here. The impressive cover is by artist Vincent Chong.
Cemetery Dance-Masterton special, Dec 2011
Piotr Pocztarek has sent me some photos of Graham's recent visit to Poland (see below). To view lots more photos from the visit, click here.
GM In Poland 2011GM In Poland 2011GM In Poland 2011
This just in from Graham: 'This is the cover of the Necro Files anthology edited by Cheryl Mullenax and published by Comet Press in New York. It contains my short story "The Burgers of Calais", together with a short introduction explaining that the title of the story is both a pun and a metaphor, based on the Burghers of Calais who surrendered themselves to the English after the siege of 1347. They had been reduced to eating rats, which was a diet that was not a lot worse than some of the fast food that is produced in the United States today. Details of the book here.
Necro Files cover
The Sweetman Curve (see below) will be published in Polish on November 22. This will be the fourth Polish book to be published in November!

Below are a couple of pictures of Graham signing books in Krakow with Marysia from Albatros Publishing, and on the train with her afterward going back to Warsaw ... both looking a little pale after a day at the fair. In Graham's words: 'My book signing at the Krakow Book Fair was amazing. I met so many really nice people, and I signed more books and autograph books than all of the other authors put together.'

The Sweetman Curve (Polish edn.)Krakow signing, Nov 2011Marysia and Graham, Krakow, Nov 2011
Below is the final cover for the Polish publication, Masterton Short Stories: Face To Face With The Writer, (a kind of Polish Manitou Man) by Graham Masterton, Robert Cichowlas and Piotr Pocztarek.
Mistrz Horror
Go to the Fiction page to read Ex Voto, Graham's contribution to an anthology of 'flash fiction' - very short stories between 500 to 1,500 words long. The collection will be called Slices of Flesh and be published to coincide with the World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City in 2012, all proceeds to go to charity. In Graham's words: 'The editor of Slices of Flesh accepted "Ex Voto" but said that it was "predictable". See what you think. If you agree with him I will pull it.' After some fan feedback, he later added: 'The early consensus of opinion seems to be that the editor was right and the story did lack oomph. So I have rewritten the ending to make it gorier and twistier.' You can read the 'new and improved' version here.
This is the latest suggested cover for the forthcoming Polish publication, Master of Horror (Mistrz Horroru) (a kind of Polish Manitou Man) by Graham Masterton, Robert Cichowlas and Piotr Pocztarek.
Mistrz Horror
Look out for 15 Blizn, a Polish anthology featuring Graham's short story 'The Root of All Evil'. The collection is 424 pages (ISBN: ISBN: 978-83-76741-36-9) and the book is due to be released on 26/09/2011. Thanks to Robert Cichowlas for the info.
15 Blizn
What Fears Become, the HorrorZine anthology edited by Jeani Rector and including stories by Ramsey Campbell, Bentley Little and Graham Masterton, among many others, is now available as a trade paperback. This is the publicity that accompanied its recent publication as an ebook. All kudos to Jeani Rector who, in Graham's words, really puts her heart and soul into this.
Below is the cover for the (288 page) Replika edition of Graham's House of Bones. This edition includes three of Graham's short stories: 'The Gray Madonna', 'Absence of Beast' and 'Hurry Monster'. Thanks as ever to Robert Cichowlas for the updates.
The Ninth Nightmare - Polish version
Below is the advance cover for the Albatros edition of Graham's The Ninth Nightmare, the fifth Night Warriors novel, which will be released on 28/10/11. Albatros will also release a book on Graham called Face To Face With The Master of Horror, to be published on 04/11/11; and the Albatros edition of Lords of the Air will be published on 04/11/11. More information as it becomes available. Thanks as ever to Piotr Pocztarek for the updates.
The Ninth Nightmare - Polish version
From Graham: 'My friend Marc Bailly has launched a website for the Prix Masterton, which is the annual award for best French horror.'
Below is the final cover for What Fears Become, the latest anthology from Jeani Rector's online horror magazine. It contains Graham's story 'Reflections of Evil'.
What Fears Become
Blind Panic, Death Mask, Descendant, Spirit and The 5th Witch are now all available as ebooks from Dorchester Publishing. Edgewise will follow later in the summer and Ghost Music is scheduled for November.
See below for the Polish edition of The Hell Candidate (originally published under Graham's Thomas Luke pseudonym). Replika have published it in Poland under the new title Kandydat Z Piekla (previously Diabelski Kandydat). Alongside this is 11 Ciec, a Polish anthology which includes Graham's short story, 'The Battered Wife'. Thanks to Robert Cichowlas for the information and covers.
The Hell Cadidate - Polish edition11 Ciec
Below is the cover for the forthcoming collection of winners of the Prix Masterton, which is awarded every year to best French horror writers. It will be published by Riviere Blanche.
Enfants De Masterton
You can now order a limited edition Night Warriors mousemat from the merchandise page. All prices include delivery. Hurry while stocks last!
This obituary for Wiescka Masterton appeared in The Bookseller, the leading British publishing trade magazine, on May 27 2011.
The Collectors Edition of Grease Monkey and Other Tales of Erotic Horror - a new Graham Masterton collection - is now available to buy. They're selling fast, so order without delay!
Grease Monkey
Check out the Hammer Books trailer on YouTube. Includes forthcoming books from our very own Graham (see covers below - news item from 11/03/11).
Just in from Graham: 'Jeani Rector who runs the great HorrorZine website has been kind enough this month to include this tribute to Wiescka. Thanks, Jeani ... I am very moved.' To read Graham's touching tribute to Wiescka, click here.
See below for the forthcoming Albatros Polish reissue editions of The Devil in Gray, The House That Jack Built, The Manitou and Prey. Published for the first time will be Lords of the Air and Graham Masterton: Eye To Eye With The Master of Horror, written by Graham, Piotr Pocztarek and Robert Cichowlas. More details as they become available.
The Devil In Gray (Polish edn.)Prey (Polish edn.)The Manitou (Polish edn.)
Lords of the Air (Polish edn.)Eye to Eye (Polish edn.)(Polish edn.)
See below for the Polish edition of Lady of Fortune which will be published in July 2011. Ksiaznica will publish it in Poland under the title Pani Fortuny:
Lady of Fortune-Polish edn.
It's with great sadness that I must report that Graham's wife, literary agent Wiescka Masterton, died on Monday 27th April 2011. In Graham's own words: 'My wife and supporter and longtime literary agent Wiescka Masterton died today (Wednesday 27th April) at 5:00 pm at the age of 65, following complications from a broken arm. Wiescka had not been very well for a few months but on Monday evening she fell and broke her arm, which caused severe internal bleeding that her organs could not cope with. Life support was turned off at 5:00 pm. I was there at her bedside, as were her two younger sons Dan and Luke and Dan's wife Caroline. In all the 36 years we were together, 24 hours a day, she was my inspiration, a wonderful mother and I will miss her for ever. I still cannot believe I will never see or speak to her again. She was the light of my life.' Our deepest sympathies and condolences to Graham in this difficult time.

See below for a picture of Wiescka, taken on the Sunday before she died (24/04/11):

Wiescka Masterton, Sunday April 24th 2011
From Graham 'The scariest thing you can ever encounter ... how fast your grandchildren grow up! Me and Blake, taken last weekend (16th/17th April 2011).'
Graham & Grandson, Blake
Just in from Graham: 'The guys who run my Polish website organized a competition to coincide with the Polish publication of Petrified (aka Night of the Gargoyles). One winner produced the following Masterton Rap.'
See below for the forthcoming US editions of Spirit and Ghost Music, plus the Severn House cover of Petrified, due out July 2011.
Spirit - US coverGhost Music - US coverPetrified - Severn House cover
Just in from Graham: 'The winners of the Prix Masterton 2011 have been announced by Phenix magazine. Best French novel Le Dieu Vampire by Jean-Christophe Chaumette; Best translated novel: Mais C'est A Toi Que Je Pense by Gary A. Braunbeck; Best novella Separation De Corps by Richard D. Nolane. Congratulations to all three winners. You can check out the covers at here'.
Just in from Graham: 'Hammer Films have announced that they will be publishing six-eight horror novels a year, including some new titles, some movie tie-ins and some reprints. Family Portrait, my "twisted take" on The Picture of Dorian Gray will be one of the first, followed simultaneously in July by The Pariah and Mirror, my "twisted takes" on the raising of the Mary Rose and Alice Through the Looking-glass.' Draft versions below.
The Pariah-Hammer Films Book CoverMirror-Hammer Films Book CoverFamily Portrait-Hammer Films Book Cover
From Graham: 'There is a review of the latest short movie by Mark Steensland "The Weeping Woman" in this month's Fangoria magazine. It mentions that he has acquired an option for my novel Tengu. Check it out here.
Just in from Graham: 'Singer/songwriter Alex McAllister was so taken with my novel Bonie Winter (aka Trauma) that he wrote a song inspired by it. His wife thinks it's a love song but I can leave you to be the judge. The song is called "Obsidian" and you can listen to it here.
Screen rights in Graham's 1983 novel, Tengu have been acquired by producer-director Mark Steensland and screenwriter Rick Hautala under their Chang Shao Trading Company shingle. 'Tengu is a classic revenge story,' said Steensland, 'and in many ways I think it is even more relevant today than when it was first published.' Steensland and Hautala have made a number of highly-successful short films together and won several awards. The full media bulletin can be read by clicking here.
Below are the forthcoming Albatros Polish covers of Demon's Door (left, due out 04/03/11) and The Terror (right, due out 18/03/11). Thanks to Piotr Pocztarek for supplying the images:
Demon's Door - Polish edn.The Terror - Polish edn.
This just in from MHB Press: 'I am pleased to announce that Grease Monkey and Other Tales of Erotic Horror - a new Graham Masterton collection - is now available to order.'
Grease Monkey
Fire Spirit has now been published in paperback. You can order copies from Amazon and other online bookstores.
This just in from Graham: 'Cemetery Dance Publications have just released a limited signed edition of Tales Too Extreme For Cemetery Dance. It includes stories by Ray Garton, JA Konrath, Edward Lee, Robert Rhine and "Eric The Pie" by Your Truly. If you want one, hurry, because they are already 80 percent sold out.'
Graham now has his own Facebook page which you can visit here. Postings and friend requests welcomed.
From Graham: 'I have one immaculate copy of my 1976 Pinnacle paperback Confessions of a Racy Receptionist (or, what happens when a 44-24-37 girl goes 9 to 5!) (apart from pages tanned by age). Never opened, this copy. The going rate on the open market is £166 but I am prepared to start bidding at £150 or the equivalent in dollars or euros. Bidding closes January 31st. Please send your bids to manitouman1@yahoo.com'.
Just added Graham's short story, The Battered Wife to the Fiction page. Enjoy!
Check out this new interview with Graham, included in the December 2010 edition of The Horror Zine.
Below is the cover for Night of the Gargoyles (aka Petrified) to be published by Rebis in Poland in March 2011.
Night of the Gargoyles
The French edition of Blind Panic (Peur Aveugle) is released on 22nd of October 2010 by Bragelonne. Here's the cover:
Blind Panic-French Edn.
Below is the advance cover for Graham's forthcoming The Ninth Nightmare, the fifth Night Warriors novel. More information as it becomes available.
The Ninth Nightmare
This just in from Graham: 'Collectors of Masterton Memorabilia might be interested in this illustration by my late friend Ron Embleton (of Wicked Wanda fame). It is a concept study he painted especially for me of the heroine of a slavery novel I wrote in the 1980s for Sphere Books, but which was never published and is regrettably lost. I seem to remember it was rather rude in places. This original is available from the Illustration Gallery in South London for a mere £175.'
Slave novel pic-circa 1980
This just in from Graham: 'I have come across a pristine copy of the original hardback first edition of The Manitou, published by Neville Spearman in 1975. This is a real collector's item and I wanted to give the collectors among you a chance to own it. Bids, please, to manitouman1@yahoo.com, starting at £50/$80/60 euros. Bidding ends midnight September 24th. All bids will be posted on the message board as soon as I receive them. Bonne chance!'
The Manitou-Neville Spearman edn.
Below are the forthcoming Albatros Polish covers of Walkers (left) (actual published version) and The Devils of D-Day (right). Thanks to Piotr Pocztarek for supplying the images:
Walkers - Polish edn.The Devils of D-Day - Polish edn.
Below is the PB Descendant cover which Leisure Books will publish as an ebook in November 2010. It will be published as a trade PB in the summer of 2011.
Descendant-Leisure Books
Here's the cover art for Telos Publishing's new edition of The Djinn. Copies available to order from Telos Publishing.
The Djinn-Telos
Just added Graham's short story, Saint Bronach's Shrift to the Fiction page. Enjoy!
Telos Publishing is proud to announce details of two new titles from Graham Masterton being published this year, Rules of the Duel by Graham Masterton and William S. Burroughs and a resissue of Graham's classic 70s title, The Djinn. Preorder details and further information on both titles can be found here.
Rules of the Duel

Below is the artwork for the cover of the special Cemetery Dance magazine devoted to Graham. Publication date to be announced.

Cemetery Dance GM special cover
Graham now has a UK Facebook page. The intention is to update it with news as and when it becomes available (alongside this news page). We will also be adding links, photos and other GM-related material. Pop on over and have a gander!
Just added to the Fiction page: The Invisible Library is a short article by Graham Masterton about books that are 'unwritten, unread, unpublished and unfound'. Intrigued? Then read on...
Just in: MHB Press is a new British small press specializing in the publication of finely bound signed limited editions of 'out of print' and classic works of horror is launching with The Sphinx by Graham Masterton.

The title will be available in three states:

Collectors Edition - 300 copies signed and numbered bound in cloth with DJ
Deluxe Edition - 150 copies signed and numbered in roman numerals quarter bound in leather in slipcase
Lettered Edition - 26 copies signed and lettered fully bound in leather in traycase

The Deluxe and Lettered editions will both be hand bound by British Craftsmen using traditional binding techniques.

This is the first of a number of projects involving Graham (including a lavishly illustrated anthology of his erotic horror stories due in the winter), so MHB suggests that you join the mailing list for advance information.

Everyone who pre-orders (and eventually pays for) The Sphinx will be entered into a prize draw to win a copy of the UK 1st HB Edition of The Devils Of D-Day. This copy will be inscribed to the winner by Graham.

For more information visit MHB Press or to pre-order visit Mansion House Books.

The Sphinx cover
Below are the forthcoming Albatros Polish covers of Walkers (left) (early conceptual design) and Fire Spirit (right). Thanks to Piotr Pocztarek for supplying the images:
Walkers - Polish edn.Fire Spirit - Polish edn.
Below is the cover of the forthcoming edition of Demon's Door, due out July 2010.
Demon's Door, 2010
In Graham's words: 'An illustration by my late friend Ron Embleton to advertise the sexy comic strip Wicked Wanda in Penthouse magazine in the 1970s has just come up for sale at The Book Palace which is a fascinating repository of original comic-book and illustrative art. The picture of me being attacked by Wicked Wanda's dogs is yours for only £1,750!'
Ilustration of Graham for Penthouse, 1970s
Below is the cover of the new French trade paperback edition of The 5th Witch (La Cinquieme Sorciere), published by L'Ombre de Bragelonne.
The 5th Witch - French, 2010
Below are the forthcoming (reissue) Albatros Polish covers of Burial (top left), The 5th Witch (top right), Night Wars (bottom left) and Spirit (bottom right). Thanks to Piotr Pocztarek for his ever reliable and up-to-date information:
Burial - Polish edn.The 5th Witch - Polish edn.
Night Wars - Polish edn.Spirit - Polish edn.
Below is the cover of the new French mass-market paperback edition of Family Portrait (Portrait Du Mal), published by Milady (Bragelonne).
Family Portrait - French, 2010
Below is the cover of the new Horror Zine collection which will feature Graham's short story, 'Underbed'. More details when it comes out.
Horror Zine, 2010
Below is the cover of forthcoming Greek version of Picture of Evil (aka Family Portrait), due out from Jemma Press in Athens.
Picture of Evil - Greek edn., 2010
From Graham: 'Below is a photograph taken in 1964 by the late Antony Balch the movie director of Horror Hospital amongst other classics. It is a picture of me and William Burroughs visiting the Church of Scientology in East Grinstead under assumed names in order to investigate the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, who at that time William was conmvinced was a fraud.

'I was "Graham Thomas" and William was "William Lee." The pretty woman in the middle is a representative of the Church.'

Graham Masterton & William Burroghs, 1964
Below are the Polish covers of Death Dream (left), published in February, and the forthcoming Polish edition of Blind Panic (right):
Death Dream - Polish edn.Blind Panic - Polish edn.
Now you can read the opening chapter of Rules of The Duel, a very avant-garde novel Graham wrote in the 1960s with William Burroughs.
Below is the cover of Dan Masterton's terrific short animation DVD, Death and the Comedian, with the Voice of the Grim Reaper supplied by his dad, our very own Graham! See message board for more info.
Death and the Comedian
From Graham: 'My eldest son Roland and his wife Melissa will be running the London Marathon on April 25 to raise £1,500 for the Havens Hospice which provides respite breaks, symptom control and end-of-life care for children and adults with serious illnesses or conditions. It aims to create happy memories of their last days. The link to Roland and Melissa's can be accessed here.

'Any sponsorship that you feel you can provide would be received with great gratitude, no matter how small. I shall be auctioning off a few unusual Masterton-related items on this website in order to raise money for the cause, so please watch this space in the coming weeks.

'To support Roland and Melissa's London Marathon run on April 25 in aid of the Havens Hospice, I am offering for auction the first draft of the movie script of Demon's Door, the latest Jim Rook novel. The script was written by Fred Caruso, the producer of the Dennis Hopper movie Blue Velvet, amongst many others, and is already a collector's item in itself. It is in a plastic binder with a clear front. An illustration for it will be posted in the News section shortly. Fred has sent me a supportive personal message saying that he hopes the sale will raise $$$s for the hospice. Please send your bids to manitouman1@yahoo.com. I will keep you updated daily via the message board on the progress of the bidding. Reserve price for this truly unique script is £50/$80/57 euros. It is really going to be worth something in the future ... imagine owning the first-draft script of The Exorcist. Good luck! Bidding closes midnight February 28, 2010.

' Below is another auction item, a pair of identity tags from last year's Star Wars festival in Wroclaw, Poland. Further information to follow'.

ID tags from Star Wars fest in Wroclaw, Poland, 2009
Below is the forthcoming cover of Fire Spirit, due out in HB from Severn House in April 2010.
Fire Spirit (Severn House), 2010

Check out this new interview with Graham Masterton on William S. Burroughs, conducted November 2009 for Reality Studio website.
Below is the cover of the forthcoming Albatros (Poland) edition of Fireflash 5 (aka A Mile Before Morning), due out in November 2009. Incidentally, Blyskawica is the Polish word for 'lightning'.
Fireflash 5 (Albatros), 2009
Below is a new edition of Wendigo (aka Edgewise), a trade-size paperback just published by Bragelonne.
Wendigo (Bragelonne), 2009
Below is the forthcoming paperback edition of Blind Panic, due out from Leisure Books in January 2010. Bibliographical info here. You can also order a limited edition promo cover, signed by Graham with a message of your choice by clicking here. At £1.00 (or equivalent) a throw, they're as cheap as chips and will probably sell fast!
Blind Panic (Leisure PB), 2010
A new French edition of Graham's classic novel, Ritual (under the title, Rituel de Chair) is released by Milady on 21/08/09. Bibliographical details here.
Ritual (French edn.), 2009
New online interview with Graham which you can read by clicking here.
Just added Graham's short story, Ephiphany to the Fiction page. Enjoy!
In Graham's own words: 'I have just come across this picture of me with my beloved Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham d'Elegance. This was in the days before petrol was £104.9 a litre - it took 110 litres every time I filled it up! The picture was taken for The Sunday Times in March, 1988'
Graham & Cadillac
Here's your opportunity to bid in a rare auction. Graham is offering an original bus poster for The Djinn when it was published by Star Books in 1977. It was painted by the celebrated fantasy/horror artist Les Edwards and the original painting can be seen on his website by clicking here. Graham is auctioning it (signed, if desired), bids starting at 35/US$55/EUR 40. It is in excellent condition and measures approx 500cm x 760cm. Very rare, since most of them were stuck on buses! Bids to manitouman1@yahoo.com. Bidding ends midnight July 13 2009.
Djinn Poster-Star Books, 1977
Click here to view the Greek cover of Mirror, published by Jemm.
Click here to read a Booklist review of Graham's novel, Basilisk.
Just added 2 new Polish interviews with Graham to the interviews page. You can access them here and here.
Piotr Pocztarek (who co-writes for a first-rate Polish Masterton site) has kindly suppied some photos taken at a recent interview conducted with Graham for the magazine, Grabarz Polski (Polish Gravedigger). To read the interview, click on the cover of issue 15 and download the file. Or alternatively read the interview on the official Polish Graham Masterton site.
Graham & Piotr
Graham & Piotr
Graham signing
Below are several photos showing Graham & Wiescka along with one of Graham with photographer/interviewer, Bartosz Rumienczyk and a pic of Graham signing a dedication for readers of Wojtek Bala's website to accompany a recent Polish language interview. Read the Polish language interview here and the English translation here.
Graham & Wiescka
Graham & Wiescka
Graham with Bartosz Rumienczyk
Website dedication signing
Below is a sneak preview of the cover of the final Manitou novel Blind Panic, to be published by Severn House in hardback this autumn and in paperback by Leisure Books in January 2010.
Blind Panic-Severn House
Below is a photo taken of Graham and his wife, Wiescka during his recent trip to Wroclaw (at a Polish restaurant called Piwnica Swidnicka). Picture taken by Robert Cichowlas. Thanks Robert!
Graham & Wiescka, Wroclaw, May 2009
Thanks to Robert Cichowlas for posting this link to the Dni Fantastyki in Wroclaw, Poland, attended by Graham and his wife, Wiescka in May 2009. Some excellent photos too!
In Graham's own words: 'Graham and Wiescka Masterton will be attending the opening ceremony of Fantasy Days in Wroclaw, Poland, on Friday May 15 at 5:00 pm, followed by a literary meeting of, like, you know, literary types; and another meeting on Saturday afternoon. So all of you who can make it to Wroclaw at the weekend, be there! We shall be in Warsaw on Monday so if you can't make it to Wroclaw, come to Warsaw.'
Thanks to Wojciech Bala for supplying the Polish edition cover of Ghost Music. Bibliog details here.
Ghost Music - Polish edn.
See below for the Severn House cover of the HB of Basilisk. Bibliog details here.
Cemetery Dance Publications have just brought out Shivers, a collection of short horror stories by a variety of very good authors including Chet Williamson, Rick Hautala, Kealan Patrick Burke, Simon Clark and Al Sarrantonio. And, of course, Graham. If you would like to check it out and buy a copy, go to here. The book costs $20.00 and shipping within the US costs $7.00. Overseas shipping varies but the book fits into a global priority envelope so it is not as expensive as shipping in a box.
Check out this article on the top 20 greatest horror authors of all-time (featuring Graham, of course). Thanks to Mark White for the heads up.
See below for the French cover of Walkers (French title: Demences), published by Bragelonne in their "Milday" mass market paperback series. Bibliog details here.
French cover of Walkers
For those of you who like some early Masterton, below is some VERY early Masterton! And no, that isn't a Hellraiser puzzle box he's trying to open ;)
Early Masterton
See below for the recent French covers of Graham's Night Warriors books:
Night Wars - French edn.Night Warriors - French edn.
See below for the illustrated version of Half-Sick of Shadows, a collection of three of Graham's stories based on the Tennyson poem 'The Lady of Shallott', illustrated throughout in a private limited edition by Tom Moran. This book will be available for readers to buy early in 2009. Preorder here.
Half-Sick of Shadows
See below for the cover of the forthcoming Polish edition of Basilisk (Dom Wydawniczy, Rebis 2009). Thanks to Wojtek Bala for the cover and bibliog details.
Polish cover of Basilisk
New House of Bones review here.
See below for the cover of the German edition of Trauma (Das Insekt). Bibliographical details here.
German cover of Trauma
Some new editions of Graham's books have recently been released. Covers below (from l to r: Severn House HB of House of Bones, Polish [Albatros] PB of The 5th Witch & French [Bragelonne] PB of The Devil in Gray):
House of Bones-Severn HouseThe 5th Witch-Polish coverThe Devil in Gray-French cover
Check out Jeremie Dreux's brilliant 18 page bibliography. We're very impressed! Below is a picture of Jeremie with Graham at the Salon Du Livre, 2008.
Graham & Jeremie at the Salon Du Livre, 2008
Artist Andrew Skilleter was responsible for the 1977 Star PB version of Graham's The Manitou. Here is his master drawing/rough design.
Star cover of The Manitou, 1977
Below is a photo taken of Graham with Mark and Adam the bookstore managers who arranged Graham's recent signing at Waterstones in Colchester on May 10th 2008. The other 3 photos show Graham interacting with his fans.
Graham with Mark and Adam at Waterstones, May 2008
Waterstones signing, May 2008
Waterstones signing, May 2008
Waterstones signing, May 2008

Damien Kane has just penned an article on Graham's writing, and excellent and insightful it is too. Check it out!

Rare hardback editions of The Burning, The Hymn and Scare Care added to the merchandise section. Grab them while they're hot!
A new edition of one of Graham's earlier titles, House of Bones is due to be published by Severn House Publishers in July 2008. More details here.
See below for the cover of the Polish edition of The Painted Man (English translation: Red Mask). Thanks to Wojtek for the cover and bibliog details.
Polish cover of The Painted Man
Check out these photos of Graham signing books in Warsaw 2007. You can also check out Graham's offical Polish blog here (thanks to Robert Cichowlas for the links).
Message from Graham: 'I will be signing books at Waterstones in Culver Square, Colchester, Essex, around mid-day on May 10, if you can have any books you need signing!'
Below are 2 foreign covers of Graham's novels: the Greek version of Tengu and the Polish version of Flesh & Blood (see Bibliography section for more).
Tengu - Greek coverFlesh & Blood - Polish cover
Check out this Greek Inteview (in English) with Graham by Areti Ntaradimou for top Greek newspaper, Eleftheros Typos.
Graham's French publishers, Bragelonne are launching a new mass-market paperback list (up until now, all of their books have been 'trade paperback' size, i.e. the same size as a hardback but with a soft cover). The new list is called 'Milady'. The first title they are publishing will be Graham's Le Diable En Gris, which has been very successful in France. Bragelonne have also just published Descendant as Descendance. See below for the cover. More updates as we have them.
French cover of Descendant
Limited edition signed novels available from the merchandise page. First come, first served!
Some reviews of Graham's novels by Damien Kane have been posted in the bibliog section and can be accessed by clicking on the covers of the following books: Manitou Blood, Edgewise, The House That Jack Built, Heirloom, Night Wars and Descendant, plus a general article on Graham which can be read here.
Below is a photo taken at the Salon du Livre in Paris (Paris Book Fair) during a recent visit. What makes this pic all the more interesting is that it was taken just before Graham and his wife, Wiescka had to evacuate the building because of a bomb scare!
Graham & Wiescka-Paris Bookfair, March 2008
New review of The Painted Man (KirKus Reviews) here.
Below are 3 photos from Graham's colourful past. All taken in Sweden, circa 1974 (when Graham was thinking up The Manitou!). Hover your mouse over each pic for a caption.
Graham in his Bee Gees suitGraham somewhere on the road somewhere in Sweden with his Lincoln ContinentalGraham in Gamla Stan, the Old Town, after work at Private magazineGraham's wife, Wiescka in Uppsala, Sweden
New review of the forthcoming The 5th Witch here.
The Prix Masterton 2008 has been awarded. Best French horror novel goes to Thomas Gunzig for 10000 Litres D'Horreur Pure. Best translated novel to Craig Spector for Underground. Best novellas to Sylvie Miller and Philippe Ward for Noir Duo (Riviere Blanche). To see the covers of these books, click here.
New review of The Painted Man (Booklist) here.
Below is a picture of Graham Masterton and Matt Williams, circa 1999 at a FantasyCon signing in Birmingham, UK. I think Graham is telling me to wake up!
Graham and Matt Williams, circa 1999
Below is a picture of Graham from 1980 (the back cover of The Pariah).
Graham in 1980
Here's the perfect andidote to turkey at Christmas - Graham's short story, The Burgers of Calais. Just ensure you don't read it before tucking into your roast on the 25th...
Here are Graham's Christmas wishes especially for his Polish fans.
Below is a picture of Graham from 1984.
Graham in 1984
Below are 2 covers from Graham's forthcoming novels, The Painted Man and The 5th Witch, both due out in 2008 (see Bibliography section for more).
The Painted ManThe 5th Witch
A new interview with Graham by the Edinburgh News
In Graham's own words: 'I will be "appearing" on BBC Radio Kent on Sunday November 4 at 3 pm, in a Desert Island discs-style program. You can check out frequencies etc at BBC Radio Kent's website and also listen to the program after it has been broadcast. Happy listening!'
Graham will be 'appearing' on local radio on Sunday, October 28, on their Supernatural Spectacular, just after 11:00 pm. You can check out a list of the 28 local radio stations on which this will be broadcast by Googling The Local Radio Company. The only station which will not be carrying it will be Fire FM which is a dance station. All stations can be streamed. The station will be offering four free copies of Edgewise to lucky listeners!
Graham was recently interviewed for Polish Express, the largest-circulation Polish newspaper in the UK.
See below for the cover of the German edition of Descendant to be published by Festa Verlag in December. More details when available.
German cover of Descendant
Here's a rare b+w photo taken for Polish magazine, Gentleman of Graham signing one of his sex manuals in Warsaw. The headline reads 'The Master of Fear Fears Nothing' (or words to that effect!).
GM signing sex manual in Poland
Here are 2 new Polish book covers - The Burning and Wendigo.
The Burning-Polish ednWendigo-Polish edn
New Message From The Author letter added.
Graham's short story, The Scrawler (originally released as a limited edn. chapbook) added to the Fiction section of the site.
Check out these new foreign book covers - the French version of Manitou Blood and a Manitou Trilogy (which also includes the short story 'Spirit Jump' and the alternative ending to the original The Manitou, plus other articles and remarks about The Manitou. Full bibliographical details here and here.
Manitou Blood-French ednManitou Trilogy-French edn
See below for the cover of the Polish edition of Burial.
Polish cover of Burial
Shrouded By Darkness, a horror anthology edited by Alison R. Davies has just been released by Telos Books. It is a very high-quality hardback limited edition, signed by all the contributors and numbered. It includes Graham's story, 'Neighbors From Hell'. It is a charity book to support children who suffer from epidermolysis bulllosa, a genetic disorder which makes their skin highly sensitive to blistering and injury (there was a recent TV program about it called The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off).
Contributors include Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, Poppy Z. Brite, Peter Crowther and Christopher Fowler, amongst many others. Anybody who is interested in acquiring a copy (and supporting the DeBRA charity) should check it out on Telos
Shrouded By Darkness
Here is a picture of Graham and his wife, Wiescka in Nostalgie, an old-world coffee-shop in Krakow. It was taken on Graham's recent visit to Poland.
GM & Wiescka in Krakow, Poland 2007
Check out these new foreign book covers - the Greek version of Manitou Blood (published by Jemma Press) and the Polish version of Chaos Theory (Angels of Chaos) (published by Rebis).
Manitou Blood-Greek ednChaos Theory (Angels of Chaos)-Polish edn
See below for the cover of the Severn House trade paperback edition of Edgewise.
Edgewise - Severn House edn.
Check out the cover of Dark Passions: Hot Blood 13 which will be published at Halloween by Kensington in the USA and contains Graham's new short story 'Son of Beast'.
Hot Blood 13
Check out these new foreign book covers - the Polish versions of Sphinx and Faces of Fear.
Sphinx-Polish ednFaces of Fear-Polish edn
The first issue of Doorways, a new print/online horror magazine
is now available. It features a short story from Graham.
Doorways magazine
Here's the Greek cover for Descendant. Bibliographical details here.
Check out these new foreign book covers - the Italian version of Spirit and the Greek version of Burial.
Spirit-Italian ednBurial-Greek edn
Here are two new covers of Graham's novels. Firstly the Polish cover for the recently released Night Wars (Powrot Wojowniknow Nocy, published by Albatros). Also check out the cover of the forthcoming (February 2007, Severn House) UK HB edn. of Unspeakable.
Night Wars - PolishUnspeakable - UK HB
Check out 2 interesting new interviews with Graham (for French websites). You can read them by clicking here and here.
Here's the French cover for The Devil in Gray.
Le Diable En Gris
Check out these new foreign book covers - the Italian version of Spirit and the Greek version of Burial.
Spirit-Italian ednBurial-Greek edn
Graham's site has just undergone another 'facelift', though as you can see, things have retained more or less the same look. However, beneath the surface, hard-working Welsh web developer, Daniel Portillo has been re-constructing the site from scratch to adhere to modern web standards. The site is now much faster loading and easier on the eye; it also features the facility to re-size the page to suit your screen resolution.
On top of this you might like to know the site is now properly hosted; in other words, depending on what page you've clicked on, the correct address will be displayed, e.g. www.grahammasterton.co.uk/news. To this end, if anyone has bookmarked the site with the old freespace address, i.e. http://homepage.virgin.net/the.sleepless/masthome.htm, please can you re-bookmark with www.grahammasterton.co.uk. Thanks.
I think you'll agree that Dan has done a splendid job with the re-build. If you're interested in reading more about the technical process, please click here. You can also post your comments on the new-look site on the message board, or use the contact form on the rebuild infomation page to contact Dan directly.
On behalf of Graham and all the GM site visitors, thanks Danno!
Exciting news. You can now purchase a limited number of promotional covers for Night Wars (see cover below). These are flat glossy cards, approximately 240mm x 170mm, full colour. We are selling these with an inscription of your choice from Graham. Prices: GB£5/EUR €7.50/US $10, including postage. ALL of the proceeds from the auction and the sale will go to The Children's Trust who exist to offer appropriate care, treatment and education to children with exceptional needs and profound disabilities and to give support to their families. So not only do you get a signed cover, you will also be contributing to a very worthy cause.

Furthermore, you can bid in an online auction for Graham's personal proof copy of Night Wars, unbound, 354 pages, signed with a message of the bidder's choosing. To place your bid, simply go to the Email section of this website and state your bid price (remembering to mention your name and contact details.) Closing date for the auction will be June 30, 2006.
Here's the cover for the forhcoming PB release of the fourth in the Night Warriors series, Night Wars. Edition info can be found by clicking here.
Night Wars
New article/short story added to Fiction section of the site. Read it here.
Nowa Fantastyka is Poland's top fantasy/sci-fi magazine, lavishly illustrated with comic art and surreal drawings. It is published monthly by Proszynski Media in Warsaw, price 7 zl 90 gr. Graham has written a couple of columns for Nowa Fantastyka. To get hold of a copy you can try emailing nowafantastyka@fantastyka.pl.
Fantastyka Magazine - Poland
Check out the Polish (Albatros) cover of Graham's Krew Manitou, aka Manitou Blood. Click here for bibliographical details.
Krew Manitou (Manitou Blood)
See below for the cover of Graham's forthcoming vampire novel, Descendant. The book is due to be published in hardback by Severn House in May 2006. An Amazon synopsis can be read here.
Read an in-depth review of the DVD version of Graham's The Manitou by clicking here. Shame on the company for not including any extras though. Sounds like it'll be worth waiting for the usually reliable Anchor Bay version instead. More as I have it.
Check out the cover of Graham's forthcoming novel, Touchy & Feely. The book is part of a new series of Sissy Sawyer novels, the first of which is to be published in hardback by Severn House in January 2006. An Amazon synopsis can be read here.
Touchy & Feely-UK
Check out a short interview with Graham for Fangoria magazine re: the various proposed film adaptations of his novels and short stories.
US horror mag, Wicked Karnival Halloween Horror features a new story from Graham called 'The Press' and can be purchased by clicking here.
Check out the cover of the Polish edn. of Graham's new book, Zla Przepowiednia. The novel will be published under the title of Touchy & Feely in the US and in the UK in January 2006 in hardback from Severn House. Polish bibliographical details can be accessed here.
Touchy & Feely-Polish
Here's a picture from Graham's recent visit to Athens. It shows Graham with his wife, Wiescka and Lefteris Stavrianos (right), publisher of the new Greek edition of Revenge of the Manitou.
Graham's Athens trip
New GM story, 'Camelot' added to the Fiction section of the site. Click here to read it. A pdf version is also available for download. 'Camelot' is an excursion into the surreal world of the not-so-ordinary household mirror. Fans of Graham's novel, Mirror will especially enjoy this one.
This poster announces Graham's forthcoming visit to Greece!
Masterton Poster-Greece
Check out this Manitou Blood banner. It was created for Chizine, the on-line horror magazine and will be running there for the next five months.
Manitou Blood banner
Polish printing house, Albatros have just published 3 of Graham's back catalogue: The Chosen Child, Mirror and The Sleepless. See below for the Albatros covers.
The Chosen Child-Polish ednMirror-Polish ednThe Sleepless-Polish edn
Jemma Press in Greece have just published The Revenge of the Manitou in Greek. ISBN 960-87829-5-3.
See below for the front and back covers of the Greek edition of The Revenge of the Manitou. Sadly, these were the last covers that the illustrator Vasilis Arnaoutglou did before he died.
The Revenge of the Manitou-Greek Edn (front)The Revenge of the Manitou-Greek Edn (back)
Check out and order the British Fantasy Society's 2006 calendar by clicking on the cover below. Featuring text by several well known authors, including our very own Graham, this is likely to become a highly sought after rarity in years to come. The calendar also features artwork from such luminaries as Bob Covington, James Ryman and Lizzy Shumate. Get yours for the bargain preorder price of £8.99.
Check out the superb artwork that will feature on the forthcoming Night Warriors mousemat. Information on how to order will be posted just as soon as the mousemats are available. Join the mailing list to ensure you don't miss out on this unique experience! Mats will be very limited. This special mat has been endorsed by none other than Springer himself.
Fantasy animator Marvin Q. Horn regularly exchanges creative ideas with Graham, and drew the definitive illustration of the Night Warriors. Now he has completed a new animation which you can enjoy for free by clicking The Learnings of Dr Lune. Marvin Q. (or Horny, as he is known to his close friends) is currently putting together a new design and animation team, and he would very much like to hear your feedback to The Learnings of Dr. Lune on the message board.
See below for sneak peaks of the forthcoming covers of Manitou Blood and the Polish edition of Spirit. Hope you like them.
Manitou BloodSpirit-Polish version
We thought you'd like to see the Polish cover of Graham's novel, Outrage (aka Innocent Blood). Pretty impressive, eh?
Issue 3 of Marc Shemmans' The Horror Express is out now. It's of especial note because it features Graham's story, 'Edgewise', which is being run as a competition. Graham has written the first half of the story, the reader completes the second half, then the story is finished by Graham. You can purchase Marc's magazine from the likes of Shocklines, Fantastic Literature and Murder One; or get hold of it via Paypal using email address horrorexpress@blueyonder.co.uk; or by sending a cheque/international money order in pounds sterling (made payable to Marc Shemmans) for £5.00 (GBP) to The Horror Express, POP BOX 11600, Birmingham, B30 2QW West Midlands, England. UK Postage is £1.50 (GBP) and £2.50 overseas. This is a double issue and is sure to go fast, so act quickly to secure your copy of what is sure to be a collectors' issue!
Just in from Graham: 'A US production company is making Masters of Horror, a series of one-hour stories for US TV and also to be packaged as a DVD. The producer is Mick Garris, who produced/directed the TV adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand. They are very keen to include my story 'Anti-Claus' in the series, and we are talking about a director such as Stuart Gordon, John Carpenter or Joe Dante. More news as things develop.' And an interesting titbit, supplied by eagle-eyed GM fan, Brad Boucher re: the forthcoming DVD release of The Manitou.
Another rare pic from GM's photo vaults. This was initially run as a competition, i.e. who is the mystery lady with Graham?. The answer was, of course, Linda Lewis.
Masterton Mystery
Below is a very rare picture of Graham in the Crawley Observer offices in the summer of 1964 writing one of his first novels instead of a news report. The person on the phone in the background is Claude Duval, now the racing correspondent for The Sun.
Masterton - Observer Reporter!
I've just been sent a splendid looking - and exhaustive - French bibliography, Bibliographie Masterton, compiled by Alain Sprauel and Cyrille Wolff. The chapbook format comprises 60 A4-size pages, with several full colour pages displaying the covers for some of the French editions, plus pictures of Graham. This very impressive work can be yours for a mere 10 EUR (inc. shipping) and is limited to 50 numbered copies. You can purchase your copy from Alain Sprauel by emailing him on alain.sprauel@gazdefrance.com. Or write to him at: 17, Rue de Montmagny, F95410 - Groslay, France. Only be quick as these beauties are likely to sell out FAST!
Bibliographie Masterton
More book updates from Graham: 'Unspeakable comes out in February 2005, as does Innocent Blood aka Outrage. Manitou Blood should be out in the summer, and I am hoping that there will be a paperback edition of all of the Rook books, at long last. Night Wars is going great guns (especially the Seismic Rifle which can shake a building apart like a portable earthquake) and I am working on outlines for two more books. The only problem is that I would like to find more time for short stories, which I really enjoy writing. However there should be a new short story collection out later this year, Festival of Fear'.
This just in from Graham: 'JT Petty has written a brilliant script for Family Portrait and there are several more very promising developments which I will tell you about as soon as they look solid enough.
'News for mes amis in France ... Bragelonne, who are a small but highly-motivated publisher, are launching a new horror list and will be publishing Manitou Blood and The Devil in Gray in trade-size editions in the next few months.'
Below is the cover of Graham's forthcoming novel, Innocent Blood. Release date February 2005.
Innocent Blood
Here's a sneak preview of the impressive-looking new Greek edition of The Manitou (Jemma Books, Piraeus. ISBN 960-87829-3-7).
The Manitou
Not really a news item, but here at the Graham Masterton site, we're anything but predictable. Here, in Graham's words, is a short description of the pic below. 'I recently came across this rare photograph of my grandfather Thomas Thorne-Baker taken in 1910 on Salisbury Plain while he was experimenting with radio signals sent from a Marconi wireless apparatus in a biplane. He was the one who first encouraged me to tell stories.'
Graham's Grandfather
This message just in from Graham:
'Garrett Peck has just told me that the book Small Bites is up for pre-ordering. In case you've forgotten, the book is in aid of the horror writer Charles Grant, who has been extremely ill and is faced with horrific medical expenses. The book will be published on September 1 and is 472 pages, featuring 196 500-word stories from 104 contributors, including me. The paperback is $18.95 and the ebook version is $5.95. If you are interested in acquiring a copy of this very rare and interesting book, please order it direct from the publisher since Charlie's medical fund will make 20 times more out a direct sale than he will from a bookstore or online retail sale. You can check out details of the book and ordering information by clicking here. Each of the stories concerns something that eats people. As opposed to Ritual, in which people eat people. A good bottle of Mercurey should go down well with human thigh.'
Also, please note that the Masterton site has moved home to alternative webspace. Not that this should concern anyone as you can still reach the site by entering 'www.grahammasterton.co.uk' into your address bar. Each page of the site will retain this URL, making it more professional-looking. Simply delete any links you had to the old Virgin webspace and always use the www address.
Check out a new interview with Graham, conducted by Diana Bennett in Vol. 2, issue 6 of The New Camp Horror.
And if you speak Polish, here's another GM interview, conducted for New Guild Horror.
An announcement was recently made in Hollywood's Daily Variety re Family Portrait:
GOLD CIRCLE SET TO PAINT A PORTRAIT. Gold Circle Films has optioned the Graham Masterton thriller Family Portrait with J.T. Petty negotiating to adapt. Story concerns a corrupt clan who have achieved immortality via a magic ritual that allows their souls to remain trapped forever within an ancient painting. Originally published in the UK, book was published Stateside in 1985 by Tor Books under the title Picture of Evil. From Gold Circle, Paul Brooks will produce, with Steve Schneider, Scott Niemeyer and Norm Waitt as executive producers. Zak Kadison brought the project to the shingle.
There is also a mention of the movie in this month's Fangoria.
Here's a recent picture of Graham's Tombstone Award from the Horror Network for his long fiction story 'Anti-Claus'.
Tombstone Award
Just in from Graham: 'Film rights for Unspeakable have been sold to La Chauve Souris an excellent French film company. Outrage has been published in Poland by Rebis Wyadawnictwo under the title Wybuch ... it will be published in the US and UK early next year under the title Innocent Blood.
'I am finishing off Manitou Blood and have also just written a short story for Small Bites which is a benefit anthology for the horror writer and anthologist Charles Grant who has been seriously ill lately and has run up impossible amounts of hospital bills.
'Small Bites is edited by Garrett Peck and features 500-word horror stories on the theme of people being eaten. It is divided into Zombies, Animal Attacks and Were-Creatures. It will be published by a new Canadian company called Coscom, and features storylets by (among others) Rick Hautala, Matt Costello, F. Paul Wilson, Tim Lebbon and myself. It should be available as an e-book and also as a trade paperback through all the usual online distributors and major bookstores. I will obviously let you know when it is published, since poor old Charlie needs all the help he can get. My own story is called "Sarcophagus" and concerns an ancient answer to the Atkins Diet.'
Here's a sneak preview of the Pocket Star cover of Graham's novel, Unspeakable, due for publication in February 2005.
Here's an exclusive snap of our beloved Graham in Empik bookstore, Poznan, taken on his recent visit to Poland. The pic shows Graham at a signing with his wife, Wiescka, both obviously delighted to see some of his books actually on display!
Graham Masterton in Poland
This just in from Graham: 'For any Polish readers wishing to have books or any part of their anatomy signed...
'On June 21 I shall be at the Empik Megastore in Warsaw at 18:00 hours for one hour. On June 22 I shall be in the Matras Bookstore in Gdanyia at 18:00 hours for one hour. On June 24 I shall be signing books at the Empik Megastore in Poznan for one hour. On June 25 I shall be signing books at the Empik Megastore in the Old City in Wroclaw for one hour. There may be other signing times arranged later ... I shall let you know. I shall also be doing interviews for Rzeczpospolita, Magazyn Literacki, Fakt, Cinema, Superexpress and Playboy.
'For non-Polish-speaking readers, there is a review of my new sex book in this Friday's Toronto Sun.'
The latest from Graham: 'I have already done signings in Belgium and France this year, and after Poland it will be the USA, although an itinerary has not yet been fixed. I would be happy to do signings in the UK, but apart from Severn House and their admirable library editions, I have no new books coming out from UK publishers in the foreseeable future.
'I shall also be incredibly busy. The new Manitou novel is almost finished, and I am laying out plans for the fourth and final Night Warriors epic. It also looks as if I may find the time to write the long-postponed historical saga that I have been planning for the past six years.
'Development of The Pariah and Family Portrait movies is chugging along sensibly and I should have some news of those shortly.'
And here's a sneak peak of the cover of Graham's new horror novel, The Devil In Gray, to be released by Leisure Books in October 2004.
The Devil In Gray
Here's a sneak peak of the new cover for the up-and-coming Hot Blood anthology, Strange Bedfellows which contains Graham's new erotic horror story 'Camelot'.
Hot Blood
Outrage will now be published in hardback under the title of Innocent Blood in February, 2005.
The Devil in Gray will be published on October 5, 2004, by Leisure Books in the US. More as we have it.
Graham is featured in issues 1 and 2 of The Horror Express, a magazine fronted by Masterton fan, Marc Shemmans. Check out Marc's website or send a cheque to his postal address: The Horror Express, PO BOX 11600, Birmingham B30 2QW, West Midlands, England (or pay via Paypal to: horrorexpress@blueyonder.co.uk). Total for magazine is £4; postage £1.50 in UK; overseas £2.50; subscriptions are: 1 Year = £8, 2 Years = £15, 3 Years = £22.
As announced in Monday's Hollywood Daily Variety Phoenix Pictures have acquired rights to The Pariah, to be scripted by Brian Carr who wrote The Lost Boys for Mostow/Lieberman and Universal and Into The Ether for Dimension Films. Family Portrait (aka Picture of Evil) has been acquired by Gold Circle, the makers of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. In Graham's words, 'More projects are in the pipeline, but let's just conservatively say that there is now a fair-to-middling chance of one or more of your favourites reaching the screen.'
Winner of the 2003 Tombstone Award for long fiction, Graham's alternative take on Christmas, Anti-Claus will make you think twice about hanging out the children's stockings on Christmas Eve. You can also download the pdf version by clicking here.
Here's a very early look at the cover for the new Rook book, The Darkroom, not due out till September 2004. More news as we have it.
The Darkroom
Read an interesting new interview with Graham by Jackie Plage.
Read Graham's new vampire short story, 'Half-Sick of Shadows', written especially for the BBC, by clicking here. As well as reading you can also listen to the story by clicking on the RealPlayer links at the top of the page (read by Jamie Bamber). Furthermore, the BBC broadcast of 'Half-Sick of Shadows' will be at 6:30 pm on April 11, repeated at 12:30 am, on BBC 7.
This just in from Graham: 'Polish readers have stolen a march on the rest of you with a just-published new edition of The Devil In Gray (Szary Diabel) from Wydawnictwo Albatros. It has a great cover on it. ISBN 83-7359-095-1. The English-language edition won't be published until November, by Leisure Books, New York.'
Severn House Publishers will be bringing out Rook 6: Darkroom in September 2004. Work has already begun on the cover.
The results of the Prix Masterton 2004 are:
Best French-language novel: Nuit de Colere by Francis Berthelot (Flammarion)
Best Foreign Novel: Black Flag by Valerio Evangelisti (Fayot/Rivage)
Best short story: 'Le Serpent a collette' by Francis Berthelot (Dreampress.com)
The awards will be made by Graham at the Brussels Book Fair 2004.
Just in from Graham: 'Time/Warner UK are bringing out a quadruple anthology in April 2004, including Tengu, The Devils of D-Day, Mirror and Charnel House ... all in one fat book! The cover is taken from the original edition of Tengu. ISBN 0-7515-3650-4. I haven't been told the price yet.'
New interview added, a complete, frank and at times highly amusing examination of how to pick that perfect bloke for 'between-the-sheets' adventures...
A Terrible Beauty has just been published in France by Fleuve Noir, under the title Katie Maguire. Translation by Francois Truchaud. ISBN 2-265-07681-3.
Holy Terror has just been published in Poland by Albatros Wydawnictwo A. Kurylowicz under the title Swiety Terror. Translation by Piotr Hermanowski. ISBN 83-7359-094-3.
Here are the finalists for 2004's Prix Masterton for French-Language Novels, Translated Novels and Short Stories.
Roman Francais: Nuit de colËre, de Berthelot (Flammarion); Enfer Clos, de Ecken (Le Bélial): Fazi (Mélanie) : Trois pépins du fruit des morts (Nestiveqnen)
Romans Traduits: Harry Potter et l'Ordre du Phénix (Gallimard); La DerniËre Porte, de Dean Koontz - LattËs; Evangelisti (Valerio): Black Flag (Rivages); Wilson (F. Paul) : La tombe (Fleuve Noir)
Nouvelles: Evangelisti (Valerio) : Angry red planet (in Utopiae 2003, L'Atalante); Berthelot (Francis) : Le serpent ‡ collerette (Dreampress.com); Pagel (Michel) : L'arbre de mort (Asphodale no. 4)
If Pigs Could Sing, a rare, hilarious, never-before-published (unfinished) tale by Graham Masterton can be read here.
Graham's new erotic horror story 'Camelot' has just been accepted by Jeff Gelb and Michael Garrett for the up-and-coming edition of Hot Blood which will be published next year by Dorchester Publishing (Leisure).
Graham's latest sex book, Up All Night will be published by Penguin Putnam in March, 2004. Says Graham: 'I am genuinely pleased with this book, because it goes into all the hows and whys and wherefores of impotence, penis size, penis enlargement, and how to keep going all night. Impotence is a very serious problem for men who suffer from it, and equally disastrous for their partners, but you don't have to be Pele to overcome it (sorry about the double-entendre, but that always happens when you're discussing sex, even seriously!).'
Up All Night
Here is a pre-publication look at the cover for the Severn House edition of Holy Terror. More info on release dates as soon as we have them.
Holy Terror
Great news, just in. In Graham's words: 'I have just contracted with Leisure Books to write three new horror books: one of them will feature the final bloody return of the Manitou, Misquamacus. The second is a hair-raising Wendigo story. And the third is the fourth and final finale of Night Warriors.' The Manitou and Night Warriors series' are amongst Masterton's most popular works, and the release of these books will doubtless be highly anticipated events. More as and when...
The Official Graham Masterton site is proud to announce that it recently raised £555 for the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. This was achieved by selling limited edition signed copies of the first draft screenplay for the forthcoming film based on Graham's novel, Prey called Death's Door; plus signed copies of a chapbook called The Scrawler.
Give yourselves a big pat on the back! The money you helped raised will, in Graham's words 'be specifically used for the Society's program of helping teenage children to get off drugs and drink and complete their schooling. The long-term effect of this program is immeasurable (on the children themselves and on their own children and so on).' You should be proud of yourselves!
This just in from Graham: 'The Doorkeepers is published in October 2003 by Leisure Books, the full unabridged version, and copies are available now. I am informed that Sepsis is finally at the printers and will soon be shipping.
'The Devil In Gray will be published by Leisure Books in 2004. Unspeakable will be published by Pocket Star in May, 2004.'
Graham Masterton will be appearing in a BBC-2 program (UK terrestrial TV channel) about men's magazines on October 19 at 9 pm. Don't forget to set those VCRs!
This just in from Graham: 'And the good news is ... the movie of Death's Door (aka Prey) is shaping up really well. The director will be Kevin Connor whose work I love and is currently in Eastern Europe finishing off Frankenstein for Hallmark. Antony Costa of Blue has agreed to take the lead role of David. He is a terrific guy and absolutely right for the part. Ingrid Pitt will be playing the part of Doris in the beach cafe. We have already been to Pinewood Studios to pick the right studio (where, incidentally, we saw the Paris opera-house set for Phantom of the Opera and a half-finished Babylon for Alexander the Great).
'There are a very few signed scripts for Death's Door left, which we are selling for children's charities. These are going to be VERY rare collector's items since the finished script will inevitably be altered and these will be the only first-draft copies left. Hurry to the merchandise page and bag yours! I will soon be announcing how much money we have raised and tell you how it will be spent.'
Other good news: Graham's latest thriller, Genius can now be ordered here.
This just in from Media Arts International, the company behind Death's Door, the adaptation of Graham's Lovecraftian novel, Prey. 'The tentative start date is now the first week in December for principle photography - with a worldwide release date of October 31st 2004. The film will shoot for three weeks on the Isle of Man; break for Christmas and New Year; and then shoot for three weeks at Pinewood Film Studios.' More developments as they happen.
You can still purchase the Death's Door screenplay from the merchandise section, though be warned we're down to the last few, so you'll have to be super-fast!
Time/Warner Books will shortly be re-publishing Graham's historical Indian epic, Empress. Details to be announced.
This just in from Graham: 'Media Arts International who are developing Death's Door (aka Prey) for the screen are very generously offering 20 print-outs of the finished screenplay by Stuart Mitchell signed by myself and by Ingrid Pitt, who contributed all the glamour to the Hammer horror movies and who has shown a strong interest in appearing in Death's Door.
'The Death's Door screenplays cost £25/US$40/Ä36 each, and ALL proceeds will be added to the fund for the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (remember that you can also make donation by checking out the fiction site for a preview of my new novel Outrage.)
'But as a TASTER, one copy of the signed screenplay is offered as a prize in my new trivia contest ... set this time not by me but by Robin Price of Media Arts who knows my books better than I do. His question is: WHO SAID: "Cheer up, it's not the end of the world." Remember that the prize is a full screenplay of Death's Door, signed by the fabulous Ingrid Pitt and the equally fabulous me (**answers to be posted on the message board).'
You can purchase the screenplay (see pic below) from the merchandise section. But remember, copies are EXTREMELY limited and it's first come first served. So be quick!
Death's Door
Cemetary Dance Publications is now taking preorders for Graham's short story gross-out, Sepsis. They're going pretty fast so order NOW!
As a taster of what you're missing - namely, the brilliant graphic comic book, Visions Of Hell - we've decided to reproduce 2 provocative scans from pages 11 & 60. We hope you enjoy the images - clearly you can see the book is for adults ONLY! You'll be pleased to know that we haven't yet sold out of Visions of Hell, and that it can still be ordered from the merchandise page. For more detailed info on the book, please refer to the news story lower down on this page. In the meantime, enjoy the images!
Visions of Hell
Visions of Hell
The Official Graham Masterton site is proud to offer yet another exclusive, namely the first few pages of Graham's as yet unpublished supernatural thriller, Outrage. As this novel is not due to be published for at least another year, here's your unique opportunity to read part of this exciting new book well in advance of publication date (webpage and pdf versions available).
In return we're asking you to show your gratitude by making a small donation to one of our favourite charities, The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC). We suggest a donation of £5.00/$7.50/Ä7.50, but feel free to contribute whatever you can afford. The Official GM site has supported this charity before, and is proud to do so again. All donations - with no deductions - will go to the ISPCC. To donate, simply send your payment via Paypal.
In the meantime, head to the fiction section and start reading Outrage now!
Sepsis by Graham Masterton is a Limited Edition chapbook that will be published in August by Cemetery Dance Publications.
Available in three states:
Signed Chapbook of 500 signed copies
Limited Signed Hardcover of 200 signed copies
Traycased Hardcover Lettered Edition of 26 signed and lettered copies
Chapbook: $10
Limited Hardcover: $40
Lettered Hardcover: $100
See site for further details.
Mandragora publishers in Poland have finally brought out Visions Of Hell (Piekielne Wizje), the comic-book version of 15 of Graham's short horror stories, including 'Anais', 'The Jajouka Scarab', 'Eric the Pie' and 'Evidence of Angels'. This is a VERY limited edition in the Polish language only ... in full color, measuring 200mmx285mm, 112 pages. Visions Of Hell is a very small exclusive print-run and this first edition is already a hotly sought-after collectors' item in Poland and other European countries. You now have the opportunity to buy your own copy through this site's merchandise page. We anticipate that this book will sell FAST, so order while stocks last!
Also, a very limited number of Graham Masterton website coffee mugs are available at the special discount price of £5.50 to those placing orders for Visions of Hell. See merchandise page for more.
Visions of Hell
Media Arts International have just acquired a motion picture/TV option in Graham's novel, Prey, which they are enthusiastically developing; also, Corroboree, Graham's Australian epic, looks a likely candidate for a mini-series. More as it happens.
The results of the Prix Masterton for 2003 are as follows:
French-language novel: Johan Heliot, Pandemonium (Le Belial)
Translated novel: Picatrix, D'Evangelisti (Rivages)
French-language short story: Armand Cabasson, 'Dragon, Renards Et Papillons' (SF magazine, edition 26, August 2002).
Here's the cover of the French edition of Condor (formerly released under the Thomas Luke moniker). Thanks to Cyrille Wolff for supplying cover and bibliog. info.
Here's a sneak preview of the cover of the forthcoming UK release of Graham's latest thriller, Genius. More as we have it...
Some publishing news, hot off the press. Time/Warner have re-released The Hymn/Night Plague in an omnibus edition, available now. The same publishing company are also due to re-publish the following titles: Tengu, The Devils of D-Day, Charnel House, Mirror, Famine, Corroboree (the Australian epic), Empress (the Indian saga), Rich (the oil-millionaire story) and Solitaire (the diamond novel). News of publication dates as they happen.
Amazon links added to all sections of the bibliog section, meaning that you can now order new and second-hand editions of nearly every Graham Masterton novel, often at a tiny price. The links are below the book covers - each will take you straight to a (usually) PB edn. of a GM book where you can order copies through what's called the Amazon Marketplace (where people sell used copies of GM novels). You simply purchase through amazon as usual and the seller sends the book. Go check it out - you'll be surprised at what you find.
I've also commpressed all the site's graphic images, often up to two-thirds their original size. So load times should be quicker for those on dial-up modems. Plus, you can now read pdf versions of all of the stories/extracts in the Fiction section.
Also updated the bibliog with regards to new and old edns. and deleted dead links from the Links and Interviews sections.
James Cain, publisher of the Australian-based horror magazine Dark Animus has brought out Issue #2, with Graham's story 'Lolicia' as its cover story. Copies cost A$7.70 or US$5.00. Copies of this issue can be had from Shocklines.
Latest from New York - A Terrible Beauty (aka Katie Maguire) has been bought by Doubleday Book Club, Literary Guild, Science Fiction Book Club and Mystery Guild. So those of you who want a cut-price copy should be in luck!
And further good news - the above title can now be purchased from Pocket Books in the US for $6.99. For further details of this PB edition, click here.
Trauma (aka Bonnie Winter) has been nominated for an Edgar Award by Mystery Writers of America for Best Original Paperback Mystery of 2002.
Here's the shortlist for this year's Prix Masterton for the Best Horror and Fantasy novels published in the French language in 2003.
French Language Novels
Xavier Maumejean, Gotham, Le Masque
Philippe Dumont, La danse du fou, Naturellement
Johan Heliot, Pandémonium, Le Bélial
Camut Jérome, Le trait d'union entre les mondes, Le Serpent ‡ plumes
Nicolas d´Orves, Othon, Le Cabinet Noir
Translated Novels
Valerio Evangelisti, Picatrix, Rivages
Stephen King, Dreamcatcher, Albin Michel
Neil Gaiman, American Gods, Au Diable Vauvert
A. Teodorani, Belve, Naturellement
Jonathan Carroll, L'aube du 8e jour, Flammarion
Armand Cabasson, Dragon, renards et papillons, SFMag, # 26, ao˚t 2002
François Darnaudet, Ma puce, mon coeur, Phénix #57
Cyrille Wolf, La vanité de Stilleben, Territoires de l'angoisse
Philipp Dumont, La Danse du fou, Naturellement
Sylvie Miller, Philippe Ward, Mau, R'ves d'Ulthar
Here's the latest Graham Masterton book release dates from the man himself: 'As far as up-and-coming books are concerned, A Terrible Beauty (aka Katie Maguire) will be published by Pocket Books in New York in March; and in France by Presses Pocket under the title Katie Maguire. Hidden World (aka Jessica's Angel, aka Patternland) will be published by Severn House in US and UK also in March (as far as I know).
'Unpspeakable has just been published by Albatros in Poland under the title of Koszmar. Confused? Not half as much as I am.'
Film director/screen-writer/web site designer and all round talented chap, Mariano Baino has kindly sent me a mini-poster of his design for the proposed film adaptation of Graham's popular novel, The Pariah. This is a superb piece by anyone's standards. How can one person be so talented at so many different things? The mind boggles! I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing Mariano every success with getting this movie off the ground. As with his film-in-progress, Ritual, there are more than a few fans anxious to see more of Graham's work immortalised on the big screen. More as we have it...
Pariah - The Movie
Latest update from Graham: 'It looks almost certain now that A Terrible Beauty will be published in the UK fairly shortly, possibly in a trade paperback edition as well as a hardback.
'Leisure Books will be publishing The Doorkeepers as an original paperback so those of you who haven't been able to get hold of the Severn House hardback edition will be in luck. By the way, the offer of a signed printout of my adult short story "Epiphany" still holds for those who can email me proof of purchase of The Doorkeepers from amazon.co.uk. As you know, Mariano Baino has acquired a movie option on The Doorkeepers and I am giving him my full support in getting this onto the screen.
'Meanwhile my story 'Neighbors From Hell' will be appearing in a new anthology edited by Randy Wiggins called Family Plots. It will be advertised in the next issue of Cemetery Dance.
'I have almost finished The Devil In Gray, my Civil War-Santeria novel, featuring the So-Scary Man, and I am hoping for an early publication sometime in late 2003/early 2004.
'I am also writing a Manitou story for the anthology which will be published to accompany the WHC in Kansas City in April, and this will feature not only Harry Erskine but Jim Rook and John Dauphin, the overweight hero of 'The Burgers of Calais' which appears in this year's Dark Terrors 6 ... three heroes for the price of one. And, of course, Misquamacus himself!
'Finally, it looks as if publication of the Polish comic-book version of my short stories is coming ever closer. I have seen some more finished artwork and it is very high quality indeed. Can't beat the Poles when it comes to beer, galobki and kartoonski.'
Just in from Polish comic artist, Michal Galek: 'Here is another sample from my Visions from Hell comic anthology - a representation of Graham Masterton's short story, 'Lolicia'. The project is slated for December 2002.'
Some publishing updates. Graham's forthcoming novel, Jessica's Angel will be published in March 2003, both in UK and US. The two Masterton novels written under the name of Alan Blackwood, Kingdom of the Blind and Plague of Angels, will also be published in UK and US in 2003 and 2004, under new titles. Leisure Books in New York will definitely be publishing The Doorkeepers in paperback, date to be announced. Also, Unspeakable will be published in UK and US in 2004. Full publishing details as soon as I get them.
Classic Masterton horror tale, The Sympathy Society added to the Fiction section.
Telos Publishing are proud to announce the launch of a new range of quality fiction. Following the runaway success of their range of original Doctor Who Novellas, Telos will be publishing two new lines of original and reprint fiction from this Autumn.
One of the first volumes in the range is The Manitou (see cover below) by Graham Masterton - which will be published on the 31st of October and is available for pre-ordering on the Telos website now.
Best of all, this edition features both the revised and the original endings, plus a new introduction by Graham. The book will be published as an A5 paperback.
The Manitou
Katie Maguire will be published in the UK in March, 2003, under the title A Terrible Beauty (a quote from the Irish poet WB Yeats). Check out the UK cover (left). And in Poland as Katie Maguire (right):
A Terrible BeautyKatie Maguire-Polish Version
Hot Blood XI now available. Here are the covers of Hot Blood: Fatal Attractions which includes a new story by Graham called 'Epiphany'.
Hot Blood 11Hot Blood 11
This from Graham: 'Michal Galek at Krakowski Klub Komiksu has made a final selection of my short stories which will be adapted for his comic-book anthology. They include "The Jajouka Scarab" (for which the rough artwork I have already seen is stunning); "The Gray Madona"; "The Secret Shih-Tan"; "Evidence of Angels"; "Neighbors From Hell" and many others ... not the least of which will be the infamous "Eric the Pie".
'Katie Maguire is all locked up and ready to go ... Pocket Books tell me that the provisional publishing date is March, 2003, which will be handy since I will be in St Louis, Missouri, in April and will be able to sign copies in person.'
More superb artwork, this time a sneak preview of the opening page of the graphic art for Graham's story, 'Pig's Dinner'. Evocative or what!? More as we have it...
Night Warriors
New (and lengthy) interview on the site: conducted by William P. Simmons for Cemetery Dance magazine.
Check out the superb artwork that will feature on the forthcoming Night Warriors mousemat, designed by Graham's very talented son, Dan. Information on how to order will be posted just as soon as the mousemats are available. Join the mailing list to ensure you don't miss out on this unique experience! Mats will be very limited. This special mat has been endorsed by none other than Springer himself.
Night Warriors
A new interview by Sandy Auden where, amongst other things she asks the author what he thinks about when he brushes his teeth.
Check out info on Graham's attendance at the World Horror Convention in Kansas City, Missouri in 2003
Check out this new article, Rules of Writing by Graham Masterton (culled from a recent series of message board postings and part of an ongoing feature). Lots of invaluable information of the mechanics of writing and research.
The publication date of Warner's double edition of Ritual/Walkers has been postponed until April 11 2002.
One-off Prize up for grabs
Great news - we're not far off 25,000 hits to the site. A great accomplishment I think - and completely down to you guys. You've all contributed to making this a site worth visiting - and visiting again. To celebrate this magic number, we're offering you the chance to win a very rare and collectible prize. And what's more, you don't have to answer any questions: just visit the site!
'What madness is this!?' I hear you cry. 'Tis true! The person who reaches the magic 25,000 number first will win ... wait for it ... a rare signed LARGE PRINT edition of Graham's young adult novel, House of Bones.
To avoid disputes over who hits the number first, the winner will be required to press 'Print Screen' on his/her keyboard and paste an image of the homepage displaying the number at the bottom into a word processor and email to contact. But hold on. What if the 25,000th visitor isn't even aware there's a competition? Or say, he/she just plain misses the number at the bottom of their screen? No need to worry. I'm also willing to accept the closest number after 25,000 (e.g. 25,001/2/3 etc.). We'll have a winner regardless. Start hitting the site - and pray you reach the magic number first...
Just announced: the results of Le Prix Masterton 2002:
French-language novels:
Jean-Pierre Andrevon, Le village qui dort (Naturellement)
Jean-Christophe Chaumette, L'Aigle de sang (Pocket)
Translated novel:
Dean R. Koontz, Memoire truquee (Robert Laffont)
Short story:
Sylvie Miller, 'Un choix reflechi' (SF Mag No 15)
A new promotional edition of Graham's novel Flesh & Blood has been published this month by Arrow. Available from Random House, 20 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V 2SA, price £5.99 (GB), ISBN 0-7493-1671-3.
New Graham Masterton short story, A Polite Murder added to the fiction section. British reserve can be a cold and calculating thing...
Just in: Graham's forthcoming novel, Katie Maguire has been acquired by Pocket Books in New York as a two-book deal, and will probably be published later this year. More as I have it.
New Letter from Ireland added.
The jury's shortlist for Le Prix Masterton 2002 is as follows:
French-language novels:
J.P. Andrevon, Le Village Qui Dort (Naturellement)
Jen-Christophe Chaumette, L'aigle de Sang (Pocket)
Sylvie Miller/Philippe Ward, Le Chant de Montsegur (Cylibris Fantastique)
Bernard Weber, L'ultime Voyage (Albin Michel)
Translated novels:
Clive Barker, Sacrement (Payot)
Christopher Golden, Des Anges et des Demons (Pocket)
Tom Holland, La Malediction des Pharaohs (Pocket Terreur)
Graham Joyce, Reves Egares (Pocket Terreur)
Dean Koontz, Memoire Truquee (Pocket Terreur)
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter et la Coupe de Feu (Gallimard)
Jonathan Aycliffe, La Chambre de Naomi (J'ai Lu Fantastique)
Short stories:
Nicolas d'Estiennes d'Orves, La Sourire des Enfants Morts (Manitoba, Grand Cabinet Noir)
Andrea H. Japp, De Neige et Dange (Tenebres No. 13)
Sylvie Miller, L'Homme Qui Ne Savait Pas (SF Mag No. 15)
Richard D. Nolane, Seperation de Corps (Tenebres No. 13)
Final voting will take place within the next two months. Now in its third year, Le Prix Masterton has become one of the most prestigious awards in fantasy/horror.
Check out this illustration of the character, Zasta from Graham's novel, Night Warriors.
The creator is Michal Galek, a Polish comic book artist. This illustration appeared (alongside other Masterton-inspired designs) in Polish comic book, KKK. In Michal's words: 'Those pictures gave the idea to create an anthology of Masterton's shorts in comic book form. I invited most of Polish comics top creators to do it and got the approval from Masterton himself. So now I'm pretty busy by making all the scripts.'
More as I have it.
The Graham Masterton Omnibus (comprising 2 novels, Ritual and Walkers) will be published by Warner Books on March 7, 2001. ISBN 0-7515-3324-6. No price as yet.
Just in from Mr Masterton: 'My new story 'The Burgers of Calais' is finished and it's a real stomach-churner. I am already at work on the new epic. I am hopeful that I will be able to bring out a new collection of short stories in 2002.'
Biography Updated.
Up-to-date biography added to the site.
Spirits of the the Age - New story online!
Check out the latest addition to the Fiction library. This is a chilling story, so wrap up warm, you hear?
New interview with Graham posted, conducted for the Twilight Showcase website.
Charnel House to be published
Just in from horror novelist, Ed Gorman: 'I'd like to tell everybody that in September of 2002, Five Star Mysteries will be publishing a hardcover edition of Charnel House, plus three short stories. We're very excited about this and know that your fans will be, too.'
The Merchandise Page is finally up-and-running! After much hard work and negotiations with various individuals and organisations, I'm pleased to announce that you can now order official Masterton mugs and Ritual - the Movie t-shirts (courtesy of director extrordinaire, Mariano Baino) exclusively from this site. Now you can sit back and surf the site, sipping coffee from your brand, spanking new Masterton mug. And to keep you warm in the forthcoming winter months, what better fashion accessory than an official - and very rare - t-shirt of the forthcoming adaptation of Graham's chilling horror novel, Ritual. Not only are these t-shirts of a very high quality (as you'll see if you visit the order page), there are only 50 available. Once they're sold, that's it. What better way to support a talented, determined and knowledgeable young director than by proudly proclaiming his next movie as you walk into Blockbusters in search of your evening's worth of horror celluloid.
Both fashion accessories are of limited availability, so you'll have to be fast. Ordering is easy, with various payment options on offer. Just click on the merchandise link and show your support of this site - indeed, the whole Masterton mythos. If these items sell well, then you can expect further Masterton mugs (with a new design), keyrings, mouse mats, coasters, you name it. And not necessarily with the site design either.
Display your love of all things Masterton and order NOW!
The Missing Manitou - Original Chapters Online
At last, for the first time since the publication of The Manitou in 1975, Graham Masterton has allowed the world to read the final 2 chapters, as they existed in the orginal manuscript.
Exclusives like this don't come along too often. Enjoy!
Mariano Baino - Chat Room Guest!
Our first guest is scheduled to appear in the chat room on 28th of September 2001. Said guest will be Mariano Baino, a name regulars to the site should already be familiar with. Mariano is currently directing a film adaptation of Graham Masterton's novel, Ritual, the first movie-length adaptation since The Manitou in 1978. Mariano also directed a stunning horror film called Dark Waters which I urge you all to see. Definitely one of the best genre films of the 90s.
All things being equal Mariano should enter the chat room at around 10PM GMT on the 28th. He'll happily answer your questions about Ritual, as well as other Masterton and film-related topics. Should it become necessary to change the schedule prior to the 28th, I'll let you all know via both the news section and the mailing list.
I'm thrilled to welcome this talented and ambitious young director/writer to the chat room. See you in there!
You saw it here first - an exclusive sneak preview of Trauma (a.k.a. Bonnie Winter), Graham's forthcoming PB novel due out from Signet on January 8th 2002 (ISBN: 0-451-20555-3, 224 pages, $6.99). The book was nominated for the Bram Stoker and World Fantasy Awards. Cemetery Dance will publish a limited edition hardcover of Trauma at the end of 2001.
Advance sales publicity: 'Psychological chills for readers of Stephen King and Thomas Harris - plus crime scene details for fans of TV's CSI. This book inspired much in-house enthusiasm - read it and you'll see why.' Get those advance orders in now!
Check out the cover of Leisure Horror's forthcoming PB edition of Spirit (ISBN: 0-8439-4935-X, 432 pages, $5.99) on sale November 13th 2001.
The chat room is here! At last the long awaited chat room is up-and-running and can be accessed by clicking on the icon in the left-hand menu. Graham (and hopefully other guests) will be making special appearances soon. Subscribe to the mailing list and always be the first to know when an event is planned.
Leisure Books are bringing out Spirit in November 2001 as a paperback; Signet are bringing out Trauma (aka Bonnie Winter) in January 2002, and in the same month Tor Books are bringing out their paperback edition of The Chosen Child.
Le Prix Masterton 2001 Winner
Here's a picture of Philippe Ward's diploma given for his prizewinning French-language novel. Congrats Philippe!
diploma pic
Graham Masterton - Guest of Honour
Graham Masterton will be Guest of Honour at the World Horror Convention in Kansas City in April, 2003. More as I have it.
Le Prix Masterton Winners for 2001
The winners of Le Prix Masterton for 2001 are:
Best French-language novel: L'arpenteur de mondes (Pocket)by Jean-Christophe Chaumette.
Best translated novel: Galilee (Rivages/Fantasy) by Clive Barker.
Best short story: Cadavre exquis (De minuit a minuit) by Anne Duguel.
Rook V: Swimmer - Check out the cover to the Severn House edition of Swimmer (Release date will be posted on the site just as soon as I get it). Can't wait to start reading it? Then click here to read an exclusive first chapter.
Graham Masterton - Headbanger!
It's official. Graham Masterton is a closet heavy metal fan! Well, that's the impression you might get once you've tracked down the location of his latest short story, Edgewise. This particular piece has been posted on the heavy metal site, Metal-is. The difference here is that Masterton has written the first and final parts of an interactive story - and the reader is invited to write the middle bit. Graham himself will choose the winning entry, and entries should be submitted before July 27th 2001. So come on guys and gals, turn up that Megadeth CD to 10, get your thinking-caps on and complete your masterpiece. Make sure you read the story requirements on the site before submitting your entry though.
Ritual - The Movie: Mariano Baino Speaks!
Many of you, regular visitors to Graham's website, have been kind enough to enquire about the progress of Ritual, the movie. Moved by your interest, and thanks to Matt's continuing support for my endeavours, I have been given the opportunity to post an update from the trenches and provide you with a report on the (painfully slow) progress of Ritual. Never one to miss an opportunity, I have decided to regale you with the woeful tale of Ritual's epic journey from the safety and warmth of Graham Masterton's beautifully shocking book, through the wilderness that is the Wonderful World of Film-making, on its way to the ultimate Holy Mountain of the Ever-Swallowing Hypnotic God, the Silver Screen.
Buckle your seat belts, it ain't gonna be a smooth ride. You are not going to thank me for bringing tears to your eyes with the story of my struggles and the tales of my battles. Or maybe you're all already fast asleep, having lost interest after my second, typically (for me) overblown, slightly non-linear, paragraph. Anyway, I thought it only fair to warn you.
Every cloud has a silver lining but every silver screen seems to have a lining made of sharp metal blades ready to cut to ribbons all but the hardiest warriors that dare attempt its conquest. Fear not, I am a hardy warrior (and a stranger to the concept of modesty).
Ritual is progressing and will be made. It's just that before we can all sit down and watch the gruesome exploits of the Celestines in full colour and THX stereo sound, I will have to endure a lot more meetings with well-meaning executives, I will have to listen to a few more voices of reason point out to me that the subject matter is 'very dark' (Silly me, there I was, thinking Ritual would be great for Disney's next animated opus) and hear a few more remarks of the 'Couldn't we be a bit less in your face?' variety.
I will have to nod patiently and smile as the helpful suggestions come thick and fast. 'Couldn't the boy have a love interest? Someone his own age which could make it more believable that he would join the cult?' (Really? Oh, I understand, you don't believe anybody would cut themselves to ribbons in a fit of religious ecstasy but you would find it perfectly acceptable if the real motivation were to be that a girl promised them a glimpse of their virginal knickers?).
I will have to suffer more comments like the ones escaping the lips of someone (names withdrawn until I write my memoirs in a Florida retirement home) who started with the declaration 'As a committed Christian, I find this film deeply offensive' and then proceeded to suggest 'Why do we have to mention Jesus Christ? Why don't we just have them refer to him as The Master?' Needless to say, we decided not to work together on this 'deeply offensive' film. The Master, indeed! Get thee back to the Doctor Who episode from which you escaped, you vile fiend! Without counting the fact that one of his colleagues had stated seriously that the film should be shot in three weeks (even Dinosaur Women from Hell had a longer shooting schedule!) and for the sort of budget that Roger Corman would find a trifle stingy.
Anyway, I have found some allies along the way. Everyone in Wilmington, North Carolina, where the film was about to go into production almost a year ago (financing fell through at the last minute) was brilliant. They all 'got it' and special thanks must go to Screen Gems Studio president and film-making blueblood Frank Capra Jr, vice-president Gerald Waller and Line producer Carole Peterman for all their efforts (Oh no, I am hallucinating. I am starting to write as if I were holding the 'gold statuette', the one they never give to horror films unless they're masquerading as psychological thrillers or love stories). It now looks likely that production will be moved to Europe to make more of the budget and also to set up the film more as a 'proper' film that just happens to be a horror movie instead of falling victim to the Aristotelian syllogism that states 'Low budgets horror films are cheap, exploitative, direct to video fodder; Ritual is a low budget horror film; therefore Ritual must be cheap, exploitative, direct to video fodder'. Never! Ritual will not be thrown away like that! I don't (can't) do cheap exploitation. After all, after having been compared to Bergman (oh, get her!) by reviewers of my first film, Dark Waters, I hardly intend descending into Fred Olen Ray's territory with my second feature (unless the price is very, very good and the bailiffs are at the door)! I have a friend and colleague of mine in Rome who has sworn to wear the Ritual T-shirt every day until the film gets made. Like a religious penance. Very appropriate. With friends like that, how can I fail?
Where was I? Who am I? Is this a cautionary tale to tell children at bedtime? 'Be good, do your homework or you'll become a film-maker and the Big Bad Studio Executive will eat you up'! And why do I still wake up every day and think that there's nothing in the world I want to do more than what I am doing? Do I hear you shout the answer in unison? 'Because you're mad!' you scream, your combined voices melting into each other in a cacophony of accusations, forcing me to consider getting back into my straightjacket, strapping myself in and returning to my comfortable padded cell. But I can't. There are battles to be fought. What counts at the moment, is that every day I am nearer to bringing Ritual to a cinema near you. I only hope it'll prove worth waiting for.
The Doorkeepers - The Missing Pages
At last, your chance to read the pages that didn't make into the Severn House edition of Graham's new novel, The Doorkeepers. It makes for brilliant reading, so if you've already read the book - or just want a taster of what you're missing - head on over to the fiction section and enjoy this splendid little extract.
The new message board is up! Let's hope it's third time lucky...


Marc Bailly of Phenix in Belgium has just informed me that the shortlist for the first round of this year's Prix Masterton for French and Belgian horror and fantasy has been announced:

French-Language Novels:

Translated Novels:


The winners will be announced later in the year and the presentation is expected to take place in October.

Check out the all-new interview with Jim Rook, conducted by none other than Graham himself! Hope you enjoy it!
The Official Graham Masterton site goes www! Yes, it's true! Your beloved site has finally gone and got itself a memorable URL. Imagine the situation. You're away from home, you're online when suddenly you get an uncontrollable urge (yeah, you know the one I'm talking about) to visit the Graham Masterton site, maybe to check out the lastest news. Or to read a story. Or just to post a message. But damn! You've forgotten the lengthy and difficult-to-remember address. Fear not! Now you'd need only type www.grahammasterton.co.uk into your browser, and hey presto, you're there. Oh, and by the way, you'll still be able to reach the site via the old address. So don't worry about losing that. Hey, aren't we good to you?...
Never let it be said that horror writers don't do their bit for charity. At a recent event at St Luke's Cross in Cork, Ireland, Graham Masterton (whose previous fund-raising efforts include acting as editor/organiser for the charity-based short story collection, Scare Care) presented a cheque for £1,200 for the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. By selling signed proof copies of his latest novel, The Doorkeepers (which gets its UK release on February 23rd) via this site Masterton managed to raise money which was supplemented by the copies he auctioned to friends and traders. Says Graham: ìSometimes they paid more than twice the asking price of £20 ... The warmth and generosity shown by the people of St Luke's was overwhelming. I could have sold literally hundreds of copies if they had been available.î (Irish Examiner, Jan 31st 2001). It's a heart-warming story - the genre needs similar encouraging news items if it is to boost its status in the eyes of those who look down on horror. Nice one Graham!
Telos Publishing, in association with the British Fantasy Society, are to publish Urban Gothic: Lacuna and Other Trips later this year. The book will contain 6 horror tales from and inspired by the Channel 5 series of the same name. After seeing some of the episodes writer David J Howe decided to contact the production company to discuss the possibility of doing a book based on the series. The book will be split into 3 series-based stories, and 3 original stories. Writing stories for the former category are Steve Lockley/Paul Lewis, Paul Finch and Debbie Bennett. The original tales will be supplied by 3 big-name British horror stars, Christopher Fowler, Simon Clark and our very own, Graham Masterton. Without passing judgement on the series (a mixed bag to say the least), it'll be interesting to see whether the new stories are an improvement on the televised episodes. Watch this space for more as it happens...
Fans of the movie version of Masterton's bestselling horror novel, The Manitou will be interested in know that there is an excellent site devoted to the film's producer/director, William Girdler. As well as information on the aforementioned, it also features some very interesting graphics including original film posters from Japan and Finland as well as some clues on where VHS copies can be located. Click here to find out more.
Fans will also be interested to know that there is an interview with Masterton about his experiences with Girdler. To read it click here.
Featured below, the Severn House cover of the forthcoming - and much anticipated - new horror novel from Graham Masterton, The Doorkeepers. The hardcover will be released in February 2001, 320pp, ISBN: 0 7278 5685 5, and will retail for £18.99.
Hair Raiser book cover
If you fancy a taste of Graham's soon-to-be-released Mutant Point Horror title, Hairraiser, then look no further than this site. Click here for an exclusive extract from the novel. Happy reading!
Hollywood Variety reported this week that "Mostow/Lieberman has made a pre-emptive six-figure buy of Bonnie Winter, a thriller by Graham Masterton to be published by Viking. The book is a psychological suspense thriller about a woman who uncovers a mystery while investigating a series of crime scenes. Jonathan Mostow and Hal Lieberman bought it out of the discretionary fund they have through their Universal deal, and will develop the book as a potential directing vehicle for Mostow, who last lensed the sub drama U-571. Masterton's the bestselling Ireland-based author of more than 35 novels that include The Manitou, which was turned into a Tony Curtis-Susan Strasberg pic directed by Bill Girdler."
Exciting news! Graham has agreed to auction a proof of his forthcoming novel, The Doorkeepers to whoever puts in the highest bid by midnight on December 24, 2000. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the ISPCC's Holly Day fund (which cares for abused children in Ireland). It will be autographed (three months ahead of worldwide publication) with some personal notes attached. Bidding should start at $100/GB£75. Please send bids directly to contact for confidentiality.
Coming soon:
A real curio: an interview with one of Graham's most popular characters, Jim Rook! Keep a close eye on the news section...
Click here to read a brand new review of The Chosen Child.
Featured below, the proof cover of Graham's forthcoming Mutant Point Horror (Scholastic) title, Hair Raiser. More news on the release date as soon as it's received:
Hair Raiser book cover
Due to circumstances beyond their control, Graham and Wiescka Masterton will not now be travelling to Paris on October 28/29. The author very much regrets that he won't be able to meet all of his French and Belgian friends at the Collectors' Weekend. Instead he hopes to visit Paris early in 2001. As for the presentation of the Prix Masterton, further details will be posted as and when they're available.
On a more positive note, a slightly-extended version of Graham's novella Bonnie Winter has been sold to Penguin Putnam in New York and should be published late next year.
Check out the latest addition to the fiction section: Out of Her Depth. Short and sweet and very very deep...
Congratulations to lucky competition winners, Daz Taylor and Laurent Pannequin who both win signed copies of Graham's latest short story collection, Feelings of Fear.
Answer to question 1 (Who had a face like the Angel of Solicitude carved from wax?): Sister Michael in Mirror (answered by Daz).
Answer to question 2 (Who was trained in the mystic arts of the Trisakti?):Michael Hunter in Death Trance (answered by Laurent).
Spirit will be published by Leisure Books in November, 2001.
Meanwhile, Graham and his wife, Wiescka will be in Paris over the weekend October 28 and 29 for book-signing and media interviews.
Graham also has a new story "Spirits of the Age" published in Taps and Sighs - which may sound like a book about an exasperated plumber but in fact is a collection of ghost stories by Pete Crowther. The publisher is Subterranean Press. The book is available in trade hardcover $35.00, signed limited edition $50. Orders. Other authors in the anthology include Poppy Z. Brite, Ed Gorman, Gene Wolfe and Chaz Brenchley.
An item of news for French-speaking readers: Famine has been published in two volumes as a Forces Obscures title by Naturellement. Volume One is ISBN 2-910370-81-X and Volume Two is ISBN 2-910370-11-9. Both retail at 129 FF, 795 FB, or 19.71 euros and are available from Editions Naturellement, 6 rue Jules Auffret, F-935000 Pantin, Belgium.
Meanwhile, Graham's novella Bonnie Winter will be published in December 2000 by Cemetery Dance Publications. More news later.
Here it is - the new-look Graham Masterton site. I hope you like it! It's been months in preparation and you can thank a very talented product designer, Gareth Weeks for giving the site its new "face lift". Be assured however that aside from the new graphical interface, the navigation, content, design and layout remain almost exactly the same. So if you're already familiar with the site you won't have to re-learn how to use it. Three cheers for Gareth!
Cut Dead will be published by Mutant Point Horror in May, 2001 ... but not under that title. For further information please visit the message board.
Meanwhile, director Mariano Baino is continuing to make progress with Ritual: The Movie. To find out more visit the website at: http://ritualmovie.free.fr.
Just received - a new Letter from Ireland. Read what Graham has been up to in the past months - and his plans for the future - by clicking here.
Want to read an exclusive extract from Graham Masterton's forthcoming novel, Rook V: Swimmer? If the answer is, "of course!" then click here.
Graham Masterton has just finished Rook V: Swimmer in which Jim Rook comes face-to-face with a terrifying urban legend. In the words of the author: "The book is dedicated to the International Friends of Tibbles ... who are all of those who suggested - via the message board - cat foods for Tibbles to eat . I shall shortly be asking a number of trivia questions, and the winners will have a free Grimaud fortune-telling reading by Tibbles herself." Who could ask for a better prize?
An exclusive preview of the first chapter will shortly appear in the fiction section. More as it happens.
Featured below: the new Tor cover for Masterton's 1997 novel, The Chosen Child
The Chosen Child book cover
The Doorkeepers will be published in February/March 2001 in hardback by Severn House. There will be a signed limited special edition. Mass-market news to follow.
The Manitou will be published in paperback by Olmstead Press/E-Reads in October, 2000, price $14.95. Catalog number 1-5875-4103-3.
L'Enfant De La Nuit, the French edition of Graham Masterton's acclaimed novel, The Chosen Child, has entered the French bestseller lists on its first week of publication at number 17.
The Prix Masterton will be awarded in Paris this month. The winners have already been selected by the panel but will obviously only be announced at the "remise de prix." The awards are for the best horror/fantasy novels in the French language and the judges were: Marc Bailly, editor of Naturellement publishers and editor-in-chief of Phenix and Science Fiction magazines; Thomas Bauduret, translator and writer; Daniel Conrad, co-editor of Tenebres magazine; Christophe Corthouts, writer; Benoit Cousin, editor of J'ai Lu bookclub; Benoit Domis, co-editor of Tenebres; Anne Duguel, writer; Alain Pelosato, editor of Naturellement; and Francois Truchaud, translator.
Issue 77 of UK horror magazine, Shivers includes a review of Snowman. The same book has also been published in Poland (by Albatros books), under the title, Demon Zimna.
Demon Zimna book cover
Spirit has just been reprinted in a promotional edition. Anybody interested in obtaining a copy can contact County Bookshops on ++44 (0)1743 359 277. The ISBN is 0-7493-1668-3.
I've just heard from the man himself that The Manitou will shortly be republished as an e-novel. More news when it breaks!
Check out the newest addition to the Fiction section. How strong is your stomach? Fancy a slice of Eric the Pie?
The next two Rook novels, The Terror and Snowman will be published sometime in 2001 as an omnibus edition.
New short story added.
Do you dare play Beijing Craps?
An excerpt from Stanley Wiater's interview with Graham Masterton, taken from his 1990 book, Dark Dreamers: Conversations with the Masters of Horror.
Graham Masterton has begun writing his latest novel. In his own words: 'The idea came to me last week and it was too creepy not to write. I already have a publisher and it should appear early in summer 2001." More news as it happens.
For French-speaking readers, Graham Masterton's story "Heroine" appears in the latest edition of Forces Obscures, published by Naturellement in Belgium (ISBN 2-910370-75-5). Anyone who reads French and likes great horror and fantasy should contact Marc Bailly at bailly.phenix@skynet.be.
Masterton also has a new story "Eau Noire" in Phenix book/magazine, also published by Naturellement (ISBN 9-782910-370596). Both stories were translated by Christophe Corthouts.
Snowman (Rook 4) received an excellent notice from Library Journal of March 15 in the US and from Kirkus Reviews on January 1 (click here for the full review).
Great news! Graham Masterton is now online. From now on the author will be able to personally read comments posted to the message board, and, time permitting, contribute his own. Welcome to cyberspace, Graham!
Just received, a brand new appreciation of Graham Masterton's writing by best-selling UK horror novelist, Stephen Laws. Click here to read.
Graham has kindly donated a new short story to this site. To say that Picnic At Lac Du Sang is erotic fiction is an understatement. I hope you're not a prude!
Cemetery Dance Publications are due to publish a new novella from Graham Masterton at the end of this year. As yet it's untitled but when I know it, so will you!
Out in February 2000 is Snowman, the fourth in the Jim Rook series of supernatural novels for young adults. To view the cover click here.
Due for release in August or September 2000 is a new short story collection called Feelings of Fear (to include several short stories which, to date, have appeared only in French, plus the previously unpublished, 'The Sympathy Society'). Also due is a new horror novel, Bonnie Winter, which should see publication in spring 2001. (info from Prism, Vol 24, #1, January/February 2000)
December 1999 saw the publication of Graham Masterton's novel, Prey, published by Leisure Books in New York. Leisure will follow Prey with another re-release, The House That Jack Built in July this year. Both books are already available in the UK and can be ordered via the the bibliography section of this site.
December 1999 also saw the release of the Polish edition of Manitou Man: The Worlds of Graham Masterton by Graham Masterton, Ray Clark and Matt Williams. Albatros Books in Warsaw are the publishers. To order a copy of the UK edition click here.
Albatros have also acquired the Polish rights to House of Bones (originally published by Scholastic - order via this site), plus a new horror novel called The Doorkeepers, which will also be published by Presse de la Cite in France as a trade-size paperback. (info from Prism, Vol 24, #1, January/February 2000)